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Timber-Frame Demo

[Sep 21]

The Forest Reciprocity Group in collaboration with Polecraft Solutions will demonstrate how to assemble the timber frame of a single family dwelling on Saturday, September 21, 10am in Ukiah at 200 Hensley Creek Rd. nearby Mendocino Community College. This is a hands on workshop where Polecraft Solutions' mortise and tenon technique for joining round poles will be demonstrated.

Also, the esteemed John Cunnan will offer his Small Diameter Pole Furniture building workshop. Furniture workshop participants will come away with a beautiful, functional 3 legged stool ($30 materials fee).

Timber frame demo is free, donations welcome.

Timber Framing Teamwork, Laytonville, May 25

The Forest Reciprocity Group is an educational initiative of Cloud Forest Institute. FRoG seeks to unburden forests of overcapacity fire fuel load small diameter poles. In reciprocity, we receive an abundance of valuable building material for affordable housing and economic revitalization.

For more information contact Jenny, 707-380-5059. 

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