Letters (Oct. 17, 2018)

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Corporations, businesses and hotels/motels need custodians, maintenance workers and maids to keep the buildings clean and functioning. These workers clean the floors, sanitize the bathrooms and kitchens, refill the toilet and paper towel rolls, empty the garbage, fix the leaky faucets, dust the counters, replace the burned-out lights, free jammed automatic doors, and more and more. Without these people, the buildings would be uninhabitable, but they are often overlooked and forgotten. Surely they deserve a salary like that of other employees so they can purchase a home or rent an apartment close to their work.

Steven Gray


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Let's talk about lives lost fighting wars to keep our freedom and good ways of life in our society while a buncha no-goods try to destroy the Constitution, the Second Amendment, freedom of religion, free speech, stopping the border wall, trashing our cities and a whole list of other bad things. How can we tolerate people like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, and others like Jerry Brown and Hillary Clinton? And how can we tolerate those rotten yellow bellied, sickening, chicken, no good, cowardly Antifa? Or George Soros. How can we tolerate the condition of our cities with crime and total disrespect for human life, drugs, slums and places where a white person can't go without getting killed? Are all these things the way to honor all of our fallen heroes? Our brave men and women who fought wars for this? 

I'm sorry, I'm so sick of liberals and what they stand for I could puke. How do these people look their children in the eye when they watch their children look at the millions disgusting and pitiful anti-Americans? We better start weeding them out or we won't have a country that we have fought for for over 200 years. 

Donald Trump is the best thing that ever happened to this country. God bless him and his family and his administration. 

Mexican people are some of the finest people I have ever known. I was raised with a Mexican family who used to live at my dad's sawmill where the father worked for my dad. Mr. Esquivel's family were all good people. Georgiana Suki Pacheco Rio was Mr. Esquivel’s stepdaughter. She was my first love. She had to move away when we were about 14 years old and I have missed her ever since. Mexican people have come into this country, got their citizenship, settled down, raised a family, worked hard, paid their taxes and they are real Americans. They are all hard-working, God-fearing citizens and they take care of their children, and they support a lot of good things. 

On the other hand, those that come here illegally break the law, raise hell, kill and rape our communities and they are not wanted, they have to go out. 

How do you feel about wounded servicemen and women? Most of them have given every effort to keep America safe, several thousand of them have made the ultimate sacrifice, several thousand of them have been wounded. Is it right to just turn them loose without jobs or a safe place to stay? They need our help like they gave us their help. Thank you for doing a great thing to help our heroes, our heroic veterans. You liberals who hate the military should feel the shame that only a rotten human being could feel. Keep it up, you commie libs, your day is coming. 

God bless Donald Trump

Jerry Philbrick


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Dear People of the Third District, 

It is once again election time. Please vote! Many people have come to believe that their vote doesn’t count. That we have simply lost all control over our government and our future. Democracy only works if the people who are lucky enough to live in a democratic society, participate in the process. WE ARE THE PEOPLE! 

Your vote does count! If you recall, Mendocino County took on Monsanto and won. It may not have completely wiped out GMOs, but it set an example that others have followed. The leaders we choose, set the standards as well. If we make smart informed choices about local issues and leaders, then our votes do have an impact. 

We have seen a lot of changes recently due to decisions that voters have made. Changes that have turned our local economy into one crazy roller coaster ride. I don’t know where it ends but I don’t think we’ll be in Kansas anymore. 

The next person we elect as 3rd District Supervisor needs to be the person with the most experience. The person with the best navigational skills and track record for getting things done. The person we can trust the most with our future. 

We must elect John Pinches to be our 3rd District Supervisor. He has twelve previous years of experience as 3rd District Supervisor. He gets things done. Not just in the Third District but for the whole county. 

John Pinches personally supervised a strict departmental budget review and established operational analysis systems at the beginning of his first term as Third District Supervisor. John Pinches has no problem with transparency. He will not only give you the facts. I have personally witnessed him publicly offer to give a copy of the facts to anyone who would like a copy. 

