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Letters (October 23, 2019)

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To the Editor:

Re: AVA 9/18/2019: The Ranch fire was part of the Mendocino complex fires in 2018. It originated in Mendocino County, thus the name. Mr. Shields’ front page article stating that the Ranch fire started in Lake County is incorrect. It may have started "near" Upper Lake (whatever "near" means), but it clearly erupted in Mendocino County and could just as easily have been "near" Potter Valley. Hopefully Mr. Shields was more accurate in revealing the perpetrators name. 

I note that Mr. Kyle faced no liability for the whole event. I often marvel at the stupidity of people making sparks at the height of the day with a red flag warning in place.

Gwyn Jones

Lakeport, Lake County

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AVA & Friends,

According to my local neighbor’s TV turned on at 11 AM Tuesday morning, a national poll says 51% of we American citizens want President Trump impeached and are thankful that this Thanksgiving someone else he'll be our president.


Diana Farina Bangladesh Vance bangs her dish: Yes.

Fort Bragg

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Thank you for another one of those stories about these scumbags who kill our girls and then sit on “life row.”

I’m referring to George Dorner’s article of October 9 and many others. 

I remember the Ted Bundy case in the 80s. It ended with the electric chair after 30 some women were dead, mostly in Florida. They did the right thing. Thankfully, there are decent people somewhere. 

But not our electeds here in California where the child killers sit in TV land and get fed and housed. Our electeds must engjoy some sort of affection for child murderers.

What kind of message does it send to the world that we keep these bloodsuckers alive at our expense?

Please start electing some decent people. There are none in sight. 

Thank you,

Tom Madden


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Thank you for Marilyn Davin’s recent article about Project Sanctuary, the local support system for families experiencing domestic violance and those dealing with the trauma of being raped. 

Safe houses, help obtaining restraining orders, free professional coiunseling and the support and guidance of trained staff and volunteers are available by calling them at 961-1507. 

This article was especially timely as the Sheriff’s Department hias been investigating a possible gang rape at Boonville Evergreen Cemetery in recent weeks.

Name Withheld

Anderson Valley

ED NOTE: From what we’ve heard, the rape allegation came from a local woman who said she witnessed some or all of the incident and reported it to the Sheriff’s Department. However, the victim has apparently not reported it, and the reporting witness did not have the necessary particulars for Sheriff’s investigators to work with. Anybody with first-hand knowledge of the episode is urged to call us at 895-3016. Anonymity guaranteed.

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It is time to talk about burying power lines. Yes, that would be an expensive and lengthy project. Compare that expense to the liability of losses from fires, losses of human quality of life, losses of human life and losses from interruption of supply, and the expense pales. Granted we are not yet certain about the causes of recent fires, but that really does not change my point.

Wires on poles are cheap, easy, vulnerable and archaic. Electricity is no longer a new idea. It is time to improve reliability of supply and reduce risk. It is time to get started with burying power lines.

Marian McDonald


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I'm in the emergency room at Coast Hospital. I came down with pneumonia. Never been treated so well in my life. Very professional and courteous and willing to help. Food is excellent. I almost wish I could get hurt again so I can come back. But maybe later. We need to keep Coast Hospital here in Fort Bragg. If it is scaled back or closed we will lose a lot of good people who work here. We need to keep this hospital. Anybody in this hospital district should vote yes to keep the hospital going. 

Gavin Newsom has signed a law where people who own guns have to be aware that anybody can go to a policeman and say you have to take that guy’s gun away because he’s dangerous. Anybody's who mad at you can do that. Cops will come to your house and say, Let me have your firearm, then impound it and you have to hire a lawyer and maybe six weeks later get an appointment to see a judge and plead your case. Newsom is so drunk on political power that he doesn't know what to do next. He's nuts. In another six months he will go to San Francisco and get in a private jet with Nancy Pelosi that she has stashed at San Francisco Airport and they will leave the country because these Democrats have gone far enough. Newsom and Pelosi and all the rest of these destructive people will be out. 

Last year Moonbeam Brown raised the gas tax 10¢. It was supposed to go for infrastructure to fix bridges, dams, highways. But he took 30% of that money and squandered it for a campus for criminals when they get out of jail so they can rehabilitate themselves. The criminals can hang out for a while and then go commit more crimes. Spasm Grabbin’ Gavin Gruesome Newsom is going to take some of our gas tax money and spend it on committees to study climate control. Climate control doesn't exist! Global warming doesn't exist! Al Gore got billions off of global warming and people believed it! The professors and scientists are now figuring out its a joke! Newsom is just scamming California people for more money that should go back into the country. He's a tyrannical communist anti-American dictator who is mad drunk on power. 

For years we've talked about bad drug dealers coming over the border and so forth. But we have legal drug dealers in the United States right now: doctors and pharmacies. 

I'm so proud of PG&E for the blackouts and Jerry Brown and Newsome blaming them for the fires. If you look around at California highways including the local ones, the dry grass is right up to the blacktop, higher than the roof of your car. If a fire started there, which it could and would, it would spread and get a good head start before anybody could do anything. Why aren't they addressing the fact that California highways are just waiting for a fire to start? They blame PG&E? Give me a break! Good job PG&E! Do it again! 

God Bless Donald Trump. 

Jerry Philbrick 


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  1. Joan Hansen January 10, 2020

    You covered a lot Mr. Philbrick, I certainly agree with the hospital praise you gave. I am hoping & praying that our hospital will be rescued by Adventist but there is so much controversy over Labor and Delivery we might loose the opportunity to keep the hospital here. The public needs to understand the reason that O.B. is a loosing proposition financially. It has nothing to do with women,s rights or any other emotional decision. Without a hospital here this will become a ghost town. Ask why and learn the answer, Why does O.B loose so much money? Then vote intelligently.

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