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Letters To The Editor



This is in response to your report on April 20th's “Neighborhood Wars.” Well named, but misinformed.

Mr. McEwen misinterpreted both mine and Mr. Graham's testimony to a great degree. Due to Mr. Graham's low voice coupled with his seat in the very back row, I know he didn't hear him as neither did I at times. But Mr. Graham's voice was such a low murmur that the recorder had to ask him to speak up not once, not twice but three different times. She was only about 12 feet in front of him................. and facing him. I barely heard him myself sometimes and I was just six feet away. Do you remember that, Mr. McEwen?? So either too proud or embarrassed to ask for and use the court's earphones you really had no choice but to “fill in the blanks” with half truths and innuendo. You would be more ready if you simply bought your own. Pathetic reporting.

I did bring in a camera that afternoon to photograph the Great Seal of California on the second floor. The Seal intrigues me because it has in it what appears to be an illegal pet baby bear. In the background is a mysterious man digging a grave. He is hip-deep inside a 6' x 3' hole swinging a pickaxe. (???) I was told that pix can't be taken without going through protocol. I complied with the paperwork. I left the building, returned my camera to my car and re-entered. I understand why now there are good reasons one cannot take pix in any courthouse. I didn't know! If it is illegal or even discouraged then why would the doorcheckers either prohibit it or discourage it?? I ask you. Why isn't there at least a permanent sign there stating that policy? There isn't one. But Mr. McEwen's claim that I entered the Ukiah courthouse saying, “I'm the AVA photographer” is preposterous. Where on earth did he get that notion?? It sounded “fishy” didn't it readers when you read that? Pitiful.

I am not intending to ridicule Mr. Graham with his problematical fundamental abilities. Don't try and trivialize down to just “He's just a bad speller, that's all.” You really think that? That's your perogative. I am simply pointing them out to make a point. That when he asked the judge to “gag” me he spelled it “gage.” His “hole” family and when asked by the judge last summer, at a related matter he asked Blu Graham what 12 subtracted from 15 was and Blu said “7.” I mean if a 38 year old man cannot spell simple 3 letter words and gets 7 when he subtracts 12 from 15, isn't it possible there may be other fundamental flaws in his makeup? Say................................. judgment, understanding and other skills that the rest of us have and take for granted?? I contend there is for the simple fact and with absolutely no prodding on either the judge or me and by his own testimony these serious deficiencies were glaringly revealed. What other flaws and deficiencies would be revealed by an in-depth analysis?

Hey, but it seems Mr. McEwen has tabloid leanings. It made for a fun read!

Mr. McEwen reports that I set a fire to “lure” Mr. Graham to my property in violation of the temporary restraining order. Is he tripping? I like every other rural dweller burn brush after the first rains of autumn. I was burning leaves and I didn't realize it was a no-burn day but three days before that we had 2.5 inches of rain. This is one of those “one-way” TROs. The plaintiff is not restricted from approaching the defendant so he can have fun approaching him and making him move 30 yards away. A game. I believe these one-way TROs are meant to increase the tension and malice in a community to ensure future “work.” What other reason could anybody come up with? If the whole goal was decreasing tensions why wouldn't they both be discouraged to keep their distance from each other? But Mr. McEwen's assessment has more intrigue, doesn't it? “Luring him.” Deaf!!!

I have a TRO against me and I did what? Chased him around with my motorcycle? Fabrication. I have no problem at all staying a way from Blu. We are different ages and we have different circles of friends. We never contact each other.

“To conflagulate the infrastructural diastunia”?? That was a laffer for sure. But I'm thinking here that the poor deaf and “sauced” scribe might have suffered what is known as a “Freudian slip.” Eh Brucie??? Didn't maybe your “shrink's” words come floating back at an inopportune time? Does Mr. McEwen have a case of ego dystonia? I am no psychiatrist but judging by his fevered screeds???????????????? I'd say yes.

