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Off the Record (March 11, 2020)

THE FINAL COUNT not yet fully tabulated but…

IN THE First District for Supervisor: Glenn McGourty (47%) was leading Jon Kennedy (29%) with James Green (18%) and John Sakowicz (6%) trailing.

Second District Supervisor: Maureen Mulheren (42%) was leading Mari Rodin (33%) and Joel Soinila (25%)

Fourth District Supervisor: Incumbent Dan Gjerde (58%) was substantially ahead of opponent Lindy Peters (42%).

Measure D, the application of transient occupancy taxes to private campgrounds was leading but not by a lot with about 53% in favor. (50%+1 required), while the accompanying advisory Measure E calling for the proceeds to go to fire departments was approved by a much larger 65%. 

Measure C, Coast Hospital Affiliation with the Adventist Chain was being approved by 90% of the just over 2600 votes counted in the Healthcare District.

IF THESE TRENDS HOLD, we may see a run-off between Rodin and Mulheren in the First District with some question about where the Soinila votes will go in the November elections. And we might see a run-off between McGourty and Kennedy with questions of where the Green and Sakowicz votes will go if McGourty and Kennedy face off. There are tens of thousands more votes to count and we might not get the final results until the end of March. 

MENDOCINO COUNTY: 24% of registered voters' ballots were counted as of March 4: Bernie Sanders: 42.9%; Joe Biden: 15.4%; Elizabeth Warren: 13.6%; Michael Bloomberg: 11.2%. Lake County seems narrowly for Bernie, as does Humco and SoCo. Marin, a bastion of middle-of-the-road extremists and the home of Jared Huffman, who keeps all his fingers and toes to the political winds, of course went for Biden.

A WORD in defense of Katrina Bartolomie, Mendo Registrar of Voters: The slow count is beyond her control. Voting has changed so fast and so thoroughly with absentee ballots, shaky electronic systems, thousands of disaffected local voters who vote independent,  no direction or help from the Supervisors, and so on. She's counted about 13,000 votes so far with about 16,000 remaining. There are a total of 51,968 registered voters in the county.  

“THE TIME is out of joint. O cursèd spite, That ever I was born to set it right!” And Hamlet thought Denmark was outta hand! He shoulda seen this place, which another sage described as, “The only country in the world to move directly from barbarism to decadence with no intervening civilization.” Last night was a big one for barbarism of the middle-of-the-road extremism type, what with the “moderates” going over to doddering, confused, utterly corrupt Biden, the only Democrat with a more odious political history than Hillary. But here they come, the billionaires and super-delegates dancing down Easy Street to rally behind a candidate who promises to do nothing about anything and keep the money moving upwards — Joe Biden

WELL, HELL. This here Bernie Bro would do a header off the Golden Gate Bridge before he’d vote for Biden, and that right there is a very big rub for Biden. If the many millions of young voters energized by The Bern decline to vote for Biden, and nevermind the rest of the Bernie Brigades who will of course refuse to support him, Biden will certainly lose to the Orange Monster who, in my opinion, will beat Biden anyway, beat him like a 3-year-old with a new drum set, despite his recent endorsements from the presidential also-rans like Kamala Harris and Michael Bloomberg.  

THE WHINING among Mendo’s Prufrockian “moderates” has already started. “We’ve got to get behind Biden to get rid of Trump,” they chant, the same chant they’ve keened for the past fifty years. Remember the 2000 election when Nader ran third party, and Gore caved in to Bush over the Florida swindle? Nader was widely accused by the corporate Democrats of costing Gore the election. The Democrats, who haven’t stood for much of anything since FDR, always say, ‘It’s our candidate or you bastards will give us Nixon, or both Bushes, or Trump and Trump. Not our fault that we’re also Republicans and stand for nothing but more money moving upwards, always upwards. We’re comfortably inside the bubble, too, and we move around in those big black town cars. The diff is we’re cooler of social issues like needle exchanges and cross-dressing.” 

