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Valley People

WE'RE ALL SADDENED at the passing of Howard Morse, a long-time resident of Boonville. A retired logger, Howard was an unfailingly friendly man who was a highly regarded member of Anderson Valley's diverse community.

COMPUTER ACE Bob Abeles will share computer duties at Anderson Valley Unified with the school district's ace computer guy, Jim Lutticken. The two of them, you could say, are The Valley's techno-equivalent of Lincecum and Cain. Bob is presently working out of the Missouri House where he maintains “Marginal Information Services,” a business title which also might apply to your community newspaper, not that I'm saying it does. The local schools have lots of computers and are poised to install fiber optic service to both campuses.

THE IRREPRESSIBLE DAVE EVANS, Anderson Valley's premier promoter of musical events in between long days at his Navarro Store, reminds us that

DEPUTY SQUIRES will undergo surgery this week to repair torn shoulder ligaments. Years of wrestling miscreants into handcuffs takes its toll on the people we depend on to do the wrestling, and here's hoping the legendary deputy will soon be back on duty.

ASIDE: It always gets left out of the County budget discussion, but resident deputies more than pay for their own salaries by their intimate knowledge of the communities they police. Resident deputies sort things out that would otherwise be sorted out in the system, which costs the taxpayers lots and lots. Resident deputies also spare taxpayer expense by knowing who's got to be jailed and who simply needs to be told to go home and stay there. Or sit down and shut up. Or needs his booze confiscated. Or shouldn't be driving around without a license. And resident deputies often find out who stole what. In cities, everyone goes to jail and everything's expensively sorted out by the system, and it's a minor miracle if you get your stolen stuff back. Our deputies are a bargain by any real accounting.

THAT ABALONE checkpoint at Navarro a couple of weeks ago saw 21 game wardens stop 409 vehicles containing southbound ab divers but issued a mere 10 citations, none of them major.

SALLY MARK, 28, of Boonville, and Allen Grajek, 36, also of Boonville, have taken out a license to be married.

LOVE was still in the air when Bridgett wrote Jason in care of Valley People, “Hi, Jason. Can't believe we've been together for a year. Happy Fourth of July, baby!!! Here's to us. May we have many more years together. Love, Bridgett.”

ROGER HECHT received an intriguing snail mail message the other day informing him he'd somehow won a lot of money. Just for the hecht of it Roger looked into his windfall with the Department of Consumer Affairs where he was told that even the most minimal phone call response to the crooks who manufacture these scams can wind up putting a lot of time on your phone bill. Roger's advice? Do not call the numbers listed on these things, even if the number seems to be that of an attorney, especially if the number seems to be that of an attorney.

THE OMNI-TALENTED OLIVIA ALLEN, a senior at Anderson Valley High School, is principal performer in the Ukiah Players Theatre production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” a Tony Award-winning musical comedy playing through July at 1041 Low Gap Road, Ukiah. Tickets at the Mendocino Book Company. Info: 462-9226. PS. The adjective “talent” is rather promiscuously applied in these hyperbolic times, but this kid's really got it. She can sing!

THE TIGER WOODS of disc golf appeared last Friday at the Anderson Valley Brewery. The number one women’s world champion Valarie Jenkins and number two men’s world champ Nate Doss, both of Santa Cruz, were spotted sampling the beer and checking out the Brewery's disc golf course, which they intend to play sometime next month after the 2011 Pro World Championship tournament in Santa Cruz later this month.

THE STATE Transportation Commission last week approved several road projects for Lake, Mendocino and Sonoma counties. Among the projects to be funded are $9.9 million to repave 24 miles of Highway 128 from outside Boonville south to the Sonoma County line and $9 million to replace the Greenwood Creek Bridge on Highway One near Elk with a wider bridge that will include a pedestrian walkway.

VALLEY SUNSET HIKE — Learn about the natural and human history of the Toll House and Bell Valley on a sunset hike on Thursday, July 21st. You will see gorgeous views of Anderson Valley from the ridge tops. The hike will be sponsored by the Anderson Valley Land Trust and there is no charge. Please call (895-3150) or email ( Shelly at the land trust office in the Missouri House to reserve a spot and to get further details.

THE BOONVILLE “ARTWALK,” a 15-year tradition in Boonville, will feature local artists and crafts people on July 9th from 3-6 pm. at businesses throughout the downtown area. Artists will be exhibiting their creative best in businesses along Highway 128 in downtown Boonville. Handmade clothing, jewelry, ceramics, paintings, prints and collage are just some of the types of artwork that you will see as you stroll from place to place. Maps and a complete list of artists and locations will be available at participating businesses on the day of the event. Call 895-2204 for more information.

72 YEARS AGO in its 4th of July edition, “Fort Bragg Chief of Police Worden will enforce the Fireworks Ordinance in Fort Bragg. This statement was made yesterday due to the fact that already complaints have been made concerning youngsters who have been shooting firecrackers on the streets, throwing them at cars and under cars, shooting them in the business section and in the crowded baseball park. All youngsters found shooting firecrackers or throwing torpedoes will have to answer to the police and will have their noisemakers confiscated. The ordinance that is in effect prohibits the possession, sale, display or giving away of any fireworks, and doing so constitutes a misdemeanor for which the minimum fine is $10 and the maximum fine is $50. Chief Worden asks the cooperation of the local merchants in this matter, in that they do not lay in a stock of fireworks. Even though they are sponsoring the big shoot Sunday, the associated sportsmen have seen the need of a celebration of some sort for Fort Bragg over the 4th of July and have taken over the Cleone Pavilion and Park to stage a three-day fiesta. The fiesta will start Saturday night with a big opening dance on the open-air pavilion. On Sunday there will be a big barbecue that will be over in time for all who wish to attend the afternoon baseball game. There will also be dancing in the evening.”

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