John Pinches won’t be bought by special interest groups. In fact, John will not accept donations any larger than $49.00. John Haschak on the other hand, has accepted thousands of dollars from special interest groups as far away as Los Angeles, Sacramento and Alameda. Not to mention he didn’t even spend it locally. He spent almost $10,000 having his printing done in Santa Rosa. There are at least 10 locally owned Printing services in Mendocino County. If he isn’t supporting local business now, he certainly isn’t going to support us later. He hired an out of county consulting firm as well. Green Dog Campaign Consultants out of San Rafael. This is public record. 

Haschak claims that, John Pinches couldn’t get the second access road done for Brooktrails, during three terms in office. The truth is, Brooktrails property owners would not go for it. 

Haschak doesn’t think our water rights are important. John has always fought for our water rights and our rights as private property owners. He has studied and is well versed on all aspects, laws and contracts involving and pertaining to this county, both public and private. 

Haschak claims the support of past supervisor Hal Wagenet. The guy who wanted to put meters on our springs and wells. At the end of his term as Third District Supervisor, Mendocino County was on the verge of bankruptcy. The county was a fiscal disaster. 

John Pinches implemented a FULLY FUNDED program to repair roads, bridges and infrastructure for our county. John Pinches helped put in motion the Pine Mountain Bridge and the pedestrian bridge on Branscomb Roadm now close to completion. 

John Pinches created the program to use Air Quality Programs to dust coat rural county roads, initiated the Amnesty Program for Building Permits, stopped herbicide spraying along Hwy 101, opposed ground and aerial spraying the chemical Garlon on forest lands, paved Covelo Airport and strongly opposed Tax Hikes. It would take a whole page to list the many things John Pinches has accomplished for the Third District and this County. 

John Pinches has served this county for years! He has been involved with at least 18 agencies, associations, councils and Boards in the interest of this County. Haschak thinks commitment is showing up at Grange breakfasts. 

Mr. Haschak asked John Pinches at the Candidate forum, why he is running for Supervisor, after stating that he wouldn’t run again. I’ll tell you why! Because many people have encouraged John Pinches to represent us again. Our own Mendocino County Supervisors asked Governor Brown to appoint John Pinches to the position when Tom Woodhouse took leave last year. Governor Brown chose to leave the Third District of Mendocino County without representation for months, during a time, when representation was extremely important to the future of this our county. The Governor must have known Pinches reputation for getting things done and defending our water rights! 

All the issues Haschak talks about doing, Pinches has been on top of getting done for years. John Haschak doesn’t even know the laws or facts. John Haschak needs to do his homework! 

John Pinches knows the facts and the laws pertaining to the issues of Mendocino County. He has already proven that he is dedicated to serving this community! He has the experience we need! He won’t be compromised by large donations from special interest groups. He will fight for the people of this District. He has never let us down. 

Please make informed and intelligent decisions about our future! 

Vote for John Pinches for Third District Supervisor!

Michael Ann Prickett 


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It has been brought to my attention that there is a misunderstanding about John Pinches’ stance on the issue of the second access road for Brooktrails. Being a Brooktrails resident myself I decided to ask John Pinches where he stood on this issue and this is what I took from that conversation. He is NOT against the second access road. It is a top priority of his. 

In fact, John initiated studies for the Brooktrails second access road when he was supervisor. He is not in favor of how the Brooktrails Board has talked about paying for it. They have talked about using a boulevard district which is similar to benefit assessment which means the full cost of the project would be put onto the landowners of Brooktrails. John would look at other avenues such as State Transportation Funds, Federal Infrastructure Funding or partial local funding to pay for the project. As some residents know Brooktrails has numerous emergency exits; all have locked gates except for the northerly exit on Sherwood Road which is in need of repairs. John would work with landowners, residents, emergency services and the department of transportation. He believes making emergency exits passable, posting emergency exit routes and having monthly safety checks will play a vital part in making Brooktrails more prepared if and when an emergency arises. 

He mentioned widening the first 3 miles from Highway 101 up Sherwood road and adding turnouts would greatly improve the flow of traffic. John is confident if elected he can work with The Board of Supervisors to get this started very soon. John was instrumental it the realignment at the intersection of Sherwood and Main Street. He was able to accomplish that by getting funding from the Bypass project with no cost to The City of Willits, Mendocino County or the residents of Brooktrails. I will tell you that since the Bypass has opened, which John was committed to there was a huge improvement of traffic flow coming out of Brooktrails in the mornings. 

