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  1. Pat Kittle September 24, 2019

    Media coverage of killers-of-color is endlessly entertaining — because SOMEHOW, Evil Whitey will end up being blamed.

    Remember Saint Trayvon Martin? The innocent Black boy who was murdered in cold blood by a rotten racist White man? Well, not quite — in fact he was killed in entirely justifiable self-defense by an obviously Hispanic George Zimmerman.

    And here in this story we have an actual cold-blooded Hispanic serial killer.

    In the interest of “diversity,” the “too White” US Border Patrol (as with all law enforcement) is under tremendous pressure to hire non-Whites, even if standards have to be “relaxed.” So they hired Ortiz.

    The challenge for the reporter here is how to take the outrage at this Hispanic serial killer and divert it toward Evil Whitey at the Border Patrol:

    “…the Border Patrol was under fire for accepting unqualified applicants to fill its depleted ranks. But how, many demanded to know, had a serial killer gotten into the Border Patrol? Hadn’t anyone noticed that Ortiz was deeply disturbed?”

    Like I say, endlessly entertaining…

  2. JusticeDelivered September 24, 2019

    It is nice to find something which tells the truth about Thugvon receiving lawful justice, and knowing that he his waiting for his disreputable sort of parents to join him in hell.

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