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Valley People (August 28, 2019)

LOTTA great deals coming up this Labor Day Weekend’s flea market at the Veteran’s Building parking lot in SoBo (south Boonville) perhaps none better than Sharon Abbott’s plus-size women’s clothing along with costume jewelry, some of it, the jewelry, vintage.

THE SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT has sworn in five new deputies, one of whom, according to Under-Sheriff Matt Kendall will be assigned to the Anderson Valley.

CHANGES: Julie Liebenbaum and Darius Richmond have sold the General Store and moved to Sacramento to enroll their precocious daughter in an accelerated learning program, having rented their Philo home and sold their business to… we don’t know yet but by golly we’re on the case!

HELP WANTED: dishwasher/custodian. AV Senior Center needs a dishwasher custodian on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call 895-3609.

AND THE FAIR is a weekend earlier than usual. It commences Friday the 13th of September, meaning if you haven’t entered something, do it today. Or, more thoroughly from Donna Pierson-Pugh:

“The Fair is only a little over three weeks away!

There is still time to register online at until August 30 for flowers, home arts, animals and agriculture entries!

The newest Fair Booster Parade Poster art was done by Saffron Fraser with Rebecca Goldie creating the poster and is attached below. The parade starts at noon on Sunday 9/15 and it's loads of fun to watch along Hwy 128 from Mt. View down to the Fairground stadium, but it's even better to be in the parade!!! Talk to your co-workers, people in your exercise class, your neighbors or organization about participating in the parade to promote your activity or just have fun and get free admission to the fair!

The Parade entries will be accepted until Sept. 12th and the entry form is available at the same web page listed above. “

SPEAKING of the Fair, its poster this year is the work of two talented local women, Saffron Fraser and Rebecca Goldie.


Our monthly gathering Sunday September 8th 4-5:30 p.m. also at Lauren’s Restaurant (not Fair weekend, don't worry) and is intended to help members understand their membership and/or an introduction to prospective members. 

We also have a volunteer training Sunday September 8th 3-4 pm (right before our monthly gathering) at Lauren’s: we ask each volunteer to complete a short training, please RSVP with our coordinator (contact info below) if you can attend, thank you! 

Anica Williams

Anderson Valley Village Coordinator

Cell: 707-684-9829


BACK TO SCHOOL! Here are the enrollment figures for the first week of school, as well as last year's numbers. The decline of 21 students was not unexpected and was primarily due to the large graduating class and the small incoming Kindergarten group.

First Week Enrollment

8/19/2019, 8/27/2018 (Difference)

Kindergarten-6th: 239, 249 (-10)

7th-8th: 78, 89, (-11)

9th-12th: 134, 133 (+1) 

Rancheria: 6, 7 (-1)

Total: 457, 478 (-21)

DRIVE-BY? WHERE? BOONVILLE? From the Sheriff’s presser on the event: “On Wednesday, August 7, Mendocino County Sheriff's deputies were asked to respond to a reported shooting which had occurred at about 10:30 pm that evening in the 14400 block of Highway 128 in downtown Boonville… Deputies spoke to the victim who reported a silver Ford Mustang had followed him to a store in Boonville where he observed the suspects inside the store. The victim was in fear for his safety based on the vehicle following him and he waited for the suspects to leave before continuing on his travels.

Upon entering the roadway, the victim reported the same suspect vehicle began to follow him for a second time. The victim then parked in a well-lit area in the 14400 block of Highway 128 in hopes the vehicle would continue past him. It did not, and instead parked next to the victim a short distance away. While the victim was seated in his vehicle, the suspect vehicle sped up and began to pass the victim's parked vehicle. As the suspect vehicle passed, the victim reported a single gunshot was heard and the rear window of his vehicle had evidence of a bullet passing through which was later determined to have narrowly missed striking the victim's head. The victim contacted 911 and reported the incident. A check of surveillance footage was done and two suspects were tentatively identified as Marshall Stillday, age 19 of Hopland and Alfredo Asher Knight age 18, also of Hopland, and both known to local police as gang-affiliated. The two have been arrested and are being held to answer to multiple charges on bail of more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Stillday, Knight


