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Quarantine Files: Beef Goulash MRE


  1. William Ray February 29, 2020

    Tax dollars at work. And behind the chef: a map of Okinawa, scene of military slaughter at the conclusion of World War II, more recently distinguished as the locale of grisly rapes and murders by U.S. soldier youth, isolated far from any semblance of normal social interaction, and relatedly by near universal protest by the native population that the Americans should get out and stay out forever. Chalmers Johnson made a classic study of the island for the Department of Defense, the impetus for his trilogy of books about America’s world-wide colonization, funded through the military-industrial-Congressional complex, including in the budget widespread propaganda upon its subject money source.

    • George Hollister February 29, 2020

      My grandfather Hollister participated in the Okinawa campaign during WW2, and his job was to remove the native Okinawan population from the battle. He had some interesting stories about that. Keep in mind, the native Okinawans have distain for both Americans, and the Japanese. So even if the Americans would leave, they would still have the Japanese to deal with. And the Japanese have been far less deferential.

  2. George Dorner February 29, 2020

    Gotta love the sardonic nicknames troopers invent to fit the MRE acronym…like Mainly Rat Entrails, and Meals Refused by Ethiopians.

  3. Iggy March 1, 2020

    ,My late father in law was wounded in the beach landing. The missus arranged his dozens of letters home in a folder last month. My son has the slug that passed through one thigh and lodged in the other very nearly missing the family jewels!

    • George Hollister March 1, 2020

      My grandfather was hit with artillery shrapnel, and was evacuated in a body cast. There wasn’t much resistance for the landing. So your father in law was really unlucky.

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