Mendocino County Today: March 1, 2013

FUGITIVE SURRENDERS to MCSO at Ukiah hotel after a stand-off with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s. — After a two-day search, authorities on Wednesday arrested Walter Kristopher Miller, 42, of Ukiah, who allegedly shot at a Mendocino County sheriff’s deputy during a high-speed chase south of Ukiah Monday night. The Best Western hotel on Orchard Avenue […]

Letters To The Editor

ASSASSINATION NATION Editor, I believe killing people with drones to be profoundly immoral-alas. This nation is deeply invested in killing people in this manner and we are building ever more bases around the world to support just this. Recently there has been a faux debate over the use of drones. Whoever ‘wins’ or ‘loses’ the […]

Mendocino County Today: February 28, 2013

WALTER MILLER, 42, has not been apprehended. We had it wrong in the print edition of this week’s AVA. He’s on the loose. Miller has been identified as the man who opened fire on a pursuing police vehicle Monday night on the Ukiah side of the Boonville-Ukiah Road. He was a passenger in a ’95 […]

Spring Training

With fifteen major league baseball teams training in the Phoenix area, you would think that a baseball fan would be in heaven, racing from ballfield to ballfield collecting autographs and taking in the atmosphere. On that premise, I looked over the map of stadiums last week and decided to drive to see the Dodgers practice. […]

To The Heartland

When the money ran out, we packed up and headed back to the states. I confess I was a little sad to leave Paris and the relative safety of the situation. The gang had insulated me from pretty much all parental attention and that was, for me, ideal. I disappeared into debauchery and was as […]

The Old Philo Post Office

In this era of e-mails, instant-messaging and tweets, it can be difficult to remember the importance of the local post office in earlier times. In many rural communities, the post office was the epicenter of town life — a mixture of civic center, news source, message center and marketplace. This was certainly true during my […]

Legalize Industrial Hemp

It’s long past time to end the insanity of making industrial hemp cultivation illegal in the US. It’s hurting our already faltering economy. Making industrial hemp a legal crop could rapidly create millions of well paying jobs. There has never been a practical reason for making industrial hemp illegal. It’s been cultivated by many civilizations […]

River Views

Last week’s AVA contained a letter to the editor from a spokesperson for a group that calls itself “Friends of Enchanted Meadow (FOEM).” FOEM presently seeks $15,000 in donations for a matching grant to preserve the Albert Cattalini Conservancy, ten acres of land on and near Deadman’s Gulch close to the Albion River. The Cattalini […]

Homeless Forum

Unable to attend the forum on the homeless that was held in Mendocino near the end of January, I did read the three articles in the Mendocino Beacon that reported in some detail and with a certain us-against-them slant on the gathering attended by Sheriff Allman and Supervisor Hamburg and members of the community, including […]

Mendocino County Today: February 27, 2013

REMEMBER CHRISTOPHER SKAGGS? He piled into a redwood at Navarro last November after a high speed chase that resulted in an officer being flown to an out of the area hospital for the injuries he suffered in pursuit of Skaggs. In that one Skaggs, piloting a BMW, was chased from 101 north of Ukiah out […]

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