“Everyone wears masks.” That isn't what I said. Mr. Graham's first complaint and reason for his harassment claim was a “menacing look.” Can you believe that? A “menacing” look. I am not exaggerating nor am I fabricating anything. It's all on record. How can he discern my face when I am wearing a “full faced” helmet? I gave him a “menacing” look. And the judge smilingly let it fly. He must “reach” as far as he can. Can't you see that?

The “aggressive shoulder brush.” At Star Raschall's wake??? Delusions and fantasies. I am sure that the sweet spirit of Star Raschall really appreciates that smear on her legacy. There were over 300 people there in a 60 foot dome. It was crowded. I did not see him. That's “fishy” #2. Why would I do anything aggressive with Blu with over 300 witnesses? That's ludicrous. It's Mr. Graham's most despicable act. Is that really believable?? Of course not. I need to know if Mr. Graham said any other questionable comments to anyone? The judge himself acknowledged that there was. Please help me. I need help with this horrible situation that our illustrious and powerful ex-Fire Chief has created for me! Does that sound like me? For those who really know me? The reason I was so very flustered up there in the courtroom is the fact that I am not a lawyer. Sit up straight, Mackey. Quit slouching and try to pay closer attention.

That was another slap in my face and some of the members of my community. Do you think for one second that Blu Graham would “step down” from being our illustrious and powerful Fire Chief?? Of course not!! That was a loud message from some of our firefighters and neighbors. Don't think for one minute that everyone is neutral. Some are furious. They were all sick of watching him head down to Ukiah for more frivolous restraining orders. It hasn't helped any. HELP. I saw this whacked out and obsessed ex-Fire Chief stop above my cabin near the county road and snap a picture down towards me… HELP!!!!!!!!

Blu Graham in October of last year spent four days canvassing the whole gulch trying to ferret out some “dirt” on me. Even if it was 20 years old!!!!! A local business owner Marie Mills told me this and she thought it was low-down and despicable. It is!!! Did Blu Graham ask any others about this bizarre request?? Please help me. It is not enough you shake your heads in disgust. Write or call the sheriff or write the court. The judge slapped me with a whole three year restraining order. I ask you, is this how a fire chief behaves?????? How he conducts his affairs???? Of course not. He is shameless and obsessed.

Is it illegal to make a phony 911 call???? Is it??? Blu Graham made a fraudulent 911 call to headquarters in Fortuna. I was asked to accompany him and his bestest friend Shazbott to what had been a generator fire at Ray Stanley's house. It's got to be on record. When we arrived the fire was out and there appeared to be some questionable wiring. I just found this out for months ago. Ray and Blu and Shazbott came back a half hour later and started to hassle him. Those two got it in for some of us. It was then that Blu Graham notified Fortuna South Calfire. What a prick!!! I know one thing the pilot that had been dispatched didn't see any smoke. I bet he put that in his report! Blu knew that he was foxier than Cal can who will andfire. I wonder what Fortuna suspected???? They were duped. BLu Graham his doing the same thing with the Mendocino sheriffs. This is crazy!!!

Another of our fine women here in the gulch is concerned about his erratic behavior. Sgt. Swithinbank, a sheriff in Garberville, asks about things out here and she has told them that she and I are fine and that she thinks Blu Graham “has a hair up his anatomy here.” The snitch sign? I did not make it or post it. But I know who did. He came and gleefully told me. He's an idiot and now they will think I did it. Some people are furious with this harmful behavior.

D.A. (not district attorney) Mr. McEwen didn't hear the arson rag. Again. What Blu Graham had brought to court was a sign that was posted up on our bulletin board concerning an ARSON we had in 2003 in January. How do we know it was an arson? Easy. Not only was Billy Joe Harwood in Hawaii and there were no pilot lights, but the most damning detail were the three opened up propane cylinders that were just inside the front door. You understand that now, Mr. McEwen?????? Why are you so cavalier and jocular about it? My cabin burned down last year too. WE HAVE AN ARSONIST LOOSE. I have been discussing this for a month with not only the two arson investigators in Fortuna, but also the one in our forest. Damn you, Bruce McEwen for this abortion of yours............ I believe your latent talents could be employed through the medical profession with a better and higher level of financial remuneration. And lastly your particular brand of aroma was none too pleasant for my girlfriend and I. Bathe yourself man. Why did you go and have to sit directly behind us for? Crikey!


