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Valley People (January 22, 2020)

LONG-TIME Mendocino County resident and former 5th District Supervisor Candidate Chris Skyhawk will be speaking about the insights he has gained from his near-fatal 2018 stroke and recovery efforts. The talk will occur on Feb1st at 1 PM at Mendo Dragon Community 18079 Lambert Lane, Boonville  Cost  $10-$20, no one turned away. This is a benefit of Anderson Valley Elder Home. For more info contact. Lynda McClure 707- 895-3243 or  

WILL VAN SANT of the local Veterans Affairs office, stopped in recently to ask that we draw attention to the plight of Dave Williams, 74, a local veteran who needs housing — not a whole house, just a room or a cabin. The old guy is presently camping out, which is no place for a man of his years, especially given his admirable service record. Dave can also pay some modest rent, is willing to trade mechanic work for partial rent, and needs a place to store his tools. If you have something, please call Van Sant at 707/815-4308 or e-mail him at

ANON CALLER claims that “a hundred thousand dollars worth of liquor was looted from Pic ’N Pay after the fire.” Interesting rumor. We’ve asked the Sheriff if anything like looting is being investigated in the wake of The Lodge Fire.

AV FIRE CHIEF Andres Avila told us Monday that he is in direct contact with the Insurance company handling the aftermath of December's disastrous Pic-N-Pay/Lizbby’s/apartment fire. The insurance company has completed their assessments and investigations, and are now in the process of arranging clean-up and debris removal contracts. The work will be conducted and overseen by the insurance company, not the proprietor. Avila said he expects rubble removal and clean up work to begin at the site before the end of February.


The Market is re-organized, and ready for a new year! This is now our 5th year in business and we have decided to made a few changes and plan to try out some exciting new ideas:

First, our current winter hours will be:

  • Monday -Thursday 8:00-6:00
  • Friday- 8:00-7:00
  • Saturday and Sunday 8:30-6:00

We will be opening later during the week days, but also staying open later on Friday nights for happy hour drinks, and our deli items will be available for purchase.

On Friday, 1/24, we will be hosting our welcome to 2020 dinner. This meal will feature its own menu of a la carte items that can be purchased individually to create your perfect meal. Vegetarian options will be available. The theme for this dinner will be “Italy meets Yorkville, a Love Story.” 

—Lisa Bauer, Yorkville Market, 894-9456


SHAMROCKS & SALSA, A MEMOIR by Gerald F. Cox, is highly recommended reading for several reasons. (1) the author is known to most residents of the Anderson Valley where he was known much less formally as 'Jerry' Cox) whose imprint on Valley life was large, (2) it's the story of a most unusual man whose interesting, and often funny, account of moving through his youth to middle age as a Catholic priest before resigning to marry was not unprecedented but certainly unusual, (3) he almost offhandedly relates the significance of his work as a ground floor stalwart of the Farm Worker's movement led by Cesar Chavez, who Cox introduced to the crucial activist, church-related network then dominant in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

ALL BOOKS on NorCal history by Jonah Raskin. If anybody is better qualified than Jonah Raskin to capture the NorCal zeitgeist, I can't think of him or her. From his youth as a left radical to the most prolific writer on life in Northern California from its vineyards to its marijuana gardens, Raskin's remarkably diverse oeuvre reflects his remarkably diverse experience. Assuming someone will be writing a history of this unique place in this uniquely tumultuous time, it will all be right there in Raskin's many books from "Field Days: A Year of Farming, Eating and Drinking Wine in California" to a wonderful biography of Jack London to the best book I know of about the grass roots experience of growing marijuana prior to quasi-legalization.  

KATY TAHJA’S MENDO HISTORY BOOK. The Comptche writer is the first person to attempt a history of this odd place, and I know she’s worked long and hard at it. “An Eclectic History of Mendocino County” comes highly recommended with lots of amusing and interesting only-in-Mendo stories and anecdotes.  

