Take that, Vermont!

Vermont is the state with the most breweries per capita, with one per every 32,698 residents. Mendocino County has one per 21,555 Mendonesians. How bout them apples?

Anderson Valley Brewing Company Gets Eaten Alive (aka SOLD)

The inevitable has happened. Ken Allen, who founded Anderson Valley Brewing Company in 1987 and grew it into one of Northern California’s most beloved craft breweries, found a buyer for his little company that could. The new owner, HMB Holdings LLC, is a new company founded by Trey White, a former VP at the Stamford, […]

From the World Food File: Brain Vegetable

My pops and his lovely lady are in Jamaica right now, where they’re eating something called Brain Vegetable. This just in, from the AVA’s intriguing foreign foods desk: “Akee when boiled, drained and simmered in oil with salted dried cod with your choice of vegetables and hot peppers, becomes Jamaica’s national dish Akee and Saltfish.” […]

Green Door Studio Vs. V’Canto: Round Two

Some fights start small and build into a rage that ends in bloodshed. Others begin with a man shouting, “Hey, fuck face!” at 8am on a Saturday morning in early November in downtown Fort Bragg. In this case, Fuck Face is Jim Muto, the owner of the Italian dinner house V’Canto; the shouter was Dan […]

Q&A with Mindy Galliani

Last week, I sat down with Mindy Galliani, Aaron Vargas’s sister, at the Vargas family home in Fort Bragg. Mindy has been working virtually full-time on her brother’s case. Here, she talks about what Vargas might have been thinking when he shot Darrell McNeill, what she’s learned about McNeill since her brother’s arrest, who she […]

In Vargas Case, Prosecutors Bring Out the Big Guns

It’s official. The Aaron Vargas murder trial has entered the realm of theabsurd. Facing a tough trial in a county known for its independent, anti-authoritarian impulse, the District Attorney’s office, lead by ADA Beth Norman, has brought in the big guns. Norman has solicited Emily Keram to bolster the case against Aaron Vargas. Keram is […]

The new, old Fort Bragg Bakery

I wrote a sweet little piece of fluff on Fort Bragg’s new artisanal bakery and its hulking wood-burning brick oven. Normally, I’m not one for quaintness. And I especially bridle at the idea that the way to resurrect America’s abandoned downtowns is to rebuild them in the image of the past — as if cutesy […]

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