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Letters To The Editor


Dear Bruce, Mark & Crew:

As many local residents know, last week I received a layoff notice effective June 30, 2011. While I may very well survive this particular deadline, now would seem an appropriate time to share a few thoughts and comments.

First and foremost, let me thank the many individuals and groups who have been so supportive throughout my tenure. This interaction, including the effort to acquire a police dog on my behalf, has been personally and professionally gratifying. The work of Chief Colin Wilson and members of the Unity Club and Anderson Valley Community Coalition to retain two resident deputies is worthy of particular note.

There is no question that Mendocino County, like many government entities, faces significant fiscal challenges. But to claim the County ‘has no money’ isn’t entirely accurate. In point of fact, Mendocino County will spend somewhere north of $54 million next fiscal year. Many competing constituencies lay claim to these funds but ultimately how this money is spent is a reflection of the public policy preferences of the Board of Supervisors.

Law enforcement and public safety is the principal responsibility of government. The presence of local deputies is, as many residents know from personal experience, part of the fabric of this community. As we know from the pages of the Anderson Valley Advertiser, given our remote location, resident deputies are the only reliable law enforcement resource available to local residents and visitors. Should the sheriff’s office presence in Anderson Valley be reduced or eliminated, residents will, in a very real sense, be left on their own.

So where does our Supervisor, Dan Hamburg, stand on the critical question of retaining two resident deputies in Anderson Valley? Personal appearances, budgetary doubletalk and flowery rhetoric aside, Mr. Hamburg has done absolutely nothing, in word AND deed, to ensure a continuing, effective local law enforcement presence in Anderson Valley. As I’ve commented, heretofore privately, Supervisor Hamburg simply does not believe in law enforcement or public safety. It’s just not in his DNA. Were he a private citizen that would be fine. But as our representative, Mr. Hamburg’s hostility towards law enforcement is both striking and harmful. If Anderson Valley loses its resident deputies, it will have occurred on Dan Hamburg’s watch.


Craig Walker




Dear Editor & Readers:

Conservatives and Republicans foam at the mouth about our national debt, but they don't acknowledge that they caused most of it.

There's a fascinating chart circulating the web entitled “Tax Cuts, Wars Account For Nearly Half of Public Debt by 2019.” (Google it.) The three main causes of our debt are Bush-Era tax cuts, the Bush Recession, and Bush's Iraq & Afghanistan wars. All of these were mostly caused by Republicans and the conservative ideology they pushed.

The GOP lead the charge for tax cuts for the rich and giant corporations, and still do. That reversed Clinton's balanced budget and guaranteed a huge deficit for many years to come.

The present, three-year-old recession was a direct product of Republican legislation that removed regulations on the finance, housing and insurance industries. The resulting newly liberated free-market engendered a risk and spending binge by speculators that crashed the world's economies, causing millions to lose their jobs, homes and communities. That, too, hugely added to the deficit, as did Bush's two wars.

Have these conservative Republicans admitted their responsibility for the national debt they so fervently decry? Or for the human suffering the wars and recession caused?

Until they do, how can any intelligent, caring citizen take them seriously? They've caused far too much damage and divert us from meeting the crucial challenges of economic recovery, global warming and war.

Wake up, America. Please. Shut off Fox News, rightwing-rant radio, free-market think tanks and the rest of the conservative propaganda machine, paid for by the very rich whose only goal is to expand their wealth and power at the expense of a decent world for the rest of us.

Tom Wodetzki




AVA Readers:

Mark your calendars for July. There are 3 dates in July that Bay Area PBS station KQED will be showing the new lyme disease film “UNDER OUR SKIN.”

This film was a finalist for an academy award last year. (documentary). And the film finally shows what all lyme patients have been trying to tell the world for a long, long time.

1. KQED TV9 -July 24th at noon.

2.KTEH TV54-July 25th at 10 p.m.

3.KQED World July 30th at 4 p.m.

To check nationwide PBS stations for the film's dates of showing, check .

This dvd is also available to check out at our own Boonville library for free (Tuesday and Saturday afternoon hours)

Netflix is also streaming ‘Under Our Skin’ for free to its members.