WE’VE HEARD this same argument from the Pelosi Democrats for a half-century. “The other guy is so bad we all absolutely must get behind…. Humphrey; Gore; Hillary; Biden.” Nope, it’s either Bernie or we’re going third party, and if there’s no third party, we’ll write-in The Bern. Warren in lieu of The Bern, would be ok, but it looks like The Big Money is as afraid of her as they are of him, and she’s out anyway.

LOCALLY, the middle-of-the-road extremists, Coast branch, as predicted, got behind Gjerde for another 4 year snooze as 4th District supervisor. Gjerde’s opponent, Lindy Peters, was deluded into thinking politics is not the non-violent warfare it is. The Gjerde forces wouldn’t have been, and probably weren’t anyway as we recall from the Hamburg vs Wendy Roberts when the Coast’s Nice People climbed over each other in their haste to slander Wendy, and they certainly wouldn’t have played nicey-nice if they thought Gjerde was in trouble. Mendocino County has always had this false reputation as some kind of bastion of progressive politics. It ain’t. It’s a bastion of conservative liberals who talk left and vote right. Supervisor is a non-partisan job that Gjerde, as expressed by his somnolent performance over 8 years in the 4th District seat, did not deserve to hold for another 4 years. Smart guy, knows how local government works, but doesn’t work it. Worse, he’s grown petulant, irritable, even monarchical in the cush $85 thou-a-year sinecure he’s carved out for himself, refusing to communicate with his critics, ignoring his opposition, as if he’s not responsible to represent them, too. He’ll continue as an automatic yes vote for the autocratic County CEO, Carmel Angelo while fifth District Supervisor Williams remains the only fully functioning supervisor Mendocino County has. Haschak? Slo-mo kinda dude who does the right thing occasionally if Williams makes the right thing clear enough for him.

IN THE FIRST DISTRICT, Farm Bureau stalwart Glenn McGourty looks like he might elude a run-off against Jon Kennedy, but even in a run-off, McGourty looks like he’s going to take it.  We agree with whomever it was who said, “It’s too bad Kennedy wasn’t running in the 2nd District,” meaning the 2nd’s candidates are weak, Kennedy knows his local government and is the kind of guy this board of supervisors could use. How will McGourty be as a supervisor? So long as you don’t mess with the Potter Valley Diversion and all that cheap water it provides the grape industry, he’s unlikely to be the pushover his predecessor (and Gjerde and McCowen) has been.

IN THE 2ND, Maureen “Mo” Mulheren has a comfortable lead over challengers Mari Rodin, who ran a strong enough to squeak into a runoff with Mo. Joel Soinila, finished third. We thought Soinila would have run strong enough to make it into a runoff with Mulheren, who’s been running for the seat for a year now at least. The prob here is that Soinila was the only one of the three who demonstrated basic knowledge of what the job involves. The two ladies remind me of those earnest feebs back in high school who’d get up at pep rallies and say, “It’s really, really important that everybody stands up for the kick-off!” Mulheren and Rodin are both veterans of the Ukiah City Council, meaning they can’t point to anything in the way of accomplishment that might translate as their readiness to step forward as a Mendo supervisor. But maybe by the November election they’ll have studied up on why they, as grown-up politicians, want the job.

BTW, two questions we’ll be asking the candidates are these (1) Are you for or against a new County Courthouse, why or why not? And (2) Do you think Mendocino County’s water deal with Sonoma County should be re-negotiated, why or why not?

SCHOOL BONDS seem to have taken something of a beating. The Mendocino schools bond passed, Ukiah looks like it’s failing. The state initiative, Prop 13, failed. It would tie the state to another $15 billion in general obligation bonds to fund school projects from local school districts through the state’s university system. It would also have allowed local school districts to issue their own bonds while simultaneously limiting the ability of local school districts to levy developer fees. From our Boonville bunker we think people generally are skeptical of the ability of school people to manage their budgets and now are understandably reluctant to vote them more money.

COAST HOSPITAL’S affiliation with the vegetarian cult operating medically as the Adventist Hospitals is running overwhelming YES.