Roderick Brown

Whale Gulch

B. McEwen replies: All the way through this harangue Mr. Brown chastises me for my deafness, my need of a hearing aid, my inability to hear, etc. But then at the end he damns me for being stupid enough to have even bothered to listen to the case. On that point, I agree.




The Mendocino County Republican Central Committee will meet May 18, 2011, 7:00 PM — 9:00 PM at Anna’s Asian House Restaurant, 43 E. Mendocino Ave, Willits, CA. For further information contact: Stan Anderson, 707-321-2592.

Stan Anderson Chair,

Mendocino County Republican Central Committee

Fort Bragg




Kudos to the Obama administration for successfully dispatching global terrorist Osama bin Laden.

Now the emboldened commander in chief can go after bigger fish by sending the Navy SEALs to penetrate the golden fortress of Wall Street and capture the global financial terrorists — reverse Robin Hoods — who are responsible for ruining the lives of millions of lower echelon of Americans.

Although it might be better to wait until after the 2012 elections since the Wall Street Hoods will be sending bundles of bailout cash into Obama's campaign coffers.

America the beautiful!


Don Morris




Dear Editor,

The Anderson Valley Unity Club's Garden Section would like to thank everyone who made the 2011 Wildflower Show another success. We had very good weather and about the same attendance as last year. Unique additions to the hundreds of wildflowers, plants, trees, sedges, and grasses were Eugenia Herr's botanical prints made by her grandfather. Thank you seventh grade science classes for the excellent youth development poster contest entries. Evelyn Ashton's herbarium and watercolors of plants and Dot Hulbert's scanned wildflowers made wonderful displays. The Navarro River Resource Center and our invasive plant tables provided information. A slideshow of wildflowers shown on a photo monitor was put together by Pat Smith, Alice Bonner, and Robin Harper for our viewing. It was a very nice show.

We wish to thank the following for raffle donations: Celeri & Son of Fort Bragg, Ludwig's Tin Man Nursery, Oak Valley Nursery, Anderson Valley Nursery, Whispering Winds Nursery, Safeway, The Pot Shop, Barbara Stephens Lewallen, Mary Pat Palmer, Pat Smith, Eugenia Herr, Robin Harper, Liz Dusenberry, Wally Hopkins, Mary Darling, Sue Davies, Judy Bayshore, Evelyn Ashton, Joanie Clark, Lynne Halpern, Jessica Savage, Jeanne Nickless, Laughing Dog Books, Beverly Dutra and Lovin' Blooms.

Thank you to Shirley Hulbert, Gloria and Sharon Abbott for the delicious food served in the tea room. We wish to thank also the following people who helped our club members with collections, identification, the raffle, plant donations, set up, or cleanup: Peter Warner, Kathy Bailey, Bob Sowers, Chris Sowers, Linda Halpern, Jessica Savage, Bill Harper, Ken Montgomery, Sarah McCarter, Michael Smith, Wally Hopkins, Scott Hulbert, Sandra Nimmons, and Eugenia Herr.

Thank you to the Fairgrounds staff for all their help and allowing us to hang a banner. Thanks also to Robert Rosen and the Anderson Valley Brewery for allowing us to put our banners advertising our event on their fences.

