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Valley People (February 19, 2020)

SIX FAMILIES — 25 persons — were displaced by the Lodge Fires of Thursday, December 5th. Twenty-five Boonters out of our population of about 1,000 people is 2.5% of our population. In relative terms, if 2.5% of San Francisco's population of about 900,000 suddenly lost their homes, 22,500 people would be left homeless. The Lodge Fire was a huge loss for Boonville. And then came the Vista Ranch house fire, then the Sarah Ryan fire, and soon after that Stephanie Barton and family were burned out of their home. No indication of arson in any of these disasters, though it's enough to make a paranoid out of a local or two. 

FOR MAGNITUDE of pure loss, Sarah Ryan, of the popular Singing Sarahs, not only lost her home but her livelihood, the crucial daycare business she ran out of her home. The fire was not only a huge loss for her but a big loss to the young working parents who depended on Sarah for their daycare. Having lost literally everything, Ms. Ryan is attempting to get her $2,000 renter's deposit back from property owner, Eddie Carsey, an amount that would go a long way to helping Sarah re-establish herself in a community where shelter is much harder to find than succor, you might say. If your house and business burn up what happens to the deposit you paid to rent it? Let's hope Mr. C does right by Ms. Ryan.

MENDOCINO WINEGROWERS reports that the total value of the Mendocino crop for 2019 was about $113 million, down approximately 18% from 2018. Reasons cited: oversupply from a huge harvest in 2018, flat sales, resulting in “many growers without grape contracts had little choice but leave fruit hanging.”

THERE have been eerily summer-like Februaries before, but packed onto the prevalent apocalyptic vibe out there, this weather seems merely like a natural part of The Great Awry.

HMMMM BABY. Anderson Valley Jr./Sr. High School is currently seeking a high school baseball coach for the 2020 season. This is a great opportunity to reach out to the local youth that want to play this sport. If you are interested or if you know someone that is interested in coaching, please stop by the Anderson Valley Unified School District Office for more information.

MILD EARTHQUAKE jolted many of us near the coast Sunday afternoon shortly after 3pm. Epicenter was near the coast of Irish Beach. 2.9 mag. But felt on Signal Ridge and even Boonville.

VET IN VALLEY. Dr. Burns from Mendocino Animal Hospital will be at the Anderson Valley Farm Supply seeing patients on a first come, first served basis on Thursday, March 5, 2020. She is there between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. For more information you can check the events section of the Mendocino Animal Hospital Facebook page. 

COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE. Burton Segall, L.Ac., is now providing acupuncture in a community style setting at Anderson Valley Senior Center on Thursdays after lunch.

Community Acupuncture is set up so that several patients share one or more clinicians in the same workspace, and is an effective way for more people to be treated in less time. This allows the acupuncturist(s) to charge less per treatment, which will be provided on a sliding scale starting at $20. 

There are many powerful acupuncture points that are located in the ears and on the extremities beyond the knees and elbows. A majority of the points that will be utilized in these treatments will be located in these areas.

At this point patients will be seen in the order in which they sign in, but as this clinic becomes more popular the plan is to set appointments, as well as fit in occasional drop-ins, in order to cut down on wait time.

Acupuncture has been shown to be helpful for many acute and chronic conditions, and is often used as a compliment to other therapies. Many people in good health like to get regular "tune ups" to help maintain, and because acupuncture makes them feel good.

Some issues that are often addressed effectively include:

Pain, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, digestive problems, allergies, addiction, stroke recovery, chemotherapy/radiation support, eye problems, kidney issues, lung issues, and shingles. 

When getting acupuncture, it is necessary to have eaten at least a light meal within a couple of hours before being treated. 

Renée Lee, Executive Director, AV Senior Center, 707.895.3609,

WINE ROAD? We were not particularly surprised to see that Visit Mendocino refers to Highway 128 as “Wine Road,” listing 31 commercial tasting rooms from Yorkville Cellars on one end to Lula Cellars near Navarro. “Stop in at any of the many friendly tasting rooms along the Highway 128 Wine Road to experience some of the finest wines of Mendocino County, along with exceptional hospitality.” … And that’s not all: “Of course, there are plenty of other wineries that you can visit by appointment only.” Followed by the alcohol industry’s standard disclaimer: “Enjoy the Wine Road and remember to drink responsibly.”(Mark Scaramella)

YEARS AGO, when there were only a dozen or so tasting rooms strung out along 128, my brother and I persuaded Pilar Duran to serve as our designated driver as we set out to sample the vino, beginning in Yorkville. We never got to Navarro, because by the time we got to Husch in Philo we were swigging straight from a bottle of Edmeades. The point of the experiment, besides getting blotto on free booze, was to make the point that the Wine Road makes for an even more dangerous stretch of highway, what with tipsy tourists added to the ordinary crazy driving characteristic of 128.

CENSUS WORKERS NEEDED. Holly Ugulano is the U S Census recruiting person for the Mendocino Coast. While the number of people who have been hired has risen in the County, the areas of Comptche, Boonville, Philo are still VERY LOW. She was asking for us to get the word out again about these positions. The pay rate has increased to $18.00 per hour. If you know of anyone who would be interested or a way to get the word out, please do so! 

Please contact for further information

Apply at

TRANSLATION: You, too, can walk up lonely dirt roads by yourself to quiz remote clusters of hostile, furtive citizens, gingerly making your way through pit bulls and gun emplacements to knock on fortified doors. “Hi, I’m from the government and I’d like to ask you some questions.”

THE BLT at Sunny's Donuts in Ukiah is not only this county's best of breed, sandwich division, it's a gourmand's steal at $4.50

IN THE RECENT, hard fought KZYX board election, Robert Bushansky was re-seated by acclamation, as were Bob Bushansky; R. Bob Bushansky; Bobby Bushansky; Bobbie Bushansky; Robert R. Bushansky; Robbie Bushansky; R. Bushansky; and Bobby R. B. Bushansky.


VARIETY SHOW 2020: Since I relocated to the Anderson Valley, February has become an exciting time for me. The days are noticeably longer, daffodils are blooming, and the Anderson Valley Variety Show is approaching! An injection of creativity animates our community as people from all walks of life share a little bit of themselves with us. The annual Variety Show is something that is truly unique to the Valley. Sure, other places might try to host something similar, but nowhere in the world is there a group of people so irreverent and kind, and capable of such zany humor and general silliness. Our Variety Show audience may be the world's most forgiving, which makes it the perfect venue for aspiring talent. Our acceptance of each other allows for truly joyful exploration, and the result is a show that is not to be missed!

This year's 30th annual Variety Show will be at the grange the first weekend in March, on Friday and Saturday nights. There will be tickets available a week ahead of time at Lemon's and Anderson Valley Markets, and there will be tickets available at the door. Everyone holding a ticket will be admitted, although seating is limited, so come to the grange early if you'd like a seat. The party in the grange parking lot is part of the fun, there's locally made food for sale, all your friends will be there, and raffle tickets will be available to purchase. Proceeds go directly to our community.

The Variety Show is one of the best aspects of living here. It is for and by our Valley People. If you or someone you know has something to share onstage, please call Captain Rainbow at 895-3807 immediately. Rehearsals are the weekend before the show, which is soon!

(Robyn Spector McCallister)

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