Sue Davies




Dear AVA,

As our only dependable and consistent news source in Mendocino County we would like to share with you our filing with the County Clerk's office on Thursday June 2, 2011.

9.31 is a land use regulation as described by Judge Behnke in the Superior Court of Mendocino. As far as we can research, it is the only land use regulation where approximately 50% of the participants are convicted criminals. While those numbers cannot be verified yet, we estimate, using the common disposition lately of cultivation charges, that the Probation Department is requiring those who are charged with a felony cultivation offense and then decide to negotiate a plea bargain to a misdemeanor offense, must participate in not only the purchase of zip-ties to reimburse the county for past eradication expenses, but must also agree, as a condition of probation, to during the term of their probation, participate in this land use regulation.

How unique in criminal adjudication, a requirement of trading a felony for a misdemeanor, is participation in a civil zoning ordinance.

Or is it a deal between Allman, Eyster and Brown? Allman keeps deputies jobs, Eyster dumps cultivation cases that have very slim chances of conviction, and Brown can… well, I'm not sure what Brown gets.

The interesting and possible unlawful part is the collection of taxes, disguised as fees. The State Constitution (Articles XIIC and XIID) requires that in order for a fee to be considered a fee it must only be used to implement the program the fee is related to. The fee is calculated based on the cost of providing the service and can be passed on to those benefiting from the service. If the fee is used for expenses other than those related to implementing the program, it is considered a tax. Here is the part that Allman doesn't understand or simply doesn't care about, when he speaks about the revenue being used for other sheriff department requirements.

What is a fee?

A fee is charge imposed on an individual or business for a service or facility provided directly to an individual or business. Local governments charge fees for a wide range of purposes, from park entry fees to building plan check fees. The amount of the fee may not exceed the cost of government to provide the service.

What is a tax?

A tax is a charge on an individual or business that pays for governmental services or facilities that benefit the public broadly. There need not be any direct relationship between how much tax a person pays and how much service he or she receives from government. Property tax, sales tax, business license tax, and utility taxes are examples.

Proposition 218 passed in 1996 specifies that no property-related fee may be: levied to pay for a general government service, such as police or fire service; Imposed for a service not used by, or immediately available to, the property owner; Used to finance programs unrelated to the property- related service.

In order to impose or increase a tax it must be approved by a majority vote of the people.

Jim & Trelanie Hill

Potter Valley




Dear Editor:

The North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA) was established by the Legislature in 1989 for the purpose of restoring and preserving rail service in the North Coast Region, essentially the old railroad line from Lombard to Eureka. Now after 22 years the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company which is under contract with NCRA is to start operating thrice weekly freight service between Windsor and Schellville where connection can be made with Union Pacific RR via California Northern RR. This 62-mile route underwent $60 million of repairs. There are plans but no funds to extend the line to Willits. The major portion of the line from Willits to Eureka runs along the Eel River is not economically feasible. The cost of restoration of the line is astronomical and cannot be justified on a cost benefit basis.

It is very questionable if the revenues from freight hauling on the 62 mile segment can cover operating and overhead expenses, maintenance costs, and debt service. In considering the Eel River problem what remains there no longer meets the goal of the 1989 legislation and 1907 Legislative bill implementing the expenditure of funds. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of oversight by the Legislature and the Governor's Office. It certainly should have been apparent years ago the NCRA was a failed venture.

In peace,

James G. Updegraff





The Rape of Sonoma State University—

The University President and his cronies have raped this college by spending $400 million plus on a monument to themselves. They built this extravagant concert hall and gave a huge loan to one of their board members which will probably be lost in part or all. These are just the goofs that we know of. Meanwhile this causes the cost of student tuition and other education to go through the roof. This leaves the student with monumental debt after college. This leaves them desperate to repay the debt. Desperate people do desperate things. This farce is being carried out in various ways throughout our education system.

What makes a great country is to get the most education for the least amount of money. We have gone down the road of the least amount of education for the most amount of money. There is a bill in Sacramento to make education finances public.

What blows my mind is that they have a right to keep finance records secret. Maybe in Russia, but here in the US? I always presumed that those records were public information and education just ignored requests. Who allowed this in the first place?