Anderson Valley Unity Club Garden Section

Susan Hopkins, Robin Harper

and Mary Pat Palmer, Co-Chairmen

Anderson Valley



Dear friends,

I loved Alexander Cockburn's “The Truth on Libya,” and Todd Walton comparing our recent leaders with Henry VIII. The great mystery I've not solved in nearly 50 years of studying history and politics is: are our leaders really morons or are they all part of a conspiracy to destroy America while looting it? (Perhaps they all have hideouts prepared in Brazil or Switzerland as we have ours in Mendocino County.) Before any knee-jerk leftist labels me a rightist, let me rush to point out I loathe George W. Bush. I also loathed Reagan who invented insanely high deficits and huge foreign debt. (Our World War II debt was domestic debt, our own people buying war bonds.) I have no objection to a black president. I protested for equal rights in the South in 1963 when that was not popular. But I did object to a half-black president of Hawaii and Indonesia with a Muslim name and a father from Kenya who was never a US citizen and was obviously unqualified. (An Illinois State Senator two years before he started running for president.)

The media establishment who all openly campaigned for him and millions who voted for him, clearly wanted Obama elected because of his color, odd name, exotic background, etc. The strangest of lies often repeated by the 2008 media guys was that Obama would be “a unifying figure.” (Hillary Clinton, we were warned, was “divisive.”) I repeatedly warned in 2008 that Obama would set off an enraged right-wing backlash. Those who failed to see this coming can dismiss all Anglo-Americans outside their little clique as “racist,” but please don't shoot the messenger who tried to warn you. We've been told forever that the Republicans are the party of the rich, but Obama vastly outspent McCain in 2008 and before that outspent Hillary two to one. Could it be that very rich people wanted Obama to win so that he would set off a right-wing backlash?

Meanwhile, Obama's real policies are almost exactly the same as Bush's — two wars, now three, deficits and debt certain to ruin us, no reduction in use of oil. Even the health-care bill only enraged Republicans because Obama did it. It was a corrupt bill written by insurance company lobbyists and Republicans would have supported it if it had been Bush's bill.

The tea party leader, J. Phillips, said recently he likes Ron Paul's views on debt reduction but cannot accept his “isolationism” in an age of North Korean and Iranian missiles that can hit us in 20 minutes — the old imperialist lie that expansion is defensive. We survived Russia having thousands of missiles for 30 years. Obviously no one will nuke us if they know they will get nuked massively. Russia and China are still the big threat. The idea of America fearing North Korea or Iran is insane. (Maybe Israel should fear Iran. That's why they have their own nuclear weapons. And maybe Japan should fear North Korea, and think about having their own nuclear weapons. I don't think America's ruling class “helps” allies out of humanitarian motives. I think the real motive is trying to control them.) An amazing number of people don't know that first use of nuclear weapons was always NATO Cold War policy because we didn't want a conventional war with Russia in Europe. People who should know better like Kissinger are now calling for nuclear arms reduction. As long as America has far more nuclear arms than anyone else there won't be another world war and we can safely cut our insanely high military budget. If we had put a big tax on imported oil thus making it profitable to drill deeper in Texas as my father urged Nixon, Ford and Carter (before Reagan fired him), we would today not be in a war in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya nor would we need to give a damn who rules Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Iran. (We shouldn't use any oil to save the environment, but that's another story. Obama totally caved to China in Copenhagen. Talk is cheap. And can anyone explain why the American establishment still is keeping marijuana illegal even under the last three presidents, all former dopers?


Michael Bear Carson

Ione/Mule Creek

PS. We are now told that Bill Clinton deeply regrets his “mistake” of not invading Rwanda. That's a lie as big as “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” How do you invade a country with bad roads and few airstrips thousands of miles from your nearest bases or ships? And how do you stop 100,000 people armed with machetes from killing 200,000 of their neighbors all in three weeks? The sad fact is we are not omnipotent.




More than 200 years of personal liberties and rights eroded. Check.

Due process ignored. Check.

Torture legalized. Check.

National treasury drained. Check.

(Our affected health and welfare, education and, yes, that pothole you just drove through can be nicknamed Osama because here is where the “trickle-down theory” actually works.)

Taxpayer dollars looted. Check.

(Hello, defense contractors and your $500 toilet seats and lost pallets with billions of US dollars.)

And most important, thousands of fallen heroes, of every nationality, dead and maimed. Worse yet, countless innocents sacrificed with questionable justification. Check.

