Online Advertising

Traffic: the AVA website averages about 2,000 page-views a day. That's more than 60,000 views per month, or 720,000 per year.

Coverage: your ad can be placed on all internal pages; or sitewide (which includes the homepage).

Link: online ads include a direct hyperlink to the web destination of your choice (or an email address, if you'd prefer).

Size: online ads can be 300 pixels wide; the height is up to you.

Duration: Two-week minimum. Annual orders receive 10% off.

Rate: ½ cent per pixel height per day (all internal pages); or 1 cent per pixel height per day (homepage included).


This ad (300 pixels wide) is 60 pixels high, which would be 30 cents per day (all internal pages), or 60 cents per day (homepage included).

Annual Cost: The example ad above on all internal pages would be $98/year, and adding it to the homepage would double the cost ($197/year). This is affordable and effective advertising.

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Print Advertising

If you are interested in advertising in the AVA's print edition, email