Emil Rossi




Dear Editor,

More and more we hear about some people’s belief in American Exceptionalism. This being the idea that the US is favored by God over all other nations. We, they say, are exceptional in the eyes of God.

First of all, that assumes that there is a God. But, even granting that premise, is it rational or reasonable to believe in Exceptionalism given the following: The cosmos was born 14 billions years ago; Following the Big Bang there were stars born, of which our sun in one of a billion billions stars in the billion universes.

I would ask those who believe in Exceptionalism if they think it is reasonable to believe that their God picked out one star from among a billion billion stars, and then picked out one planet among the planets that rotate around that star, and then put millions of species of living plants and insects and animals on that particular planet, and then, to top it all off, that God made one of those million species extra special by creating it only 6,000 years ago in the form of Adam and Eve?

No, that is not only not reasonable, it beggars even the most expanded imagination. And that is only half of the problem. Here’s the other half. I have a group of neighbors who are of recent Russian decent. They are good people; they own a small contracting business; they maintain their properties and are good neighbors. They have in the driveways of their modern houses a collection of adult toys; boats, SeaDoos, 4-wheelers, extra cars, and so on. They have come here and are participating in the American Dream. They are upwardly mobile, Russian Baptist religious, and they home school their many children.

So, you say, what’s the problem? The problem is that they do not have even a particle of a clue that what they are enjoying is due to a couple of centuries of American imperialism, American genocide, American bombing and killing and Agent Oranging and warring, and World Bank/IMF economic brutalization of the third world. They do not have a clue that their opportunity is at the direct and continuing expense of a majority of the countries in the world. They suffer from cultural myopia. This is the delusion that we Americans are never the bad guys, never in the wrong. They just do not see it.

The two great delusions, the Exceptionalism based on cultural narcissism, and the cultural myopia fuse together in the form of cultural entitlement. This is the belief that we Americans are entitled to our standard of living because we deserve it. We deserve it because we are special.

It’s not because we took it way from the Native Americans and the Mexicans and the African Americans. No, no. It’s not because we have exploited those resources and raped the land and kept impoverished third world peoples No, no. It’s all because we are special and blessed by God.

The only meaningful questions one can ask is this; where does the evidence lie, in support of the two delusions or in support of the history?

Lee Simon

From The Farm





Buyer Beware!

With the devious, mandatory, roll-outover of the Smartgrid and the mandatory trespass of personal homes with Smartmeters, now comes a hidden onslaught of wireless devices in home appliances. Sam Milham, MD, epidemiologist and author of important book ‘Dirty Electricity,’ discovered along with Cindy Sage of Sage and Associates that RF (radio frequency) radiation is emitting from new appliances. When queried, the company, in this case, Bosch, said it was not modifiable; always on! Although a short signal, it is a pulsing one and hardly once a day. Actually it is several times a minute.

Unbeknownst to you, you have entered the (cue eerie music): The UNLABELED SMARTAPPLIANCE ZONE.

That means your home becomes wireless land rather you want it or not and without warning. If you happen to have a bioelectric implant for health purposes, which are dangerously sensitive to RF (per National Institute of Health,) you could be buying a trip to the hospital or the morgue with your next appliance purchase.

If you are an electro hypersensitive person, you may have purchased a greater electrical annoyance that could drive you out of your home sooner.

This is an unlabeled trespass and the companies need to know that you are against it. It seems like any corporation can create anything, add it to an important product you need and not tell you. That’s a classic example of the toxic Trojan horse. Buyer Beware!

Read more at .

Now more than ever, it is crucial that you tell these corporations immediately, that you don't want it. Use those 800 numbers and email links to customer service lines to say No! And, most of all: “DON'T BUY IT!” Buying it is voting yes. Say no! Don't buy it.

This sort of consumer response speaks strongly to companies and changes their plans. So do it! It took me five minutes to call Bosch.