The ultimate victory? Sending an ailing, trapped fugitive to what he believed would be a better place. Making him a martyr to his supporters.

Yes, I'm glad he's gone, but I have serious questions about who won. Look at our “new world.”

Sorry, I'm not dancing in the streets.

Cory David

South San Francisco



Hello everybody.

I am packed and ready to go to Washington DC to tear out the belly of the insane beast! This includes direct action, deep spirituality to counter the absurdity of postmodernism and materialism, and an earth first!/rising tide approach to global ecological implosion. I am accepting anything supportive that I can get. If this message is not bringing great joy to your heart, what the hell is the matter with you?

Craig Louis Stehr

593 62nd Street

Oakland, CA 94609-1246



Dear Mr. President,

My sister Allison Krause was killed at Kent State on May 4, 1970. I co-founded the Kent State Truth Tribunal with Emily Kunstler and we opened our doors for the first of three tribunals last year right around this time.

On May 1-4, 2010 we recorded, preserved and honored the stories of original participants and witnesses of the Kent State shootings on May 4, 1970. It was a blessing that my mother Doris Krause, 85, was able to be present for the beginning of the Kent State healing.

As I returned to my home in California, I received word from Mom that the Kent State Tape had been examined for the very first time and a story was breaking in the Plain Dealer tomorrow, article here  That she had given a quote applauding the news of this long-denied order to shoot. That it had been analyzed and verified by Mr. Stuart Allen, a top forensic scientist (also Stuyvestant colleague of General Holder).

In October 2010 at the Kent State Truth Tribunal, we invited Mr. Allen to participate as a meaningfully-involved participant, to examine the Kent State Tape before our cameras. At KSTT-NYC, I received word that there was more than the command on the Kent State Tape. That Mr. Allen, in preparing for his KSTT testimonial, discovered a violent altercation recorded just 70 seconds before the national guard command to fire and ensuing barrage, 67 shots for 13 seconds.

As we opened our doors in NYC for our KSTT on October 9-10, 2010, and as a result of Mr. Allen’s shocking new evidence, Representative Dennis Kucinich, chair of the Domestic Policy subcommittee responded by immediately opening an investigation into the Kent State shootings.

Then the other shoe dropped. The Democrats lost the election and Rep Kucinich lost his seat as chair in the Domestic Policy subcommittee.

Looking back on my Kent State path, I was 15 years old when Allison was murdered. For nine years after, my family life and world were also blown apart forever, especially as my folks pursued justice for Allison in the courts. Mr. President, no one from the government ever came to help us, except for Senator Ted Kennedy, and now recently with Rep Dennis Kucinich.

Recollecting those horrible years, I remember my Dad entering the Kent State Tape into evidence in his lawsuits. Lots of folks called Dad Krazy Krause, he would not let this go. 40 years later, it was heartening to realize Dad knew that the tape held the key to the truth at Kent State. It has taken us over 40 years to be able to decipher and once in for all, hear the recorded sounds via Mr. Stuart Allen’s expertise and kgb audio software.

Mr. Allen verified the long-denied ‘order to fire’ at the unarmed students, and surprisingly discovered new evidence in the violent altercation between Mr. Terry Norman and students. Mr. Allen heard Mr. Norman’s later surrendered pistol shoot off four pistol rounds, creating the sniper fire claimed by the national guard. Mr. Norman was a consensual informant for the F.B.I. and working that day.

Mr. Norman is one of many present that day, cogs in the wheel delivering four homicides on May 4, 1970 and crossing the line at Kent State, yet Mr. Norman’s actions directly connect the FBI with the command to fire. Mr. Norman’s actions prove the intent to create, as in instigate sniper fire 70 seconds before the guard shot. Now we understand the odd ‘Alright’ in the ‘command to fire’ order.

It is for this reason that I formally request you Mr. President examine the new evidence in this cold case homicide of Kent State. Furthermore I ask you to create an impartial and unaffiliated team to investigate the F.B.I. This is the same instruction I gave Congressman Kucinich.