MEASURES D & E, which would apply the 10% bed tax to private campgrounds in unincorporated parts of Mendocino County appear to have passed, although Measure D is passing with a lower majority than we expected at 55% while the accompanying “advisory” Measure E got 66%. Several fire department people we spoke to today said that vote difference probably meant that a significant number of voters opposed the tax, but if it was to pass they wanted it to go to firefighting as the advisory measure calls for. However, a couple of insiders have already started speculating that some of the money might go to the county’s new EMS IT infrastructure that’s now in the works and might over-run because the CEO and Supervisors might think that the IT infrastructure is broadly speaking “firefighting.” And at least one wag said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Board “borrowed” some of the new bed tax money if they got in a cash-crunch such as one that hit Mendo back in 2008/2009 and which could easily occur again — if not worse. After all, as candidate Kennedy pointed out in one of his few campaign statements, the original purpose of the bed tax was to cover public services that tourists require, but the wine-B&B-tourism brigades got their fingers in the pie early and fire and ambulance services never got any.

VOTERS in Sonoma and Marin counties rejected a 30-year extension of a quarter-cent sales tax for the operation of the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit's SMART train. Measure I needed two-thirds approval, but SMART, from its inception, has been badly managed and, in our opinion, poorly planned from its beginnings. No reason that baby couldn’t have run up to Cloverdale, north of which….Well, no use complaining about a train that should have run at least as far north as Dos Rios, as it once did, and then on through the Eel River Canyon to Eureka, not that the Canyon will ever again see a railroad or even the fantasy trail the Democrats are lying about. The Democrats destroyed real rail service on the Northcoast forever in a series of highly dubious moves which have long cried out for a serious federal investigation.

I LOVED THIS from Huffman’s stenographers at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat: “Rep. Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, whose district covers the North Coast, said he knew Sanders had strong support in the dark blue region. ‘It looks like a two-person race now,’ Huffman said, expressing admiration for the strength of Biden’s Super Tuesday rebound.” Gee, you think Huff, a super-delegate, will go for Joe?

A READER WRITES: "PG&E must be scared. Went to the Ukiah payment/business office the other day. I first noticed a new extra tall fence with razor wire on top surrounding the complex. Walked into the office and was greeted by a guard. I looked at the lady behind the counter and computer through thick bullet resistant glass as we tried to talk having to repeat ourselves a few times. As I walked out, I measured my height by the scale applied to the side of the door, just like I was walking out of a bank. PG&E must be scared." 

NO HUGGSIES, MENDO! According to Mendocino County Public Health Officer, Dr. Noemi (sic) Doohan, not only should you not shake hands but hugs are out, too. If you’re one of those hands-on Mendolanders, you’re just going to have to restrain yourself while the plague reigns. The ava considers a hugs ban the upside of the virus. The editor still believes he was the victim of a low intensity sexual assault in front of the Boonville Post Office several years ago when a large, overly friendly woman embraced him with one arm while groping his cojones with the other. He still shudders at the memory, which accounts for his quick-draw, preemptive handshake whenever he spots potential huggers approaching.

DESPITE THE POINTLESS INCLUSION of Democratic Party human bots from Jared Huffman’s office, Jim Wood’s office, and Mike McGuire’s office, those offices regarded from here as toxic forms of a political virus, there wasn’t much new information from Mendo’s corona virus “press conference.” We were told, again, to wash our hands a lot, not touch our smiling faces, avoid big events. Dr. Doohan said that 80% of cases will be mild to moderate and that the county’s objective is to mitigate the spread of the thing and slow its progression. Dr. Doohan added that Mendo is not seeing people in the hospital now with “unexplained respiratory illness.” Mendo’s Health and Human Services Director Tammy Moss Chandler said that not only do people need a “go kit” for emergency evacuations, but now they should have a “Stay at home kit” on top of their “go kit” for when/if they get quarantined. 

