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Aristotle on Music


  1. Marco McClean July 1, 2019

    This is the right kind, I think. Here’s just one of Sophie Madeleine’s projects from a few years ago, where she recorded thirty songs in thirty days:

    I also really like Skrillex, Pogo, Zappa, Jonathan Coulton, Christine Lavin, Melanie Safka, and The Bobs. And the Boswell Sisters, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Raymond Scott, Kwoon, Reggie Watts, Oingo Boingo, Kate Bush, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Joni Mitchell. Cats and Jammers. Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Meredith Willson. Mark Knopfler. Anything klezmer or Dixieland jazz. Even Enya. Nearly anything in Gaelic or Greek.

    Here’s something I can listen to over and over:

    And this song was stuck in my head all day yesterday:

    Marco McClean

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