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RUTH HANES LOGASA has died. Mrs. Logasa, 95, was the last surviving member of the original Hanes family of the sprawling Hanes Ranch west of Boonville. She passed away last week in Concord. Locals will recall Mrs. Logasa's sister, Alice, and may recall that the Logasas' lived for a number of years in the vivid pink house just off the Manchester Road at the Hanes Ranch.

CARLOS GUERRERO, 45, of Boonville’s perennially exciting Guerrero's Tire Shop, won't be charged in the murders of the two dead men found in Guererro's 3,000-plant Napa County marijuana field. A man named Carlos Perez, 21, is being sought as the likely killer. Perez is said to live in the area. Carlos Guererro has reportedly told Napa County police that he discovered the dead men when he drove from Boonville to Rutherford to check on his cannabis garden. Guererro said he fled when he saw the bodies. One of the dead men has been identified through dental records as Wilfredo Ronaldo Rivas-Velazquez, 43, of Santa Rosa. The second victim, reportedly a younger man, awaits positive identification via dna testing. The two murdered men were found by police on Friday, July 1st. Guererro continues to be held in the Napa County Jail on a variety of charges ranging from illegal entry to being a felon in possession of a gun and drug-related matters arising from the discovery of his Rutherford garden and the marijuana and methamphetamine found at the Boonville tire shop last week when Napa County investigators arrived in Boonville to arrest him.

LOGO TEVESEU has been appointed linebacker coach at Santa Rosa JC. A legendary player at the college himself before going on to star at TCU, Mr. T is a graduate of Anderson Valley High School. He and his brother Martin remain highly popular members of the Anderson Valley community. Martin now plays professional football with the New York Jets.

A READER WRITES: "Since Doc Dean Edell has moved to Mendo and retired could we get him to write some articles for the AVA?" Deano?

LAST WEEKEND'S junior football fundraiser was a big success with, as Erica Lemons put it Monday, "lots of money raised." A tri-tip dinner with dancing to the country tunes of Dean Titus and the Coyote Cowboys added up to a kind of old time Boonville event enjoyed by a cross-section of people young and not-so-old. And hats off to Tony and Melanie Pardini, Jessica Johnson, Bob Mabery, Gary Abbott, and to the junior gridders, 3rd through 8th graders, who functioned as servers for pulling off a most enjoyable evening. The Lions Club did the cooking and Ernie Pardini did his usual masterful job as master of ceremonies as everyone had a heckuva good time.

THERE ARE SMILES and there are smiles, but few as incandescent as Anel's, the absolutely corruscatingly charming lady at Anderson Valley Market's meat counter.

STEVE TYLICKI is a ground floor Anderson Valley wine guy who has recently gone into the olive oil business, and I can tell you from the sample bottle Steve left me the other it's very good. The personable Tylicki also still works with Jed Steele at Steele Wines in Lake County. They both started out in the business in Anderson Valley when the industry was new to this area of Mendocino County. Steve's new product is called Olio di Mendo Olive Company, and he can be reached at 463-0680 and

ARRIVED AT ALICIA'S Restaurant last Friday night just as a muy autentico Mexican band was tuning up, unhappy I couldn't linger.

STILL WANT to get inside for a look-see, but the two times I've tried Anderson Valley Architectural Elements at the Philo Lath Mill has been closed. It's basically a wood products store but that's way too terse a description of the fine garden tables I saw in the parking lot.

WHEN THIS DUMB GUY encountered two smart meter installers the other afternoon, both of them pleasant young fellows, one of them said he'd been threatened "up on Deer Meadows Estates. A guy up there said he would go get his gun if I came onto his property." Was he wearing a tin foil hat, I asked? "No," the kid said, "but he looked nuts. I got right outta there."

GREG KROUSE of Philo is pretty much leading the County-wide charge against smart meters. He said last week that he was disappointed that more people weren't challenging PG&E, that simply because they're on the delay list they think they're safe. Greg said he'd encountered a female installer in a white truck, but when he put out the call for people to confront her "even David Severn" had failed to appear "and Diane Paget was busy with the Simple Living thing."

