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MCT: Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Local News

Mill Site Blues

At 6 o'clock last Thursday evening, the worried and the merely confused converged on Fort Bragg Town Hall to hear the “Noyo Consortium” explain their long prepared…

County Notes (Sep. 18, 2019)

As expected, the Supervisors approved the fishy buyback of the Redwood Quality Management Service Orchard Ave property on the Consent Calendar Tuesday morning without comment or question.…

The Bicycle Thief

Last week a bicycle thief was sentenced to four years in prison, a deterrent, at last, at long last, to the decades-long impunity bicycles thieves have enjoyed…


Good Sam Strikes Again

Cars have, since their very inception and notwithstanding either the futurists’ fanciful flights nor a few ill-advised and poorly conceived attempts at producing an amphibious vehicle, been designed and…

Letters to the Editor

Letters (Sep. 18, 2019)

I am not opposed to the SMART train in concept. What I am opposed to are the cost overruns above the original cost that was presented to the voters.…

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Nuevo Chamber Concert

Fiesta Familiar

Quilt Art

Timber-Frame Demo

Coastal Cleanup

Climate Action

Climate Strike

Caltrans Meeting

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