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IT’S FAIR WEEK and everybody’s in such a bustle! Staff and presenters are rushing here and there, preparing their booths, displays, arenas, venues, etc. for the big opening on Friday. The mowers started buzzing early Monday morning on the arena where the grass has to be cut meticulously for the big game. Ben Anderson brought in a posthole auger to set the goal posts for the big Homecoming football game.

“Everybody pitches in and helps out, Fair Manager Jim Brown says. “We couldn’t do it without the support of the community in so many ways.”

Ruben Thomasson, Anderson Valley Market proprietor, was busy with the Floriculture exhibits at June Hall putting in a pool and fountain, happy as a kid digging in a sandbox. A couple of stalls down I found Christy Kramer helping with the Alexis Moyer Pottery booth; David McCray was there from Minnesota helping out. He said Sam Prather’s prize Columbia rams have won blue ribbons all over the country this summer, from Kentucky to San Francisco’s Cow Palace. They’re odds-on favorites at the Boonville Fair.

“We really appreciate the help from the locals,” Brown said.

I ran into Mike Prescott coming out of the Home Arts Building.

“We’ve got some beautiful entries this year,” he said with reverent awe.

As the grounds crew buzzed around in carts and forklifts putting everything in order, even the ravens looked on in quiet admiration.

The midway carnival rides started setting up later in the day, staking out their areas. The Ferris Wheel was going up right over the always popular Corn Dog trailer, the Kiddie Dragon next; the further back you go the more daring the rides get.

Speaking of daring, one of the carneys went over to the Boonville Saloon Sunday night and told owner/operator Marsha she looked like a pretty tough cookie, or words to that effect. Some loggers seated at the bar wanted Marsha to give them the nod, so they could teach the clod some manners, but she’s learned a lot in the last year and needs very little help as it is.

Fair Manager Brown showed me a minor correction in the schedule — the rodeo actually starts at 8pm, just like in years past — when a woman bustled in to ask “What’s the latest possible minute I bring my flowers in?”

“10pm, Thursday night,” Jim answered. She bustled out to get ready. The fair is always fun, so exciting, so well done. It’s something we can all take a good deal of wholesome pride in! (Bruce McEwen)

REESE MABERY received well-deserved 'attaboys' last week from law enforcement and Animal Control when he rescued an elderly female dog wandering around on Highway 128 and took it to Animal Control where it was soon reunited with its owner.

ANNE BENNETT, writing for the Yorkville Community Benefits Association: “To the Anderson Valley Community: Thank you for coming out and supporting this year’s Ice Cream Social on Labor Day! — our largest turnout in 21 years! We also appreciate all those Labor Day travelers who every year stop and enjoy. Without all of you we could not have taken in more than $10,000! Over $1300 in books were sold, most at 50¢ an inch! Can you imagine how many books that was?! A family traveling through are starting a private K to 4 school in San Jose. They perused the books for hours and drove off very happy with a van load leaving their email to be reminded next year! Over 25 cakes were won by happy “cakewalkers”! Very shy young twins about three years young, with much prodding from their family did the walk. One of the girls won a cake! Great Grandmom, Granddad, Mom and Aunt were each encouraging her to pick a different cake — “the yellow one with blackberries,” “the pink one with strawberries.” She determinedly insisted on the smaller chocolate with jelly beans! It took a team to make this happen. The Highrollers joined in the planning and prep deserve credit and all those who so generously donated cakes, salads and goodies and their time to make the 2012 Ice Cream Social such a success. Thank you. And thank you to all the wineries and businesses that are always so generous with their contributions. Special recognition to Hans Hickenlooper and Valerie Hanelt who corralled and organized almost 5000 books in a very few weeks and to Tina Gordon whose re-do of our highway “Burma Shave” signs and colorful posters caught everyone’s attention! You have all certainly raised the bar for next year! PS. These proceeds will go toward a new quick response vehicle and our annual scholarship fund.”