We are experiencing some growing pains at the moment with the work being done at the intersection but that will improve traffic when it is completed. As residents of Brooktrails we fear that one day we will experience a devastating fire. 

We can do many things to lower our risks such as clean our lots and make a defendable space around our homes. Make a plan with our families about how to get out in case of a fire. Find out where our closest emergency exit is. The fact of it is this project will take years to complete and the environmental process is lengthy. 

There is also the fact that the routes suggested will have to be acquired. Remember people own these pieces of land where these routes could go, they have to want to sell them. Projects like this need funding first and foremost. We need a supervisor who knows where and how to find the funding so that we as Brooktrails residents do not have to foot the entire bill. John Pinches has a long record of finding funding and has never said no to an infrastructure project. 

We as residents need to prepare for a fire and have a plan. We have wonderful emergency services in this county and when they come knocking on your door and tell you it’s time to go you should go. As a Brooktrails resident who already pays more for garbage, water, sewer and almost every other utility I would prefer not to have another bill. 

I will be voting for John Pinches the candidate who knows the Third District, Mendocino County and how to get things done.

Thank You,

Jessica Branscomb


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Hey Jerry Philbrick,

“We have a real man for president.” “We have a real man for a judge.” These are quotes from you. Since when does a real man grab women by the pussy? Since when does a real man pin a young girl down and sexually assault her while his friends laugh? Promoting judges like Roy Moore who molested a 14-year-old girl when he was 32 year old man, or Republican Sen. Shorty, he is going to prison for molesting young boys. Is this what is making America Great Again? Apparently the definition of a man has changed in your mind. Jerry. You are not the same person I knew from Comptche. I cannot help but wonder what you would have done if any of these men would have touched your daughters when they were young women. You should be ashamed to call yourself a man, and to support someone like Trump. 

Kelly Ruddis

North Las Vegas

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I feel the need to fully condemn Philbrick's hate filled letters to the AVA as outright fascist and anti-American in values. Last week he suggested hanging US citizens from lamposts, in town and left to rot— liberals and moderates who he's demonized and thinks worthy of public mob execution. This sure sounds like Adolph Goddamn Hitler to me, straight-up Nazi crap just in time to scare for Halloween! 

Philbrick's version of America doesn't include a trial, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, political freedom, nope — just murder to those he doesn't like or care to understand. Odd that he does not see that he is advocating a Nazi point of view. He then states, "…and someday it will all end for certain people." Very true Jerry, both on a personal level, and the fact that the USA kicked Nazi ass before and can and will do so again. 

I'm saddened and disgusted by this evil Nazi mentality disguising itself as American. It's disrespectful to those who fought and died in US wars against fascism, to now advocate those very same failed values.

Trump and his followers demonizing of liberals and democrats is a huge distraction technique. Trump is a criminal, convicted of fraud and has a $25 million fine for running a fraudulent "university," as well as many other crimes including rape! 

Those who buy Trump’s con job games are fools who are easily swindled. 

Little men on high horses shooting at moles, kicked off, flying head over heels are nothing but trolls. He tells AVA readers to ram it up their asses, but he's the one who landed face first out in the Laytonville grasses! 

Best Regards,

Rob Mahon


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Here we go again. Another shut down by MRC. As if it wasn't bad enough for them to not take logs for a week right in the middle of September. But now they are not accepting logs the rest of the logging season which is approximately 4-5 weeks.

So let's see — the average working man in the woods makes about $250 a day times five is $1250 a week or roughly about $7500 which is about the time lost that we are talking about. That's about 18% of their annual income that MRC has screwed them out of. Let's not forget about the merchants from Eureka to Santa Rosa who depend on these people to spend their money in their establishments. Also, don't forget the independent truckers who waited in line for 2-3 hours for months on end at MRC to get unloaded. They probably lost $30-$40,000 this year because of MRC's screw ups. So it looks like MRC has screwed most everybody from Humboldt, Mendocino and Sonoma County out of a lot of money.

