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Letters (July 17, 2019)

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I'm back here at High Desert, Susanville. I'm currently on orientation so I don't have a lot of movement. Fortunately, I had a bunch of my stuff packed in the side closet here in the building so I am able to write relatively quickly.

It looks like we have a bit of a wait on our hands. The appellate court needs to decide whether or not SB 1437 is constitutional. If you can follow that and keep me posted on it I would appreciate it.

As you know if the appellate court says it's unconstitutional than we’re done for this bill, but other stuff is coming down the pipeline and we will be able to try that stuff out.

When I got here I received the two letters you sent before I left back in January including the information on a Adnan Kahn. It strikes me as odd that some people got out on this bill so fast while the rest of us are dealing with the District Attorneys Association of California and their cockamamie constitutional exercise. It seems that the legislature exists to legislate (as you said) and that we are interfering with their jobs with this constitutional analysis. Anyway, that's the nature of the American democratic system of representation, checks and balances and all of that other poli-sci crap. Anyhow, write back when you can and we will continue to stay coordinated.


Tai Abreu 

HDSP A5-240 

PO Box 3030, Susanville, CA 96127

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To the Editor of the Ukiah Daily Journal, the newspaper that has never printed the word “[bleep]” and never will. 

Having trouble with homeless encampments, Kitty Cat? Try placing a loud speaker at each venue and play loud classical music. Start with an all Russian program. First a warning: “The Borodin String Quartet #2.” Then Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” and “Romeo and Juliet” of Serge Prokovieff. If that doesn’t start to scatter them try a couple of late Shostakovich Symphonys. Call a certain Supervisor to pick up the trash. 

Ralph Bostrom

Northbrook Nursing Home (on a scale of ten I give it a one)


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The Devil’s Teeth (a name given to the Farallones by early sailors) might have a few cavities, but to drop 1.5 tons of rat poison pellets from a helicopter is ludicrous (“Poison weighed for Farallones,” Monday). I remember the cartoon from the 1950s “Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks.” Mr. Jinks the cat would always say, “I hate those meeces to pieces,” but I doubt even Mr. Jinks would go to these extremes.

The federal government, with the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, could put this plan into action by 2020. I highly doubt this will happen, but there have been many other projects involving the federal government that I thought would never have happened.

The last big calamity involving poison in California that I recall was up at Lake Davis in Plumas County. The state tried to exterminate the invasive northern pike. Unfortunately, the fish survived and they poisoned the trout and the drinking water.

If we leave the islands alone, maybe in 1,000 years things will get worked out without our interventions.

Ken Solbakken

Santa Rosa

* * *


Letter to the Editor

The best thing that could happen to Coast District Hospital and our community is if Adventist Health (AH) takes them over. Ask anyone who works for AH or has been a patient there, and you will hear much that is positive. AH seems to have thought of everything to support employees and patients. Patients feel the extra care that comes from compassionate medical teams working together. 

Multiple people in the same family and multi-generations of families work there because AH is such a good employer. They look for talented employees and support their career development. I know an RN who was selected for Nurse Practitioner training and another woman who began in Housekeeping where her ability was recognized and she was trained to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. AH paid for her certification program. They offer fellowships to their employees. 

Other advantages are the easily accessible AH portal to your medical records. You can get lab results in an hour, same as your doctors. Your appointments are all there and you can ask questions of your medical providers. You can click on your illness and get in-depth information to help you understand your condition. 

Please think about this and talk up Adventist Health as the best solution for us and our coast hospital.

Sonya Nesch


* * *



Third grade teacher Mark Sanchez laments students having to walk past the Works Progress Administration mural depicting the life of George Washington with slaves. Were our teacher- education curricula more vigorous, instructors would recognize a marvelous teaching moment.

There would be a unit on the inhumanity of African slaves being marketed to the colonies.

There would be a cross- disciplinary unit on the vigorous melding of politics and all the arts in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s WPA years — featuring Paul Robeson, Diego Rivera and the splendid Washington mural by Victor Arnautoff, whose life as a Russian-born Stanford professor exemplifies an era in American thought and the arts.

The third part of the lesson would be a survey of contemporary American cultural sensibilities — Pride, Confederate general statuary and contemporary response to 1936 WPA murals depicting 18th century attitudes right here at home.

Peter F. Neumeyer

Santa Rosa

* * *



Conservatives, have you ever seen any more dirty, rotten, people than the Liberal Democrats? They are trying to blow up everything president Trump is doing. Makes me sick to my stomach. Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives are ridiculous idiots, or more than that. 

It has been proven by some scientists that climate control is ridiculous, stupid, nonexisting situation. Certain people are feasting off of it and they make millions of dollars. If a Hollywood person stands up and says Ooh, it’s climate control, then 25% of the American people will go Ooh, it’s climate control. They don't know what they're talking about. The scientists do. And there is no climate control problem or global warming. Mother Nature will do what she will do. Al Gore who started this thing on global warming is a billionaire billionaire billionaire and he made all that money off of global warming while he lives in his two mansions back-to-back making more carbon fiber diesel electric than any human being in the world. He's a billionaire because he tricked the American people into believing global warming. Sad how people get away with this stuff and how people will follow anybody who stands up and says Ooh, this is wrong, or this is right, and the rest of them will follow. Makes me sick.

Do you conservative people realize how fortunate we are to have Donald Trump as president? I won't even address the Liberals, they are not worth it. We are lucky that Hillary Clinton did not get elected. What would this country be like if she got elected? I hate to imagine it. Donald Trump is the best president we have ever had in the history of the United States. He is a man, not a piece of goat shit like Barack Obama or Gavin Newsom or the rest of our so-called leaders who are just pieces of goat shit. President Trump is the best thing that ever happened to America. He will get a lot more done in the next four years too. I wish he could be a three termer. Who knows what will happen in the next four years?

