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Valley People (May 15, 2019)

FREDA FOX, Anderson Valley’s most senior Senior Citizen has died. A full obituary to appear next week. Freda’s interesting back story is available at:

MUCH of the Anderson Valley was shocked and saddened to learn last week that Steve Mize had died, family and friends at his Napa hospital bedside when he passed Sunday night. Steve had apparently suffered a heart attack. The amiable, long-time Navarro resident, was known to many locals from his work as a heavy equipment operator and was a solid friend to just as many of us. A memorial service for Steve is set for Sunday, June 9, at 1pm, at the Boonville Fairgrounds.

SAM DOUGLAS-THOMAS of Boonville has made it to the State Finals representing Mendocino Coast Racing Mountain Bike team. This is only his second year in the sport, and under the guidance of coaches Jake Madden, Andy Kawczak and Jesse Rathbun of Boonville Bikes, Sam has steadily progressed in the sport in both strength and fitness. He took part last weekend in the Norcal finals at the Six Sigma Ranch in Lower Lake, which included riders from teams as far south as Monterrey, Sam finishing in a very respectable 20th place among older competitors. The State finals are this coming Saturday, May 18th with Sam will be competing in Tehachapi against NorCal and SoCal riders in the open category. Go, Sam! 

SUMMER HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY PREP classes at the Adult School! Call 895-2953 for more info! Summer High School Equivalency Prep classes at the Adult School! Call 895-2953 for more info! This summer we offer preparation classes to take the high school equivalency exam! Call 895-2953 for more information.

BIG BAND at Lauren’s…. The Swingin’ Boonville Big Band will perform at Lauren’s Cafe in Boonville on Saturday June 1st from 9-11PM. Tickets are $15. This performance is a benefit for the Adult Education Department of the AV Unified School District. Lauren’s beer and wine bar open late, last dinner order 8PM, band starts promptly at 9,

SOME KINDA “clean and sober” event is on this weekend at the Fairgrounds, and when I sober up I’ll see if I can find the details somewhere. 


We took a year off to reflect on the last eight years and have made some significant changes for 2019.

We are excited to partner with Groundswell Community and Retreat Center to produce a smaller gathering the weekend of July 26-28th, 2019 on their beautiful land just south of Boonville. This year’s event will be limited to fewer participants, so purchasing tickets before the event will be necessary.

Save the Date and stay posted for updates regarding ticket sales and site details.

AS MOST of us Boonville people are by now aware, there are two feeding stations for feral cats, one on Haehl Street, one at the old June home on Anderson Valley Way. A third seems to be gaining momentum at our office next door to the Redwood Drive-in where two young cats have now joined the two semi-feral deadbeats who showed up last year, and have enjoyed regular meals ever since. The two deadbeats are so comfortable they have no interest in hunting birds, which we also feed and enjoy watching. The younger cats, out of necessity, are hunters.

NEIL KEPHART has loaned us a have-a-heart trap to round up the two young feral campers who dart in and out at feeding time. We trapped one, but overnight he was mysteriously liberated, and so the trapping process begins anew.

THEN, on Monday morning, hearing the distressed voice of a young woman in our parking lot, I discovered the young woman who belonged to the worried voice peering under our deck, calling out to a black and white cat staring non-responsively back at her. “He jumped out of my car. He’s never done that before.” She motioned to her vehicle out on the street. “My mother lives in Navarro, and I was on my way back to San Francisco when he took off.” The young woman seemed on the verge of tears. I put out a can of cat food, hoping to lure the animal back to its distraught mistress. The cat looked impassively on. “He likes to play with string,” the young woman said, “maybe that will work.” It didn’t. At one point the cat’s mistress managed to coax him close enough to grab a paw, but off he went.  And here he remains. “Here’s my phone number and e-mail,” the young woman said. “He’s a year old, and I really love him.”  I tried some windy reassurances. “He’ll get hungry and join the smorgasbord we lay out a couple of times a day for the rest of the pack. We’ll get him for you, don’t worry.” The young woman was crying as she walked to her car. I looked under the deck at the black and white villain. I could swear he was grinning. 