Greg Krouse


PS. I just contacted Bosch appliance via 800-944-2904 and found I could send a letter to 555 MacFadden Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92649. My comments: “I won't buy from any company that produces an unlabelled, smartappliance that can not be turned off.” Frankly I won't buy from them if they carry a Smartappliance. The hidden impacts on recovering heart, brain and diabetic folks plus the addition to the Electro Hypersensitivity burden are just wrong! These devices not only allow utilities to monitor and potentially adjust your power use (a major intrusion into my personal space), but also allow the appliance companies per rentals via the utility to use the internet to survey your use. Top concern though is the unrequested population of my personal domain with wireless devices. I am sure all of the appliance companies are doing this and I will send the AVA a list of email address, phone numbers and mailing addresses to make complaints. Make it easy. Use a standard letter and duplicate it to send to each of these companies. We can stop this by acting now.



Hello to those at the Mighty AVA,

As always it is good to get to read the AVA as it tells it like it truly is and that is hard to find today.

I thought I would write to try and fan the flames, so here we go.

After reading about the shortfall of the budget in good old Mendocino County and the wonderful state of California I should start this off by bringing readers up to speed about who, what, where and when.

I was unjustly convicted in 1996 in Ukiah for three counts of violating Penal Code section 288a for touching three floozies who stripped in my car as I drove down the road. They said, “Let's race to get naked.” I professed my innocence then and 15 years later I still swear I never touched either of the two I was convicted of. One of the three original charges was dropped because of juror misconduct. One juror intimidated another juror to the point of crying to make her vote guilty. I professed my innocence to the psychiatrist doctor and he wrote that I was “delusional” because girls would never strip in front of a man. I will never confess to touching any of them because it never happened. If I was such a danger to the children of this world would I not have obliged those little floozies and filled my sick demented fantasy? I knew I was a hell of a decent man for not thrashing any of them and I still feel today I did the right thing even if prosecutor Beth Norman still is undecided about who was telling the truth.

As you all know, there is some real backwoods injustice in good old Mendocino County. I am doing life for a crime that was never committed.

Most of you know the state and Mendocino County are broke. With the laying off of teachers, cops, firemen, etc., for all of you, your life will be a lot more dangerous in more ways than one.

Do you know or even care what cuts are being made in Mendocino County? Or what Governor Jerry Brown has cut and just what he's planning to cut next? Open your eyes. CalFire is losing one third of their budget for 2011. They are taking more from the elderly and handicapped children and adults. But the Department of Corrections still offers all the overtime correction officers want and they still provide trade schools for everyone inside prison at the expense of you, the rich taxpayer.

There will always be crime and there will always be fires. But now there are fewer people to respond. Don't think I am advocating for the sheriff. This is about an unjust sentence which is so far out of whack that most would and should call it cruel and unusual punishment.

Let me share with those of you who pay taxes. You are spending about $50,000 a year to please some of those who are happy to revenge a few. In 15 years, that is $750,000 to keep Mark Sprinkle, the alleged toucher, locked up. Wow!

Let's just let all of you in on a little-known fact. I have asthma. It was never really that bad. Yes, I made visits to the doctor and a few trips to the emergency room, but after a shot and a little #after I was on my way.

Now I have been taken out Code 3 thirteen times and every time the result was a stay of at least three days and nights, the longest stay was at the Marin General Hospital in San Rafael. Eight days there, three days in the critical care unit, three days in the intensive care unit, and a couple more days in a normal room. The food was so good and the doctors and nurses treated me like I was paying the bill. I just signed my name. Did I forget to mention that I had two guards with me all the time, 24/7? I have no clue whatsoever what the cost of that stay or any of the others was, but then why would I care? You, the taxpayer, picked up that and every tab I have opened since 1996.

Now that I am Happy Camp Mule Creek State Prison I am taken to Sutter Amador hospital when necessary. It is a very nice new hospital and 95% of the doctors and nurses treat me with real respect. Some of them remember me from the times before.

It is unreal to me that I have never hurt anyone nor have I ever been convicted of a violent crime. Yes, I was arrested many times for drugs and stupid stuff. Even my attorney called me a scofflaw. That kind of hurt my feelings as I lived for a few years with a Sheriff's daughter. So I have seen both sides of the law.

Let me fill you in on just what little I do here at Mule Creek retirement community. Not much at all actually. We can spend most every day outside playing baseball, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes or frisbee. Yard time is from 8am to 9pm. We have a 4 o'clock count, but the rest is relaxation.