So, either someone at the top of MRC has his head up his ass or shit for brains or both.

Maybe it's time for a change. If you have someone at the top and he doesn't know what he's doing, that's up to poor way of doing business. Get someone in their who gives a damn about the working man.

Shame on you, MRC.

Larry ‘Bud’ Turrney

Fort Bragg

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I grew up as a young man in Los Angeles. This place is Head-case Central. I used to enjoy listening to crazy people scream on a street corner. I would honestly stand and listen and try to figure out their personal grievance or pathology or whatever. If someone gave me a crude handwritten flyer about UFOs and Jesus, I read it. Honestly, I did. If someone stapled something to a telephone pole, I read it.

However, today I watch a portion of Kanye West and Trump on youtube and I honestly have no idea what's going on anymore.


Ralph Coon

Los Angeles

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To the Editor:

If you are a cannabis farmer, or were a cannabis farmer, John Haschak deserves your vote for 3rd District Supervisor. He has a 12-point platform on cannabis cultivation developed with input from many local cannabis farmers and residents.

Three critical points are Haschak's plans to: 1) create regional banking so cannabis businesses can conduct safe, non-cash transactions like every other business; 2) allow farmers to sell directly to customers through farmers markets, and 3) encourage farm cooperatives that will help small permitted local farmers compete with large industrial grows.

John also wants to eliminate the county’s costly cannabis track-and-trace program, keep cannabis inspections focused on cultivation compliance not on building code enforcement; calculate fees and taxes based on cannabis that is sold and not on what is grown, and find a pathway toward transferability of licenses.

John Haschak makes sense. He is a teacher, not a politician, and is determined to solve problems not create more red tape -- for farmers or for anyone.

Please, vote for John Haschak.

Debbie Boone-Harry [707 972-5451]

Susan Byers, Willits [707 459-4068]

Erin Carney, Longvale [707 972-3536]

Melinda Clarke [707 459-3780]

Lucinda Dekker, Laytonville [707 354-3962]

Jane Futcher, Longvale [707 972-3668]

Traci Pellar, Longvale [707 984-8938]

Jenn Procacci, Covelo [(707) 983-6136]

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  1. Pat Kittle   October 20, 2018 at 7:55 am

    If Rob Mahon has a problem with “Adolph Goddamn Hitler” he might consider unloading at least a bit of his wrath on war criminal Benjamin Goddamn Netanyahu of the Terrorist Theocracy of Eretz Ysrael.

    “Pandering to Israel
    Time to cut the tie that binds

    “The ability of Israel and its powerful Lobby to control many aspects of American government while also sustaining an essentially false narrative about the alleged virtues of the Jewish State is remarkable. Politicians and journalists learned long ago that it was better to cultivate Israel’s friends than it was to support actual American interests. They also discovered to speak the truth about the Jewish State often would prove to be a death sentence career-wise, witness the experiences of Cynthia McKinney, Paul Findlay, William Fulbright, Chuck Percy, James Traficant, Pete McCloskey and Rick Sanchez.

    “More recently, we have seen the ascent to real political power on the part of a number of politicians whose pandering to Israel has been notorious, indicating that the path to the White House goes through Tel Aviv and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) offices on H Street in the District of Columbia. Nikki Haley, who recently resigned as United Nations Ambassador, gained national attention when she became the first state governor to sign off on laws that would punish supporters of the non-violent BDS movement. Subsequently, as ambassador, she became noted for her impassioned defense of Israel, to include complaining that “nowhere has the U.N.’s failure been more consistent and more outrageous than in its bias against our close ally Israel.” She vowed that the “days of Israel bashing are over” and is now being groomed by the neocons as a possible presidential candidate for 2020. Whichever way it goes, she will be showered with money by Israel supporters as she finds her perch in the private sector, like others before her doing “work” that she does not understand while also making speeches about the importance of the Israeli relationship….”

    — (CONTINUED):
    — [ http://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/pandering-to-israel/ ]
    — (Philip Giraldi; October 16, 2018)


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