THE LOCAL ANGLE: The first two cases of the coronavirus were reported in San Francisco today (last Thursday) and "Dr. Grant Colfax with the Department of Health said neither patient recently traveled to a destination with an outbreak or had contact with a person known to be infected with the virus. The cases are unrelated and likely the result of "community exposure," Colfax said. “We want everyone to remain calm and continue taking precautions to keep themselves and their families healthy,” Breed said in a statement. “We have been increasing resources and staffing to prepare for the community spread of this virus, and we will do everything we can to protect public health. The City is in regular contact with all hospitals and health facilities in San Francisco, and our health system is prepared to deliver care to everyone in need and provide a coordinated response as additional cases of the novel coronavirus are confirmed.”

DR. COLFAX is the son of Micki and former supervisor David Colfax of Boonville. The two cases referred to by Dr. Colfax are that of a man in his 90s, a woman in her forties. Meanwhile, a cruise ship is anchored off the Golden Gate while several thousand sybarites are tested for the virus. 

A MAN NAMED DOUGLAS COULTER was protesting outside the Veterans Administration offices in Ukiah last week and a reader passed along his complaint:

"VA parking lot suicide that never happened because of censorship by Ukiah California authorities? 7:30 AM Friday, February 7, 2020, a veteran killed himself with a firearm in Ukiah a King's Court VA clinic. Police cover-up firearm death, list it as "coroner incident." VA keeps data from national gun death statistics. Newspaper refuses to cover story even after complaints. Censorship! Do we live in a police state? How many more veteran suicides have been covered up?"

WE ASKED Sheriff Matt Kendall about this incident and he said, Yes there was indeed a suicide at the Veteran’s parking lot on February 7, but that there had been a full report and there was no cover-up. The elderly man who committed suicide in his truck at the parking lot left a note at the scene explaining that he didn't want to do it in front of his family, that he had a terminal illness, and that he wanted to do it at the Veterans parking lot because he was confident that the Veterans Administration would notify next of kin and take care of other arrangements as required. Sheriff Kendall said if anyone wants more details they can contact the Coroner’s office supervisor, Lt. Shannon Barney, 463-4080, ( or his assistant Cynthia Bartley (

COLOMBI MARKET, FORT BRAGG, LEADS THE WAY: “Hello everyone, in order to protect the public from spreading a virus we ask that if you are sick please call in your order and we will take your order and the payment over the phone. Please call 964-5773. We can gather up your items and provide you with curbside service. Call us and let us know when you have arrived and we will bring your order out to your car. Thank you and stay well!”

QUAINT HEADLINE Friday above a Press Democrat story: "Police say Petaluma man sold pot to high schoolers." In Mendo, it'd be the other way round.

JEEZ, even AOC says she'll vote for Biden if he's the Plutocrats' nominee. And Warren's also making Biden-like noises. The hatred of Trump has the Democrats beside themselves, but Biden's hardly the guy to take him on given his failing abilities, never too impressive to begin with. A BBC newscaster described Biden's daily gaffes as "his many vacant moments." Rhetorically, apart from his vacant moments, Biden's rhetoric is as muddled as Trump’s. Me? I'm sticking with Bernie, who's always on message, and remains the only Democrat who can beat Trump because he's the only Democrat who generates real enthusiasm, and he generates that enthusiasm because he addresses the basic economic issues facing ordinary working Americans, which is most of US. The other candidates (and Trump) represent THEM. 

PLAGUE NOTES: Figures from the World Health Organization and Chinese scientists reveal that 1.7 per cent of women who catch the virus will die compared to 2.8 per cent of men. Men were also disproportionately affected during the Sars and Mers outbreaks, which were also caused by coronaviruses. But some experts have said this could be due to higher numbers of males smoking, drinking and generally living Cheeto lives. The elderly and the infirm have also been found to more at risk of coronavirus with 10.5 per cent of those who catch it with cardiovascular disease expected to die from it.

A JUDGE has denied bail for the elderly and ill Bernie Madoff, declaring the old Ponzi maestro to be "extraordinarily evil." Please. He's small time alongside the 2008 Gang who were declared by Obama as "too big to fail" when the Fed printed up a buncha extra money and bailed out a relative handful of crooked bankers who should have gone to jail, and all of them did a lot more damage than Madoff.