PLEASE HELP THE BOONVILLE FAMILIES who lost their homes in December's fires ~ Great Raffle Prizes for local restaurants and hotels! Tickets for the big raffle are $20. Prizes include dinners, stays in local hotels and inns, and more. Funds to be distributed by Sueno Latino. Tickets available at Boonville Hotel, AV Health Center, Lauren’s Restaurant, AV Market, Lemons Market and elsewhere. More info at the Spread the Love Facebook page. (Donations for Fire Victims are also being collected at the Anderson Valley Firehouse in Boonville and at Savings Bank of Mendocino, through the Mendocino Community Foundation.)

A BOONVILLE FIRE VICTIMS FUNDRAISER performance by the award-winning Del Sol String Quartet featuring special guest composer fellows from the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music in Boonville is set for Friday, January 24 from 7- 8:30 PM at the Anderson Valley High School cafeteria. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Tickets are $10 at the door. AV High School students and all those 18 and under are free. For more information visit

MEET ANDERSON VALLEY HEALTH CENTER’S NEW DOCTOR, JOHN ROCHAT: “I grew up in a small, rural logging town, and my grandparents were cattle ranchers, so this area has a familiar feel to me. Yes, I now live here. After becoming an Internist in the Navy in the early 90s, I worked as a Hematologist/Oncologist for many years in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Rosa, the Northern Marianas Islands, and most recently Fort Bragg. For many years I've noticed the difficulties with primary care access, and feel that coming back to my primary care roots is the best way to serve my community and my own work ethic. I greatly enjoy the collaborative approach of the AVHC clinic staff to provide patient-centered, holistic care to this thriving community.”

NEW AMBULANCE: Thanks to generous community donations and federal grants, the Anderson Valley Ambulance Service (AVAS) and the Anderson Valley Community Services District (AVCSD) announce that a new ambulance--a four-wheel drive vehicle to better access the far corners of our service area--will be delivered in March 2020. 

Huge thanks go to United States Dept of Agriculture (USDA) representatives Justin Grey and Kim Dolbow Vann, both invaluable during the application process. They recently notified us that we were awarded two grants, totaling $107,455, from the USDA’s Rural Development Community Facility Grant. Because the AVCSD now operates the ambulance, the community is now able to enjoy the benefits of publicly funded grants, like the two received for this purpose, and we thank the AVCSD for their assistance.

The AVAS, through our recent fundraising drive and years of donation savings, has raised the remainder of the funds needed to purchase the new $197,300 ambulance. The AVAS board warmly thanks the community for its steady support through the years, which has enabled us to both keep our current ambulance rolling and slowly build a replacement fund. The old ambulance will be maintained and used as a backup vehicle. 

Most importantly, the AVAS and the AVCSD want to give full recognition to the many volunteers who staff and run the ambulance. Warmest thanks for your dedication and service.

(Philip Thomas, AV Ambulance Service Foundation)

PANTHER HOOPSTERS, boys and girls, lost to Point Arena last week, and you are an old timer if you remember the riotous ’68 game in PA that required an all-hands police response to clear the gym and escort the Boonville team back over the hill. Such was the post-game bad feeling that it took several years of no sports between the two schools before athletic relations resumed. 

QUIZ THURSDAY, January 23rd, a special Quiz featuring a variety of Music rounds and sounds, plus a couple of the usual topics. Hope to see you there. Cheers, Steve Sparks, The Quiz Master.

DR. BURNS from Mendocino Animal Hospital will be at the Anderson Valley Farm Supply seeing patients on Thursday, February 13, 2020. She's there between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. People can always check the events section of our Facebook page for more information - it's always posted when we're going to be there. (Michelle Fetzer, Mendocino Animal Hospital)

PETIT TETON is growing beautiful and tasty turmeric and ginger in its aquaponic system and the harvest is coming in. We are selling ginger fresh and turmeric fresh or dried. We also have pork, beef and squab for sale as well as fresh kimchi and kraut and our array of preserved foods.

WALKING WOUNDED WALKS ON: The Anderson Valley Fire Department & ambulance, as well as air ambulance CalStar 4, were dispatched to an incident/accident near Yorkville where a report had been made that a red pickup had careened off Highway 128. When first responders arrived, there were no patients at the scene. At 3:02 pm, a first responder said, “We located the patient, there is one, not three patients. He is walking wounded and wants to decline medical treatment."

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