As a supporter and honorable taxpayer you should know about just a few of the greatest benefits you will provide for me here — free.

My medical situation was under control out there and I did pay for my doctor visits and medication. But now you provide all my medical and mental health needs. Believe it or not I now get a lot more medication than before and some of them are new, top-of-the-line drugs and they are very helpful. Free. I'm sure I would have been dead by now if I had not retired to the Department of Corrections. Anyone who knew me back then knows that I liked the fast life and drove an even faster bike. Now I see life so much differently with you footing the bill for my food, clothes, doctor, dentist, etc. I just got a $600 pair of dentures. Thanks. If my clothes get a hole or a stain, I just get new ones. Boots also.

Wow! I almost forgot. We have 20 channels on the TV plus four prison channels. They provide two new release movies each week and the best part is that if you are so lucky to live in the gym there is a 6' x 6' big screen projector. A lot of us have our own televisions so if we want we can just lay in bed and watch TV and be real slugs. I would much rather be outside with the birds and little critters, enjoying the view of the foothills of Amador County. I always enjoyed Mendocino County but it didn't offer me near as much as Amador County. The foothills were so green and in less than two weeks it has turned brown.

Now for the cost you pay to keep me in prison. It has been far more than any person convicted of a simple 288a case, a simple alleged touching. Remember your fine court clerk of Mendocino County, Mr. Dan Garcia? He got three years and eight months for repeatedly molesting and having intercourse with his adopted daughter. I don't know all the facts in that case, but this kid went through so much agony from Mr. Garcia having full-blown intercourse with her that she ran away and even tried to kill herself. Another fine example of real justice in Mendocino County is your dear wonderful Willits schoolteacher Mr. Clinton Smith. He committed so many unthinkable crimes against his 15-year old victim. He took the first and best deal ever offered to a child molester known in the state — a tender slap on the wrist. Let me remind you that I was to have just touched two of these floozies who took all their clothes off in my car. Nothing more. These girls were not angels. One, Chelsea, was reported to have performed oral sex on a guy on Cow Mountain while others watched. That in no way is justifying anyone's actions, of course. But again I never touched any of them. I will never confess to those lies. So what does that say to you as a taxpayer? I will spend the rest of my life in this retirement home, also known as Mule Creek state prison, because it was confirmed again. The parole board does not let anyone out unless they confess to the accused, charged and convicted crimes which they are imprisoned for because everyone knows the justice system would never convict an innocent man.

I have come to accept what I cannot change. The injustice system refuses to see even with a clear case of illegal tampered evidence and proven juror misconduct. As wrong as it may be, that is the system.

Back to the point: with this state as broke as it claims to be and the new governor proposing cuts to the whole state, it's overwhelming. Teachers, cops, firefighters — all of those who live in the county had better buy your own fire truck and protect your own property — now.

One last jab at my last parole hearing. 56 fine people of Mendocino County signed a petition at the courthouse to keep me in prison. How many of you were employed by the great Mendocino County government? How many of you who were suckered into signing the petition no longer have a job with the great Mendocino County government? Was it worth it for you to please those who were scorned to keep Mark Sprinkle locked up?

As always, I'm enjoying the retirement at your expense. Thank you so much for prolonging my life. And thanks to the AVA for the paper and space.

Peace to all,

Mark Sprinkle K24619

Mule Creek State Prison/Retirement Home

PO Box 409040-B-Gym-157M

Ione, CA 95640



Mighty AVA,

It was good to see a strong turnout in support of the Health Center last wednesday. A poignant moment occurred when a trio of grade schoolers came onstage to sing “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime.” Listening to these kids resurrect this anthem from the Great Depression brought to mind that old notion about how genetic traits often seem to skip a generation. There is some comfort, knowing that today's children, growing up during adverse times, are being tempered for the challenges that

lie ahead.

Details on how we can all pitch in to save the AV Health Center should be forthcoming on their website ( and in these pages, so I won't try to duplicate that effort. But an idea did come to me, after the meeting, which I would like to share: if you've been putting off any health service, like a checkup or teeth cleaning, now would be an excellent time to catch up. This is especially true for those who may not feel like they have enough to donate but still want to help.

