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Joe & Hattie

[May 31]

Rare Treat! Joe and Hattie are coming to Boonville! That’s Joe Craven and his daughter Hattie May 31st Lauren’s Restaurant, the show begins at 9pm. Joe and Hattie will be coming from the A.V. Elementary school where they will be doing an assembly for the kids Fri afternoon. Joe Craven has been described as “not just an entertaining musician with a penchant for the mischievous, he is a teacher and student all at once and he will draw you into his performance by including you as though you’re part of the show itself.” He is also a monster on just about any instrument he picks up, even though it was not designed as an instrument, we’re talking bedpans, cookie tins, a mule jawbone, garbage cans, along with more traditional instruments, violin, mandolin, banjo, mouth harp, cuatro, berimbau, balalaika, I’ve even see him play his shoelaces. Hattie is blossoming as a performer. Hearing her wonderful voice along with her phrasing makes it so she “owns” the songs she sings. We’ll see how the show shapes up next Fri. It may begin as rather like a sit down concert but I suspect that that won’t last long. Pretty quick you might find yourself caught up in the music scatting with Joe and playing the bar stools. Check him out at C’mon down to Lauren’s this Fri and pick up on Joe and Hattie’s great energy. (Cap’n Rainbow 895-3807)

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