From Wikipedia: Impartiality is a principle of justice holding that decisions should be based on objective criteria, rather than on the basis of bias, prejudice, or preferring the benefit to one person over another for improper reasons.

Mr. President, please examine the new evidence in the Kent State Tape.


Laurel Krause

Fort Bragg

P.S. Recent writing on learning the truth at Kent State in 2010, also published at the request of Rep Dennis Kucinich in the 2010 Congressional Record: Truth Emerging in the Kent State Cold Case Homicides.




Today I read the obituary of Assam bin Laden, described as a meek and humble man who was far from a megalomaniac. Still yet a man who had no tolerance for the views of others and though that it was his duty to kill all infidels.

Where and when did it come to be that such hatred was forged into this mans life? But what is more important as look into the mirror, and reflect upon my, life the question is raised; As I do accept others for who they are do I really tolerate them?

I am blessed to be able to say that even if I love you that does not mean that you have to love me. And more often than not this is the case!

I was born with a free will and accept the fact that others do as well, and by accepting this I am a free man. Free from the prejudices and hatred that binds me to a dark a gloomy life. Free from expecting others to think and feel the way I wish them to. And this brings me happiness.

Certainly there are laws that must be obeyed for the good of society and self. But this is not what I speak of. What I speak of is the castigation of others based on the thought of “I think there for it is so!” A decision based on pure extrapolation and not true facts, which is in fact prejudicial pure and true.

People change sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, we are all works in progress. I strive not for perfection in myself or others, giving me a better sense of tolerance towards my self and others.

Do we need the morality police when it is only between god and I? I say not!

Today I will again take a long look in the mirror and reflect upon my self and will give the choice to do what is right. Not only for myself but for the good of mankind, and this shall be done at the rate that god has allowed me. This gift is not of mine but of the creator.

If you have no tolerance for my words, I ask of you; Do you accept your self for who you are? And are you happy?

Trent Foster





A long time ago there began a “sport” where two men attempted to injure, disable, maim, render unconscious and such. It was called Prize Fighting or Boxing as they fought for prizes, or not. They fought with bare hands.

Now with good judgment they avoided hitting the other in the head area as that area is a skin covered bone. Hitting that with force could cause ones hand/fingers to break. So, punches were generally aimed at the body, above the belt of course.

Then those who governed decided to put gloves on the fists to protect the fighter's hands. Once that happened the boxers discovered that they could safely bang away at each others heads without self inflicted damage. The recipient received the damage ranging from torn skin to unconsciousness. It was later determined that permanent damage could occur from the resulting continued concussions leaving the fighter permanently “punch drunk", or worse, such as dead.

This “progress” turned out to be another boondoggle judgment call, but the format continues to this day.

Football has experienced a similar evolution in an attempt to make this violent game “safe". Players used to wear leather helmets. These covers offered protection for the scalp and little more. Players avoided banging each others head to head in order to avoid personal injury to themselves. They aimed for the lower body.

Then rules changed and the helmets evolved to what we have today which are sort of like large, hollow golf balls. They have lots of bounce to them when colliding with another helmet. Such violent bouncing causes damage to player's brain and even broken necks due to the snapping rebound of the collisions.

Once again, the “do gooders” have made things worse in their attempt to make things more safe for the players. The records show that football players have a short healthy life and a long one of damaged bodies wracked with pain and disability.

One wonders what kind of “improvements” will be implemented for the future profession known in this country as football.

Carl Flach





This is a testimony of Captain Fathom.

Your blue ribbon star reporter is all wet in regards to Rick Kruse. "I can not say he is 100% but is it worth putting a life sentence on a man in jeopardy who is not guilty yet who is a worthy member of  our society a man who I have fished with for decades?”

My second wife Carey Joy Graham sent a  letter to Rick’s daughter’s school stating that it may be that Kruse. “His behavior was is in fact perfect,” and it is a fact that Kruse has many sop-peters and friends.

We believe that through hope and well being and great wishes he will be freed!