MSP was asked why State Parks ignores Greenwood State Beach in Elk — “where’s the path to the beach? All there is are thistles & poison oak. It would be nice to see someone weed whacking once or twice - don’t they hire summer help?”

Yes, Greenwood State Beach is the neglected stepchild of the State Park properties. Don’t expect much because they don’t care...

BOONVILLE’S AMERICAN LEGION POST #385 will observe Memorial Day with a service on Monday, May 27, 2019, 11am, at Evergreen Cemetery, just north of Boonville on Anderson Valley Way. Among the souvenirs to be displayed will be the three purple heart medals awarded to the late Boonville resident and Korean War vet Bob Nimmons. 

FLORICULTURE AT THE FAIR. The annual County Fair is only four months away, so it's not too early to be planning your Floriculture entries. The theme for the floriculture gardens and arrangements is Mendocino County Rocks.The guide should be out soon with the different arrangement categories and the entry forms are due some time in the second week in August. Don't forget you can submit entry forms online for free starting the first week in July at 

There is a poster contest for each of the remaining four months before the fair to promote some of the fair activities in which you can participate. If you are interested in submitting a poster and perhaps winning a 3-day pass to the 2019 Mendo County Fair and Apple Show, with the poster posted around the county, you can reply to this email requesting the application.

WE'VE BEEN COOKING UP some new ideas for the Lizbby's Bar! Starting tonight, we have Happy Hour with $3 Domestic beers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 6 to 8 pm! Debuting this Tuesday, TACO TUESDAYS with $2 TACOS and $3 Domestic beers! Thirsty Thursdays: $5 micheladas and margaritas. Friday Fish Tacos or dinner plate specials, Sunday: Earlier Bar hours: noon-8pm.

Come join us for the special sports broadcasts and enjoy some cold refreshment! Cheapest beers in town! 

Thanks for all the support over the past couple weeks! Come on by for a cold beer and as always FREE pool at the only table in the Valley! More to come at Lizbbys Restaurant and Bar.

THE BOONVILLE FARMERS' MARKET is every Friday from 4-7pm in the parking lot of the new wine bar Disco Ranch (where Aquarelle used to be) in downtown Boonville. Come enjoy food, wine and live music while you shop for local produce!

Last Friday was opening day and it was really hoppin'! If you missed it, no worries, we do it every week! We'll have fresh strawberries, veggie starts, mushrooms, meat, eggs, veggies, baked goods, fruit drinks, body care and more. See you there!

Find us on instagram: boonville_farmers_market

(Barbara Goodell)

ANOTHER BOONVILLE MOVIE MAKER: David Hopmann writes: "I'm pleased to let friends know that my Vacaville movie from last summer, ‘The Feeling,’ is now up on Amazon for streaming. Here is a link to the trailer (free). It can be streamed on Amazon for a few dollars.

The movie is sort of a kids' picture, a heightened reality fable. Somewhat corny/cheesy. No sex or violence. It's my first time in a lead role. Before that I had acted only in small student films. If you decide to watch it, please enjoy the show!"

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  1. Debra Keipp May 21, 2019

    There are soooooo many feral cats between AVA and Boxcar Boardwalk businesses. Daisy just had her first litter of three kittens. And we have at least eight other cats who are breeding between Bert’s Boontberry Market and Boxcar Boardwalk. I’d love to catch and get neutered several cats around our area. They’re noisy and aggressive toward each other, and then more wild kittens show up. Is there an agreement with the Care-A-Van to neuter cats? I notice that a few cats have been neutered in the area over by Mosswood, and the vet who neutered them clipped off a bit of one ear to show the cat has been neutered. Give me info, if you have it, about who to send wild domestic cats to, to be neutered. I can borrow a have-a-heart trap, and know I’ll be able to catch a few cats – they’re starved. Let me know. Text works best: 357-3068.

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