Petit Teton Monthly Farm Report - July 2019

“Things are going well, albeit at hyper-speed, here on the farm. Everything seems to be ripening at once and the kitchen crew (that's all of us) is scrambling to keep up. Juan, Cam, Steve, and I bring in the harvests...apples, pears, blackberries, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, sungolds, slicers, eggplant, okra, cucumbers, peppers, string beans, onions, hazelnuts...and sometimes every one of these in one day. Cam, Aaron, and I figure out what to do with the abundance, then Aaron gets to work canning. Some items are sold, but most are converted into a canned product of one kind or other. Before either of those can happen though, the fruits/veggies have to be sorted so the blems go either to a pot for cooking down (e.g., tomatoes), or into a refrigerator away from the perfect, which are cleaned if needed then put in the walk-in for future use/sale if cold storage is required (e.g., pears for a period of time); or processed for freezing if there is more than we need at the moment. Each item has its own requirement and there are only our hands (no machines) to do the sorting, prepping, lifting and toting. Our walk-in is no bigger than a closet so when 76lbs of pears come in at one time and there are already 6 boxes of other varieties in it, we have to do some juggling. So far everything is working more or less smoothly this season although just today the walk-in decided to act a bit strangely so we have a call in to the repair shop. 

Life on a farm is repetitive...the seasons do come around similarly...but it is also frequently punctuated by unexpected events, some being more hair raising than others. There's a way around most obstacles, or at least that has been our belief, so if the walk-in stops working over the weekend and the pears start to melt, we can always make wine! Gotta stay on your toes out here! 

Mama and papa swallow are feeding their third set of chicks. 

Hunting season began a few weeks ago and our hunters bagged their first handsome black tail buck last week. Venison is coming. 

Have a good end of summer,

Nikki and Steve


The following letter from Mendocino County Transportation Director Howard Dashiell was included in the Board of Supervisors agenda packet for August 27:

Honorable Board of Supervisors:

On August 14, 2012, the Board approved an agreement with Quincy Engineering (Sacramento) for professional design services for the replacement of the Philo-Greenwood bridge over the Navarro River.

The local public has been very adamant that we retain the arched structure of the bridge. Arches are very complex and this has required extra design effort and conferring with experts on arch structures since they are very specialized. It also requires another route to access the river channel that will be more impactful than originally surmised.

New environmental studies are needed for bats roosting in the existing structure and the newly listed Foothill Yellow-legged frogs. The environmental resources of the Navarro River are expansive and must be treated with great care.

Also, Caltrans is requiring an extended Phase 1 investigation to further study the area for archaeological resources which was an optional task in the original Quincy contract.

This additional work is further detailed in Quincy’s scope of work increasing the original scope of work for an additional $418,580 and increasing the total contract amount to $1.464 million.

Quincy needs to continue this work to avoid any delays to the timeline of the project. All project related studies are 100% reimbursable by the Federal Highway Administration as the project sponsor.

I therefore recommend and request that the Board authorize and direct the Director of Transportation to authorize this agreement for additional design and studies for the Philo-Greenwood Bridge replacement over the Navarro River.

Howard Dashiell, Director of Transportation

current bridge
proposed bridge

DOUBT HOWARD would approve, but we heard the other day that the more active of our youth, all males (of course), are jumping off the Greenwood Bridge into the deep, inviting pool below. Which is nothing new. Kids have been making the leap for years. What’s new about these leapers is that some of them, not content with a simple plunge from the rail, are doing it from the back of a moving pick-up! Not sure I believe it, but a local said he saw one kid carry it off without a hitch.

YEARS AGO Deputy Squires was called out to the Greenwood Bridge where he found a couple dozen deaf kids doing the bridge jump. As I recall, the deputy had a heckuva time communicating his order to cease and desist.

ON THE SUBJECT of deep and inviting pools, we’re also informed that the magnificent pool at Maple Basin is perhaps the deepest it’s ever been at thirty feet. 

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