JOSH McEWEN of Boonville and Philo had two pending DUI hearings when he was arrested again recently because he was late for a court date. Keep running into the system and the system begins running into you. As it did with Josh, who's been in jail for several weeks now with a court date set for September 19. Josh won't be late for that one.

SCAM ALERT: Deputy Walker warns locals to be on the lookout for a phone scam involving a caller claiming to be a relative who needs emergency money to get charges dropped. One gullible local wired almost a thousand dollars to some anonymous crook to bail out what he thought was a seldom seen grandson. A Yorkville woman got a call like that the week before but had second thoughts before wiring any money. Walker says the best way to deal with any requests for money over the phone is to simply ignore them.

THE DAY AFTER we wrote that item about the scam alert, this email came in from “Laura Hamburg” (or from a email address with her name on it): “Hi! It’s me, Laura. I really don't mean to inconvenience you, I made a trip to Scotland and I misplaced my luggage that contains my passport and credit cards. I know this may sound odd but it all happened very fast. Please, I'm short of funds to pay for my hotel bills and other miscellaneous expenses. Can you lend me some funds? I'm willing to pay back as soon as I return home. Please respond as soon as you get this message, so I can forward you my details to send fund to me, you can reach me via the hotel's desk phone if you can. The numbers are, +447045733705. I await your response. Laura Hamburg.”

SOON THIS ARRIVED from the real Laura Hamburg: “Dearest Good Folks in My Address Book, Sorry for the fraudulent plea for help that was perpetrated in my name. The fact is, those silly con artists got the address wrong. I am healthy, happy, still got the luggage and the credit cards, but actually stuck in Ukiah — not Scotland. Please send the money here: 940 N. Pine St. Ukiah, CA 95482. If only the flim-flam guys knew the real story, they would’ve picked a more solvent, high-brown target — as my friends and family don't have a handful of shillings among them. And if it came time to bail me out or pony up the ransom dough, I’d be a goner. Thank you for the calls and emails though. I feel loved. And that is priceless. — Laura”

TERRY RYDER WRITES: If you could use some help with work at your home or business the High School now has a job board in their Career Center where job opportunities and student qualifications are posted. Community people needing help can fill out a card describing their needs. Students also fill out a form indicating when they are available including afternoons, weekends, vacation days, evenings and summers. At the same time they state what they are interested in or experienced with including but not limited to: Yard work, Lumber work, Babysitting, House cleaning, Retail/Store work,Tutoring, Gardening, Office work, Pet Sitting, Elder care or “other”. If you have work for a student contact Stephanie Gold at the High School at 895-3274.

BENNA KOLINSKI writes: “Heads up to Mo Mandel fans: Starting Wednesday, September 14th, on NBC, Mo will be a regular cast member on the new sitcom, 'Free Agents,' an American workplace sitcom The show is based on the British comedy series of the same name that was created by Chris Niel, who also serves as co-creator and producer on this version. The series follows the lives of two public relations executives, a recently divorced guy and a woman trying to move on after the death of her fiancee, who discover that they seem to have an attraction for each other, even after having slept together during a drunk-filled one night stand, while at the same time trying to stay professional at work, where their friends will do anything to get them to re-enter the dating scene. Mo stars as 'Dan,' along with Hank Azaria, Kathryn Hahn, Natasha Leggero, Al Madrigal, Anthony Head and Joe Lo Truglio.

THERE’S A NEW Pet Service in town. Joy Marie’s Joyful Pet Care offers “custom housesitting and dog walking personalized to fit your needs. Serving Boonville and Ukiah. All rates negotiable.” Joy can be reached at 901-7744 or

CINDY WILDER WRITES: “Apple Tasting/ Foodshed Booth at the County Fair. Please let Rob Goodell know if you would like to volunteer at the very upbeat combined Apple Tasting and Foodshed Booth in the Ag Building for the fair on Friday the 16th (12-9), Saturday the 17th (9-9), or Sunday the 18th (10-6). There is also an opportunity to help disassemble the booth at 6 on Sunday evening! When you call (895-3897) or email ( ) please let Rob know your preferred and second choice of times. The shifts are usually two hours, but one, three, or four or more are fine too.