WHAT MENDO NEEDS TO DO: (1) Simplify the County's laughably (unless you're on the receiving end) complicated pot licensing rules. Scrap them and adopt HumCo's, which seem to be working as an income generator for our neighbor to the north. (2) Cut wayyyyyyy back on Air BnB's, which are obviously de-housing so many Mendo people. (3) Oppose the new County Courthouse, which keeps inching toward reality despite no one, including the DA, is for it. (4) Authorize Sheriff's deputies to write traffic tickets in areas like the Anderson Valley where the CHP seldom appears and where speeding through-traffic is outta hand. (5) Set up trailers for the unhoused on County-owned property (6) invest a portion of County money in low-cost housing rather than distant money markets which, as it happens, appear to be collapsing as was inevitable. 

AND STILL MORE ON GENDER and the dilemma of talking about it openly: “Gender in this race, you know, that is the trap question for every woman,” Elizabeth Warren told reporters Thursday. “If you say, ‘Yeah, there was sexism in this race,’ everyone says, ‘Whiner!’ And if you say, ‘No, there was no sexism,’ about a bazillion women think, ‘What planet do you live on?’ I promise you this: I’ll have a lot more to say on that subject later on." 

CLOSER TO MENDO— A reader writes: " March 7, 2020 at 12:35 pm At Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital, a large white tent was erected Thursday outside the emergency department in preparation for a potential surge in patients. The tent, visible from Highway 101, is the clearest sign of ramped up efforts to address the local health emergency. 

“It can also provide a space to triage patients with respiratory illnesses away from the general population to minimize spread of illness,” said Angeline Sheets, a Sutter spokeswoman.  On Friday, some hospital staff expressed concern over potential exposure to patients being treated for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. One Sutter nurse, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, said some staff have been exposed to potential coronavirus patients. The nurse said a number of staff have been sent home on self-quarantines, including physicians.” 

NOT YET IN MENDO: The coronavirus death toll in the US climbed to 21 Sunday after two new deaths were reported in Washington state. Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the infectious diseases unit at the National Institutes of Health, said Sunday morning that four million coronavirus tests should be available by the end of the week. Fauci said that the US may soon implement widespread quarantines as Italy and China have done and warned high risk groups — including elderly people and those with weak immune systems — to avoid traveling. Trump praised his administration's efforts to curb the outbreak on Twitter, writing: “We have a perfectly coordinated and fine-tuned plan at the White House for our attack on CoronaVirus. We moved VERY early to close borders to certain areas, which was a Godsend. VP is doing a great job. The Fake News Media is doing everything possible to make us look bad. Sad!”

MEASURE B was an urgent public reaction to the increase of crazy people on the streets of Fort Bragg and Ukiah. In Willits they kept it indoors, or at least aberrant public behavior wasn't as alarmingly prevalent in Willits as it was and is in our two largest towns where drugs and enabling “services” are seldom more than a block away.

BECAUSE police are our de facto mental health providers, it wasn’t surprising that then-Sheriff Tom Allman's indefatigable campaigning to actually do something about the ever greater number of unaddressed, free range mentally ill people got a five-year, half-cent sales tax increase passed to house and treat Mendocino County’s awry citizens. The Sheriff meanwhile managed to also get the funding for a new wing added to the County Jail which will house the criminally mentally ill, many of them, presumably, driven only temporarily batshit by drugs. 

BUT NOTHING’S SIMPLE, especially in an expert-heavy county like Mendocino. An 11-person oversight committee dominated by people who are entrenched obstacles to effective public policy was installed to monitor the Measure B project. And they’ve stalled it going on three years now although the county paid mightily for a how-to guide called the Kemper Report that recommended a “continuum of care” consisting of a crisis stabilization unit; a residential treatment center; and a psychiatric health facility.