Mike Kalantarian

Beyond the Deep End (Navarro)




Goodbye, Rosie — Organic chickens come home to roost.

Many weeks ago I stopped at the Mendocino Market to buy a whole Rosie organic chicken to oven-roast. I was told “no more Rosie for now. Who can afford a $15 chicken? We only have Rocky Free Range.”

Well, that’s better than Foster Notfarms, I think to myself, but ain’t no Rosie. No thanks, I say, turning to go.

Walking away I’m thinking, Oh shit; here we go; the bubbles just keep on bursting, don’t they? You can almost here them. And now the Mendo Bong-Bourgeoise can’t afford real chicken! What’s next? Might have to sell the giant hog diesel truck with the oversized small mind tires or some real estate if you even can. Might have to cancel southern climate to get always even!

I have to admit though, inconvenient as this crumbling empire may be, I enjoy seeing these strutting nouveau riche conspicuous consumers panicking. Maybe there’ll be fewer high end SUVs and hog trucks parading the towns. One can only hope. These wannabe wellborns are worse than the tourists really, because they don’t leave Monday morning. What goes up most come down, as they say.

Nothing like the suffering of the down and out to get the creative spirit moving. Here’s the refrain from a song developing called, “The Mendo Pot Wife Blues”:

Mendo pot wives got the blues / better park the gas hog, stop buying shoes / the kitchen remodel will have to wait / no more epic dinner parties with your status on the plate / no more buying up the town / no more bragging in cafes / no more Italian espresso machines for homemade lattes / no more globetrotting stories to dazzle a friend / Mendo pot wives thought it would never end / thought it would never end.

Marvin Blake


PS. Keep looking up. Buy a spotting scope and remember this fact: according to the FAA those large jets you hear and see are not, repeat not, commercial jetliners. They are in fact US military tanker planes and support craft. Something very bad is going on over land and sea and it falls out on us in our respiratory systems. Get real pissed off!




A few weeks ago a knee jerk named Mike Katzenjammer wrote to the AVA and said some nasty things about someone I like, David Brooks. My opinion of Brooks is that he is intelligent and reasonable, about the same as my opinion of Obama. Whether I agree with Brooks or not is beside the point. He is the first conservative to come along since William F. Buckley Jr. who doesn't insult you with his ignorance. Incidentally, Brooks says Obama will be reelected.

I thought Buckley's TV program, “Firing Line,” was 1000 times better then Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert who try to be funny, but are not. Just slapstick, the Three Stooges redux.

Johnny Pinches recently came out of the closet finally revealing his opposition to the past three wars. A careful check with the usual suspects in darkest northern Mendocino County found that no one can remember Pinches ever showing up at any anti-war venues. It turns out that he was not opposed to the wars, only what they cost which led to our current financial crisis.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but a solid percentage of the residents of Ukiah and Willits areas either supported the wars or were indifferent. Not one member of the cloth in Willits was ever heard speaking out against the wars publicly.

In some areas the San Francisco Chronicle is now selling for $1.50, and right alongside it the Northern California edition of the New York Times is $2. The PD is not a “pathetic” paper. The Chronicle is, falling to new lows regularly. Hoppe, McCabe, Delaplane and Caen are lucky they are dead.

A partial list of the cast of Bleak House — Mr. Blowers, Mr. Tangle, Mr. Kenge, Lady Dedlock, Mr. Tulkinghorn, Mrs. Jellyby, Mr. Guppy, Mr. Crook, Mrs. Pardiggle, Mr. Gusher, Mrs. Flite, Phil Squod, Volumnia, Miss Wisk, Mr. Vholes, Mr. Snagsby, Harold Skimpole, Mr. Badger, Mr. Turveydrop, Mrs. Blinder, Mr. Mould, Mr. Jobling, Mr. Smallweed, Mr. Bucket.

I wonder how many people would support opposition to Obama on the 2012 primary ballot until the administration reverses its military policies? This means no arms of any kind outside the United States. No killing of human beings in order to resolve disputes or punish bad actors. All military returned to where it was in 1775. Who will volunteer to be the opposition candidate? An NFL quarterback? A movie star? The Deepend Dreadnaught?