As the founder of the Albion Nation, Yes we know he could not live for 40 years in our community being as such a perpetrator, being guilty of said alleged offenses.

Captain Fathom

By way of Trent Foster

Chairman but not founder of the IWW





Here's an idea: Stupe Smith doesn't have to leave her office (or home) to attend a seminar in Oregon — utilize Skype phone calls, conference meetings, directly talking with those at this or any other seminar.

Skype is simple to install. Others can be reached via land phones, cell phones, computer, landlines and live video. Surely, if there's lots of information from the Portland or any other trip, the presenters can send .pdf files to be certain all info is covered.

Lastly it's time the Stupes remember they are our employees. We are paying their salary, travel, health care, vacations…

Stupes: none of you are so special that only you can do your job. Long lines of unemployment are waiting for those who demand everything from the rest of us.

So, I hope this helps Smith's “travel plans.” It saves money — “We have no money” — plus time, energy and fewer tantrums from the Stupes.

Elizabeth Ryan

Fort Bragg



Mighty AVA,

Some documentaries pack a punch. After watching Gasland (2010) I felt like the wind had been knocked out.

Briefly, for those who haven't seen it, the movie pursues the story of natural gas extraction, which involves a process called hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”), which is accomplished by pumping vast amounts of toxic chemicals deep into the earth. The movie focuses on where all the poison goes, after injection.

That sounds bad enough, but the beauty part is what has become known as the “Halliburton Loophole.” Cooked up in the corporate meth lab of Cheney/Bush, this 2005 bill exempts gas companies from the Safe Drinking Water Act, allows them to keep secret the contents of their toxic brew, and completely removes the Environmental Protection Agency from the picture. A greedy devil's dream come true.

People who live near these wells enjoy showing the filmmaker how they can now light their tap water on fire. No one seems interested in drinking the stuff. How did we come to this? Are we so addicted to energy that we're willing to sacrifice our ability to live?

After Fukushima, I was amazed to hear people scoff at the dangers of nuclear radiation. They want their electricity, and aren't willing to consider any notion of possible limits in exchange for safety or sanity. We hear the same attitudes about oil consumption, essentially choosing power over life. Native Americans call this way of thinking the Death Path. Well named.

Mike Kalantarian

Beyond the Deep End (Navarro)




The Community Did It!

“Slow but sure”…that was the motto of the Historical Society Enclosure Project. The project started in 2009, hence the “slow “part of our motto AND we completed the project in February, 2011, so we have now fulfilled the “sure” part of our motto!

Due to the many donations of services, materials, money and time from our community, the project was completed without incurring any debt! Guess it is fitting that a Historical Society project would use a tried and true practice from the past — Pay as you go!

And this is how the Community Did It

In launch year, project donations totaled $30,545. In 2010, the community donated an additional $16,690. Donations ranged from $10 to $17,000. We send a special thanks to Lila Lee for her support. In her honor, we named our new meeting/display room The Rose Room. Lila’s mother Leila Rose was born in Sam Prather’s house.

To get us started, Steve Woods and Ron Verdier of Verdier Architecture did their magic, presenting us with a set of plans (at no charge!) that put the wheels in motion.

Later, at a time when the project was at a standstill, a call came in from Rodger Tolman. He put us in touch with his son-in-law, Lance Wright. Lance, who is now a contractor in Sonoma County, has fond memories of Anderson Valley and wanted to help! His parents, Les and Jeannie Wright moved from Gualala to Anderson Valley in 1963. They owned and rebuilt the Philo Lumber Company throughout the 60’s and into the 70’s. Lance went to AV Elementary School Kindergarten through 3rd grade. And that is just part of the reason for his fond AV memories. In 1983 he got reacquainted with a girl from Anderson Valley named Rhonda Tolman. They married in 1985, now have two wonderful adult sons and still love to visit Anderson Valley. His company, Wright & Sons stepped in and did the cement work for Phase 2 of our project. They poured the slab, sidewalks and door aprons. Our own Danny Huey stopped by to help and Rossi Hardware supplied the visqueen!

