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Fire-Safe Radio

[Jul 11, 12]

Here’s a last-minute announcement from the Anderson Valley Firesafe Council and KZYX. Thanks in large part to the wonderful folks at the Land Wellness and Retreat Center in Philo, we will have a weed whacking & tree limbing party at the Philo studios of KZYX on both Thursday and Friday mornings, July 11 & 12, from 7 to 11 am. We’d love to have as many participants as we can, so come on out! 

At the most recent meeting of the AV Firesafe Council meeting, Angela DeWitt, Battalion Chief of the AV Volunteer Fire Department made a point of commenting about the importance of KZYX as a county-wide source of information in times of emergency. Angela also noted that the grounds around the studios were badly in need of weed whacking and limbing to ensure the station’s safety.

“Perhaps this group could take that on,” she concluded.

The Land’s representatives put their hands up immediately, and after consultation with KZYX staff, the plans are set. This all came together quickly. Hence the late notice. But if you have the time and inclination Thursday or Friday morning, please come out and join us. There is a lot of work to be done, and the station is an important resource to protect. 

If you can come, bring your weed whacker and your lopper if you can, but you don’t need equipment to help. Please note that station management has requested that we not use chain saws due to liability issues.

In addition, the crew is going to need a way to haul the brush/limbs off of the KZYX grounds, so if you've got a way to help with that (and/or if you have a chipper!) please let us know.

You don’t have to come for both days, and you don’t have to stay for the entire four hours each day, either. Whatever time and effort you can chip in will be great!

Questions? Please contact Renee of the KZYX staff via email at

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