THE AV CHESS ASSOCIATION, always on the lookout for fresh competition, wants new members. Contact Jeff Pugh at 895-3144. (I happen to know a four-year-old from the Boonville hills who is already beating teenagers. I think he just might be an old fashioned prodigy. Maybe he could be persuaded to appear on the Valley floor to take on the Association.)

THAT NEW BIKE RACK serving the Shapiro Railroad and Boont Berry Farm will hold ten bikes for Boonville's five bike riders. And was it truly installed by CalTrans?

MORE next week but we hear a candy and ice cream shop will soon be in business at the Shapiro complex, Boonville.

REASSURING to learn that Stephanie Gold of Boonville is now the full-time guidance counselor at the high school. She had been part-time in a place always short of full-time smart people.

AT THE RISK of putting his job in jeopardy, we think that David Brooksher, the news KZYX news guy, has already established himself as first-rate. His reports are tight and bright, and the kid delivers them in a pleasant, unhurried voice, which is also a welcome departure from the nasal whinnies characteristic of so much local talk programming. Brooksher is so good it's a minor miracle that the cringing feebs so long dominant at the station cleared him for the crucial position.

CINDY WILDER WRITES: "Not-So-Simple volunteers needed. Here are the ways you can be involved with the Not-So-Simple Living Fair this coming weekend. Gate Keepers (contact Lynda or 895-3243); Compost and recycle crew (3) (contact Cindy at or 895-2949); Foodshed Table (3) (contact Cindy). All others contact Sophia at or 684-0028: Set-up (10); Pot Luck Helpers — set- up (5), servers (6), clean up (5); Clean-up Crew (lots of people); Bathroom Crew organizer (1); Bathroom Crew (3-5 people); Helper for lights guy Dennis Hudson (1-2 people); Kids’ Area (5); BYO table (4); Local Authors Table organizer (1); Solar Pump overseer (1-3). Check out the website for fair schedule info at"

OLD TIMERS, and not-so-old timers will remember the Simple Living Fairs of yesteryear, events that seemed to draw every outpatient and stoner from four counties. The minority of on-task people who had real information to convey seemed lost in the smoke. But the Not-So-Simple event this weekend is very well organized by serious people, not at all the chaotic cartoon hippie affair of days mercifully past.

THIS THURSDAY EVENING, July 21st, there will be a sunset hike starting at the Toll House and (with car assist) up to the ranch roads overlooking Bell Valley, the upper sections of Indian Creek, Lone Tree Ridge, and other vistas of Anderson Valley. We will stop along the way for histories by local residents as well as plant and wildlife identification/uses. The hike ends at a ridgetop cabin where we will enjoy some refreshments and more stories as the sun lowers on the horizon. The hike is sponsored by Anderson Valley Land Trust and there is no fee. Call the office at 895-3150 or email  to reserve a spot.

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  1. Ben Trippoli July 21, 2011


    MANDATORY Wireless meters placed on homes must STOP NOW.

    A. Laboratory Scientists have observed (1) Human Cell Damage, (2) DNA Chain Breaks and (3) Breaches in the Blood-Brain Barrier from levels of non-ionizing radiation lower than that emitted by WIRELESS Smart meters.

    B. The National Institute of Health months ago found biological changes in the brain after only minutes of exposure to non-ionizing radiation.

    C. The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION on May 31 2011 placed the Non-ionizing radiation coming from Wireless smart meters (and some other wireless devices) on the Class 2-B Carcinogen List along with DDT and Lead.

    MANDATORY installation of Wireless smart meters on people’s homes NOW has to STOP.

    Because Cell Phone use and other devices are Voluntary and can be turned off, that is a different issue.

    Video Interview: Nuclear Scientist, Daniel Hirsch, (5 minutes).

    Video Interview: Dr. Carpenter, New York Public Health Department, Dean of Public Health, (2 minutes).

    2-page Press Release:

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