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Purple Mountain Majesties


  1. Bruce McEwen July 4, 2019

    The lyrics need some up-dating… O bootiful for contrail-crossed skies, for scammer’s waves of cheap houses, feed-lots and pig-sties, and cage after cage of chickens and turkeys, for asphalt paved rivers of CO2 spewing cars and WalMark trucks, for purple-painted ski lodges, snow-boarders’ chutes and ramps, clearcuts carved up with mootorscooter tracks, and condo complexes growing out of it all like rash, and strip malls from one sargasso sea of poisonous plastic garbage to the other… Hamerica, Hamerica — c’mon everybody, ham it up — get on your dirt bike, your jet ski, your four-wheeler, your snow-mobile, get out there and ride over the stumps, the trash, the rubble and celebrate how great we’ve made Hamerica — and throw those Hamms beer cans all over creation while you are at it!

    • Pat Kittle July 4, 2019

      How virtue-signaling it is to bitch about the RESULTS of over-population!


      • Bruce McEwen July 5, 2019

        Aye, Patty, me laddie, the pipes, the pipes, they’re a-callin’ and you must go, but I, but I must stay… but come ye back when the virtue signaling is on the meadow, and the bigotry in your cold black heart is gone …

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