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BobFest 2019

[Aug 9, 10]

Take one genius singer/songwriter with over 750 songs under his belt, add one accidental impresario who didn't know what he was getting himself into, don't hold back on the spicy mélange of monster local talent—musicians, singers, technicians, jokers, and experts—add a stage-full of equipment, an adoring audience, local cuisine, a bar, and a bit of dance floor mayhem—shake well and serve: BOBFEST!

Every summer for the last ten years, event producer Bob Markel has served up this most delicious treat. Bobfest has turned into the biggest standalone musical event in the county, bringing together—over two incendiary days—the best of the very best, to collaborate, celebrate, and raise the roof in homage to the phenomenon of Bob Dylan's brilliant body of work.

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