A prize for the best submission of the second inaugural address: no more Mister Nice Guy. Bleep you, I ain't running for reflections. Up your bleep with a wire brush, Wall Street.

The AVA has always criticized KZY and X. You are right. It is one of the poorest public stations. They have never aired the full evening news. It is a two-hour program. They cut programs that did not bring in enough “revenue” at pledge time. There have always been some shady people. There are one or two right now. The best thing that ever happened at the station was when a woman named Loretta Houck played classical music from 5:30 to 6am in the morning. She gets a couple of gold stars for that which will help her get to heaven. Two bright spots are Richard Herr and “Mr. Headstone” (Gordon Black). The other classical programmers? I hope you will not like what they play and you won't, particularly Susan Juhl. KMUD classical programmer Bill Shoemaker died and the replacement is not too good.

Why has the AVA not reported that there is a full-time classical station in Mendocino and Humboldt counties with no advertising at 92.5FM in Willits and Ukiah and 89.9FM from Lake County to the top of the Sierra Nevada? 90.3 and 90.9 in the Bay Area.

Robert Jouncewell





Where but in the AVA can you find an answer to a question you'd been curious about for years? While I have enjoyed the rose that covers the old house next to the Comptche Post Office for 35 years I never knew what variety it was. Danged if someone didn't identify it as a Blaze of Glazenwood in a recent issue in the AVA. Forget politics and heavy weighty issues. Let's hear it for the answers to life's little questions — like, “What the heck is that rose?”

Katy Tahja





“We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations. This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the federal government.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower, Farewell Address, 1961

There’s not enough room on earth for this huge box of toys. It doesn’t fit in the closet, or under the bed.

Diana Vance





No one has been able to explain to me why young men and women serve in the US Military for 20 years, risking their lives protecting freedom, and only get 50% of their pay. While Politicians hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital, protected by these same men and women, and receive full pay retirement after serving one term. It just does not make any sense.

Monday on Fox News they learned that the staffers of Congress family members are exempt from having to pay back student loans. This will get national attention if other news networks will broadcast it. When you add this to the below, just where will all of it stop?

35 States have filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government. Governors of those 35 states have filed suit for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.

For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform — in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn't seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don't care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

Ben McKinney

Atlanta, Georgia




THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, from Anderson Valley Health Center.

The community meeting regarding “SAVING OUR HEALTH CENTER” held last Wednesday night at Apple Hall was a huge success thanks to some 200 people who braved our unusual cold and rainy weather.

J.R. Collins moderated the meeting which included: introductions of our Health Center staff members and the AVHC Board of Directors; the history of AVHC presented by Sulma Guerrero; facts about the current situation at the Health Center; video testimonials regarding the importance of the Health Center from community members; a song performed by Christopher Espinoza, Katey Furia, and Shelly Ramirez of the sixth grade chorus, under the direction of Leslie Hubbert; and Selene Anguiano, Christopher Balson, and Mayte Guerrero, all of whom are AVHS Leadership students, performed scenarios as to what it would be like to not have our Health Center.

The evening concluded with lively participation and discussions amongst community members on five different topics: long-term fundraising; short-term fundraising; political advocacy; education and outreach; and a group that discussed “other” ideas.

As a result of these group discussions, an overall plan of attack will be developed to coordinate fundraising efforts, political action, and education/outreach efforts. Subcommittees are being formed to assist the AVHC Board of Directors with this work.

This is clear. Our community needs and wants health services in the Anderson Valley. The dedicated Health Center staff and the AVHC Board members want health services in the Anderson Valley. Together, we all must do our very best to keep health services in the Anderson Valley.

A special thank you goes to the following members of the Anderson Valley Community Action Coalition and the Anderson Valley Family Resource Center for their fabulous work in making this community meeting happen: Sulma Guerrero, Donna Pierson-Pugh, Terry Ryder, Colleen Schenck, and Mitzi Wagner.

Again, thank you, thank you to everyone for your participation, your enthusiasm, and your future assistance as we “SAVE OUR HEALTH CENTER.” More information to come in the next weeks.