Nancy Pelosi and that woman Cortez and the others who advise the illegals to get away from their legal status and get away from the ICE from getting deported. That's what they're doing. How can Americans deal with these people? Omar? Cortez? Harris? And the rest. And billionaires like Tom Steyer and George Soros who are wrecks for human beings. Let's put them all in an airplane and send them to Siberia and when they get hungry they could eat their money. Then they could call it greenback diarrhea after they eat all their money. They are worthless dirtbags of the earth and should be shipped out of here.

When these people come across the border they don't have any place to stay so they are just feasting on the American public. And the Democrats scream for open borders. They don't care about people getting killed or raped or whatever. They just want the votes. That's all. That's how cruel and vicious and no good they are.

These people are being financed by George Soros and Tom Steyer and Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom. They are so filthy rich they don't even know what to do with their money, they just carry it around in a shopping cart. The richest people in the world like Bloomberg and those kind of people put their money together to cause this mass evacuation to the United States so they can get the votes.

When a man is talking and nothing funny is going on and he keeps smiling while he's talking, that means he's a liar and a cheat and a dictator and every bad thing you can imagine and that man is Gavin Newsom. He warned all the illegals you can find to get out of town and away from ICE. These people would gladly cut your throat for a little advantage in the United States. He warns people who will kill you, rape, rob you, beat you to death or whatever. Not to say there's some good ones, but there's a lot of bad ones and Gavin Newsom is protecting them. We have a governor protecting killers and rapists of little children who rape and rob and steal, that's the governor we have. Uh-huh. He smiles when he talks.

Our wonderful Board of Supervisors can't even fix the potholes in the roads or cut the brush alongside the road. It's almost impossible to believe that these people are so broke with the taxes that we pay that they can't even take care of our roads. Now they have okayed the county almost $500,000 to fight climate control. Can you believe it? What are these people made of? Are they stupid robots or something? The supervisors okayed a half $1 million to fight climate control? Screwing around with mother nature. Unbelievable. That's what we have right here for local government. Unbelievable.

Jerry Brown used to be our ex-so-called Governor, the little dictator Moonbeam Brown. Legislation was passed to clean down the PG&E fire lines. PG&E wanted to do that but after it was passed Jerry Brown vetoed it. He said it wasn't necessary. And you see the results of that with the Sonoma County fires and Napa and everywhere. He's a citizen now, a public man. Not an official. So he can be sued. And if I was a victim of those fires I would certainly sue him. Jerry Brown is responsible, not PG&E so much.

God bless Donald Trump.

Jerry Philbrick


ms notes: I’m no fan of Jerry Brown. But I have read the text of SB 1463 (2015-Moorlach, R-Orange County) which Governor Brown vetoed in 2015 which reads in main part (excluding boilerplate): 

“This bill would require the [Public Utilities] commission, in consultation with the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, to prioritize areas in which communities are subject to conditions that increase fire hazards associated with overhead utility facilities when determining areas in which it will require enhanced mitigation measures for wildfire hazards posed by overhead electrical lines and equipment. The bill would require the commission to develop a definition of ‘enhanced mitigation measures’ for these purposes. The bill, as part of any findings supporting a decision to approve the boundaries for those areas, would require the commission to describe how the commission incorporated the concerns of local governments, fire departments, or both in determining those boundaries.”

In vetoing the bill the Governor’s Office said: "This bill requires the Public Utilities Commission to prioritize areas that have increased fire hazard associated with overhead utility facilities. Since May of last year [2014], the Commission and CalFire have been doing just that through the existing proceeding on fire-threat maps and fire-safety regulations. This deliberative process should continue and the issues this bill seeks to address should be raised in that forum."

SB 1463 was a somewhat duplicative effort to map high danger areas and develop ways to mitigate them. It did not explicitly require any line clearing, nor was PG&E denied permission to clear any lines. Nevertheless, it was dumb of Brown to veto it because every little bit helps. PS. The amount of money the Supervisors wasted on “climate control” was $7500, not $500k.

* * *



We may need to turn off your power for public safety. — PG&E 

This is yet more evidence of the built in mediocrity and criminality of business as usual in the Capitalist corporate system. It’s a sad fact that we now can assume boardrooms, state, and county governments to be stacked with an all too large a proportion of self-serving idiots, fools, and moronic underachievers. 

Now instead of a reckless private utility company which the state should’ve taken over, not bailed out, causing a lot of infernos, we’ll have common folk doing it with lousy throw away generators made in China being filled with those supposed safety fuel cans which are anything but foolproof. A recipe for disaster. Even if all these shitty generators weren’t going to cause hundreds of fires, the noise pollution alone will pit TV addicted neighbor against neighbor. 

It’s possible that I’m being too hard on the average Jack-n-Jill’s ability to practice safety and good sense when transporting, storing, and using highly flammable fuel. Maybe also I’ve missed something and all those off-brand garbage bottom-shelf Chinese generators have improved to where they no longer vibrate themselves to pieces while deafening everyone within hearing range. I’d welcome being wrong on this topic. 

Ross Dendy



  1. Pat Kittle July 17, 2019

    Choose one:

    1) Open borders
    2) CO2 reduction

    If you choose both you are malicious or a fool.

  2. Joan Hansen July 21, 2019

    I agree with Jerry Philbrick about the decline of California because of higher property taxes and unaffordable housing. Gavin Newsom continues to raise gas taxes, while advocating free health care to immigrants in California . The Sanctuary city of San. Francisco is now a cesspool . From what I can see there is an exodus of Californians to other states that are cheaper to live in. The once great state is destroyed, due to liberal politics and lack of common sense.

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