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No Auto Zone

[Jan 13]

The proposal to place an unwanted formula box store "AUTO ZONE" on the west side of Highway 1 at the south end of Noyo Bridge is back on the agenda for the Fort Bragg City Council on Monday, January 13th at 6:00 pm. The City of Fort Bragg already has two auto parts stores, and doesn't want or need a third. This proposal was roundly and universally condemned by all present at a Planning Commission meeting last summer, but the greedy and heedless promoters of this stupid idea have appealed the decision, and now want the City Council to approve it. If you care about the future direction of the City of Fort Bragg, please show up at Town Hall on Jan. 13 to let your opinion once again be heard. We need to stop this ridiculous idea once and for all.

No Auto Zone: Come to FB City Council on Mon. Jan 13

PS - "AUTO ZONE" is a corporate criminal, that just this past summer was fined $11 million dollars for illegally dumping hazardous waste and compromising consumer information. 


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