And, when funds were once again running short and we still had battens to place on the exterior siding, one of our regular museum volunteers, Justin Reilly stepped forward and did the battens!

John and Jeff Burroughs, our hired contractors were flexible and understanding, waiting and watching until more funds were available and pitching in with materials like 2 X4’s and primer paint.

Now, our large artifacts have a dry place to live and we have a 660 square-foot space which will be used for displays, meetings and events. In fact we are working on our first display, which will center on the cook stove used by Mary Van Zandt of Hazel Hill (Van Zandt’s Resort), a recent donation from Ben Van Zandt.

Thank You Anderson Valley! Come visit us Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, 1-4pm, February-November.

Sheri Hansen





I would like to thank all the individuals who responded to the accident on Highway 128 Tuesday morning on the 3rd of May, involving a collision between a truck and two horses, which had gotten out of their enclosure and onto the road. Thankfully the driver of the truck was not seriously injured, and no one person or persons were hurt from the accident. Unfortunately the two horses had to be put down as a result of injuries sustained from the collision.

Again I would like to thank all the individuals who were involved in this distressing incident. My sincere appreciation goes out to two individuals whose names I do not know, who immediately responded and took action to subdue the injured horse until authorities arrived, ignoring possible risk to their safety. Thank you, and thank you Bill Teague, Nicole Johnson, Gary Johnson , Derek Wyant, Amanda Hiatt, Vickie Johnson, Mr. Pacheco and the local Caltrans crew, CHP Officers Avila and Fansler, Deputy Poma, Veterinarian Richard Brazil, and Wayne Hiatt and any other individuals for helping during this crisis. It was your help and assistance that made it easier for my family to deal with this tragic event. My mother Sylvia Carsey wants all of you to know how deeply she appreciates all of your help in this matter.

Thank you,

William Housley & family





If the Anderson Valley Ambulance is ‘on the edge of extinction’ and dying a ‘slow death’ as suggested in last week’s Valley People, it’s news to our 25 member crew and the hundreds of people whose medical emergencies we respond to each year. And in a time where Medicare and other insurance reimbursements for ambulance response are dwindling, and with a dramatic increase in uninsured patients, to be criticized for solvency also makes us scratch our heads. For at least a year now, monthly expenses have outstripped revenues so ‘sitting on a nice hunk of dough’ may sound flush but all that could evaporate with one major disaster or the continuation of this small but steady leak of funds.

Where we agree is the chronic state of understaffing that has been the lot of Anderson Valley Ambulance throughout its history. People join and people leave all the time and the intrepid David Severn, the beating heart of our operations, has his hands constantly full in keeping the ambulance staffed 24/7. We, and the entire community, are blessed with the extraordinary commitment of our crew to undergo the necessary training and in giving up large chunks of their leisure time to see that Anderson Valley is covered with emergency medical care round-the-clock, every day. There are few communities of our size that can generate this type commitment. Further, our duties are performed with a compassion and competence that is recognized throughout our region by the other agencies with which we interface, not to mention our patients.

If you are healthy, fit, have a giving heart, and can give up some, not a lot, of your discretionary time, and love the idea of neighbors helping neighbors in distress we’d be glad to have you join our crew. We are constantly in need of ambulance drivers and especially EMTs. There will be an EMT class offered in the Valley this coming winter so now is a very good time to join if you are so inclined. I’d love to talk to anyone who is interested in joining. I can be reached at 895-3123.

Bruce Longstreet, Manager

Anderson Valley Ambulance


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  1. Trent Foster May 15, 2011

    Captian Fathum

    This Is what I speak of! And I am forced to love him at a distance!
    This pour soul is not here any more. He has taken a vacation but I am not sure who the travel agent is? All I know is this. It is NOT a road I want to travel.
    I do not know what to do with him? But walk away/
    He is not the man I meet or knew a while back. He has driven me crazy in the last two weeks.
    WWJD? I am not Jesus I can not change water to wine or cast out demons!

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