SUSAN CLARK WRITES: “Hi Friends. Once again, I will be joining Dean Titus & the Coyote Cowboys at the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show. We play in the Apple Hall, 9:30-Midnight, after the Rodeo, on Saturday 9/17. The dance is free with Fair admission. If you've never been, this is the last of the real country fairs. Come out and show your support. Tell a friend. Hope to see you on the Dance floor!

IT'S A HORSE, of course, a horse many people think needs rescuing. It's already been rescued once by Marilyn Pronsolino. Marilyn has done everything within her power to revive and sustain Horse Of Course but horse people say Horse Of Course needs more. The debate goes on.

KIRA BRENNAN WRITES: “AV B Well Presents: The Wellness Project 2011 — its first series of classes! Cora Hubbert, a talented dancer and newly licensed instructor will be teaching 2 Zumba classes a week at the Anderson Valley High School cafeteria. The Zumba Class schedule: 8 classes from September 15th to November 3rd, every Wednesday (except first class will be held this Thursday). The Jr/Sr High Health&Fitness Zumba class will be 2-3pm (students only) Zumba — All Welcome from 3:45-4:45pm. $5 suggested donation. Don't miss this opportunity. A super-fun way to get a great workout! For more info call: Cora, 357-0940 or Kira 877-3479, .”

AFTER LISTENING to about 20 Anderson Valley people who have problems with the proposed pot dispensary in downtown Boonville, Supervisor Carre Brown boldly decided to put the question of a whether there should be a moratorium on new pot dispensaries on next week’s (September 20) Board agenda. It’s hard to tell where this will go — especially since dispensary proprietor Laura Hamburg’s father is Supervisor Dan Hamburg and Supervisor Hamburg will be in the hot seat on whether he even votes on the moratorium question. From past remarks, Supervisor John Pinches is likely to vote No on the moratorium question. Brown might well vote yes. Supervisor McCowen has been scrupulously non-committal so far. And we wouldn’t even hazard a guess about what Supervisor Kendall Smith would do.

ON MONDAY September 5th, people heard cries for help coming from a home on Babcock Lane, Fort Bragg, the last mortal sounds of a man named Jason Blackshear. James Kester, about 40 and recently of Boonville, has been arrested for Blackshear's murder, which has been subsequently described as a two-stage event with stage one consisting of Kester throttling Blackshear with his bare hands then finishing him off with a garrotte. The two were acquaintances. Kester is a veteran of the state prison system. (I remember Jimmy and his brothers as little kids in Boonville before, as I recall, the family moved to Point Arena. Pleasant little guys, and what a shock it is when a person one recalls as a child without sin suddenly reappears as an adult accused of the ultimate sin.)

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  1. Someone who knows justice March 31, 2012

    Being a reporter is simply getting one’s facts straight and telling a story that’s of broad, general interest.
    Strive for accuracy and neutrality in any story you report. Try to cover both sides of an issue if something is contentious.

    Record the facts of any story. Don’t assume and never make up details. Reporters are supposed to seek and report the facts. Lying, making up stories or quotes or misquoting someone will damage your credibility.

    If someone tells you the fact you can report it as a quote. That way, if someone opposes the fact they aren’t opposing the accuracy of your writing but about the person who spoke about the topic.

    Avoid personal opinions. As a reporter your job is to report the facts so others can create their own opinion. Make sure you are recording the factual details of any news story and tell those facts without including your personal viewpoint. Once you start giving your opinion it becomes an editorial.

    Be prepared to turn over your notes. The paper or news outlet may want to fact check your information before publishing it.

    Are you sure you are following proper guidelines as a REPORTER?

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