Sandy Parker



  1. Trent Foster June 10, 2011

    Mr Craig Walker

    It is true I do not like cops! And it is true that ANARCHY is the purest form of goverment “This is where a person is a goverment in them self”
    I do not have to have an entity to think for me, or tell me that I have to allow them to think as of such! Church or state!
    BUT I AM WRONG! We need the constipal!
    There is an old punk band called MDC for which stands for “Millions of dead cops” And I thought at one time this is ideal! And why for I am pure of heart!
    It is I that will do no harm to others and only to thy self. hence drug addiction!
    Be it that I am now clean for 9 years, and no thanks to big brother!
    There is an old saying; Be careful of what you wish for for you may soon get it!
    And that day has come. We have to little law enforcement.
    As pure as my heart may be it is those that do not see things my way as I shall give a great regret too! The sociopath will play the part of the nice guy until he eats you alive, and it is up to society at large to protect he weak. NOW what we shall ask is; Is it that the police officer is a bandit in blue? I ask of you this question for it is I that am in the dark! None the less we need to screen those that we place as public servants, cops or supervisors, those that are SWORN to serve and protect.
    Mr Walker I doubt not you are what I speak of! The queston I ask of you ; Will you help to over see that in the future when the ebb and flow of the tides of economy turn in another direction that we will be able to see that the men and women placed to represent law enforcment will do the job with honesty and morality?
    In the name of Jesus christ we shall not place judgement on others in the light of prejudice!
    I set my case to side, and ask no more of a fellow man than I would of my self!

    Trent A Foster
    Ukiah ca

  2. Nathaniel Branden,Jr. June 11, 2011

    Hey, people, I’m very disappointed that none of you have addressed the burning issue of our day——-the ongoing saga of Weiner’s Wiene. Or is that wieney ?
    The DNC Chair, a fellow Hebe with vacant eyes who reminds why I didn’t marry within the tribe, called on Weiner to resign. She also accused the GOP of trying to make illegal immigration illegal !
    Earth to Debbie—-it already is !
    Now the Dems can have their Sarah Palin moment.
    Bruce, I know this will make your day, the Atlas Shrugged movie was a big floperoo. When Nathaniel Branden, Sr. told a rightist rag that he loved the film and went to see it fulltime I knew that I was vindicated in my decision not to see it. The good news is that Nathan, Sr. is not well. He turned 81 in March and is on wife number 5. A blonde shiksa.
    Rand’s heir, Lenny Peikoff, is being blamed for selling the rights to the Atlas
    film to some yuppie scumbag, who is now (thankfully) reconsidering making parts 2 & 3 of the book into a film. Maybe there is a God after all.
    Lenny himself got divorced from wife number 5 and had to move from Irvine to Riverside. That’s definitely not upwardly mobile in my book.
    I hope that poor woman and her husband will get justice from those police goons. In such an atrocity publicity is the best antidote.

  3. Trent Foster June 15, 2011

    Okay lets addresse or undress the issue with Mr Weiner is now waving more than a flag? Oh he puts Arnold the sperminatore to shame, we have a new polotical party. The Pervocrats! Just think what they can do for the school system when it comes to sex education. Mr Weiner can bring the instructional videos and Arnold the blow up doll.
    Great examples for the kiddies now that we are coming up on fathers day. Lets get CPS to throw a picnic. with Sarah palin “Our soccer mommy”serving tapioca pudding while grilling franks on the bbq “Oh I wish I were an Oscar meyer weiner” The only problem with this that no one will pay attention, heck they can not even pay the interest when it comes to CPS. Oh I forgot cancel the party no one has a drivers liscense either, I dont get it tell him to go out and work and walk to the job. “I did five miles each way uphill in the snow” in the future all jobs will have to provide transportation if we want to see a male work force, the number one reason all manfacturing jobs are outsourced, if you want to build a product from an American based corporation your going to need a passport. gideons bible and dissentary pills.
    I have been told that the Corp headquarters for Bank of America is in Mexico city now! “Gringos we dont need no stinking gringos!
    Oh come you guys we all think it just some of us say it, things like I sure would like to air out my tool! or I wish I could afford some tools to get a job. or I wish I knew how to work my tool. Well all you have to do is run for office!

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