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MCT: Friday, February 28, 2020

Rain Horizon; Wash Hands; Tip-Jar Thieves; 70s Vehicles; Market Plunge; Trimmers Trimmed; Disc Golf; Debris Removal; Science-Based Medicine; Hobo Highway; Fire Monies; Cannabis Equity; Peterson Retired; Dry Feb; Domestic Violence; Cannabis Tax; Police Reports; Yesterday's Catch; Movie Review; Rodin Endorsement; Dad Talk; Likes Mari; Propaganda Nonsense; Lightning Bolt; Superdelegates Prefer; Assange Trial; Relax Book; Dope Board; Iberian Pigs; Chaotic Climate; McGovern Rally; Cancer Center; Pence Virus; Decadent Language; Cemetery Club; Godwin's Law; Found Object…

Local News

Missing Ballots

We've got four registered voters in our household: one Democrat and three No Party Preference (NPP). The Democrat received his ballot in early February, but by the…


Letters to the Editor

Letters (February 26, 2020)

[Larry R Wagner] There has never been a more straightforward choice than on Measure C. Either we have a hospital or we don’t. I hope everyone understands that and votes Yes.…

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Senior Fundraiser

Saint Patrick’s, Elk

Lighthouse Lunch

Variety Show

River Restoration

Veterinarian Visit

Cannabis Talk

Learning Tree Workshop

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from the archives...