FOR WHOM? Crisis stabilization means, basically, people tweaked out of their skulls or otherwise deranged. They’ve got to be locked in while they catch up on their sleep, which may take a month. The residential treatment center, also a locked-door facility, would house Mendocino County’s most intractable cases, those persons presently housed in distant facilities for preposterous amounts of public money — upwards of $800 a day or more for up to two weeks at a stretch, the treatment consisting of a mercenary MD specializing in advanced quackery who merely juggles the patient’s failed medication before sending the doomed soul back to Mendocino County where the process repeats itself. These hopelessly lost souls could stay in Ukiah close to family and friends in a local treatment center at a big savings to the county. And the “psychiatric health facility” is a third lock-up for people arrested in the act of flipping out, which we used to have but Mendo being Mendo it was ill-managed as its helping pros, unable to cope with the more volatile crazed, too often had to rely on the Ukiah Police Department to restore order while the pros locked their office doors and took shelter under their desks and Pill Identifier dictionaries.

MORE FORMALLY, “The CSU would be a locked facility and provide a location in which sheriff’s deputies, hospital emergency personnel, and mental health workers could transport people in need of a safe, secure place for up to 24 hours. … The CRT would provide a place for people to remain voluntarily for up to a month while receiving mental health and/or addiction treatment. … The PHF would be a long-term psychiatric facility for people with more intense mental health issues where they could receive the treatment they need over the course of several weeks.”

ALL THREE could be housed in one building, hence former Sheriff Allman’s suggestion that the old Howard Hospital in Willits be rehabbed to do it. A combination of nimbys and a failure to consult Willits have shot that site down, although nostalgics still bring it up as a longshot.

SO FAR, however, nothing has happened toward the sensible housing and care of what seems to be more and more people running off the rails. Philosophically, no one wants to consider that the rails themselves may be 5150, that maybe our society is organized in a way that drives people nuts. But it should be obvious by now that the rails are imploding, that the wheels are coming off the whole show, and the walking wounded are everywhere.

BUT in the Mendo microcosm, it shouldn’t be all this complicated. We’re not talking about mental health care for all that many people, although Mendo manages to piss away $20 annual millions on purely alleged mental health treatment apart from anything Measure B might do. 

ALL THREE STAGES of care could be housed in one structure and staffed with kindly, patient individuals who have a calling, even a gift, for working with difficult people.  And one big guy strong enough to wrap-up the larger psychos when they go off. The average cop is a natch for psych work, which is what he does most of his working hours anyway, as are the average emergency room doctors and nurses. If the Measure B oversight committee had been heavy on them instead of government donut eaters and volunteer blah-blah artists, Mendocino County would have effective mental health treatment on the way to getting done. But here we are, dead in the rising waters.


 [1] Money was always at the root of it, with plutocrats cooking up schemes to profit from development of alleged “greening” technology, or through such financial chicanery as trading in instruments like carbon credits. But to be fair there’s many personal motivations for all this climate perturbation. Some people are truly convinced that doom is around the corner, some in the scientific community are just looking to make a modest living through research dollars, some people are just trying to get laid. 

The more cynical of them won’t be surprised by what’s going to hit, but I’m afraid that some of the young, the naive, the pink, the moist, still in school and therefore unschooled and unhardened in the ways of the world, are in for a real let-down. That is, they’ll find out they’ve been played, that it was a con, all of it for the rich to get richer, for the comfortable managerial clerisy to carve out jobs in universities and in well-compensated bureaucratic positions i.e., climate regulatory bodies. 

When the financial and economic unwind comes (as it must), when current arrangements vis-a-vis trade with China come to a grinding stop, through either money conduits clogging up with the detritus of financial collapse, or something like this Wuhan flu, or a choking off of oil pipelines from the Middle East, a great re-arrangement will have to happen. 

And given the exigencies of getting necessary materials and objects no longer made on the North American continent, never mind the continental USA, climate concerns will dissipate like morning fog.

Let-down? What let-down? Global warming? What global warming? Oh THAT global warming. Well, that’s all to the good isn’t it, what with all that CO2 bringing about a re-warming and re-greening of the planet. THAT’S what we were all concerned about all along. Wasn’t it? More CO2, not less. Warmer is better, isn’t it?

And so with Democrats and – cough – progressives guilty of the very accusations that they’re presently hurling at their political opposites, people are showing their cognitive flexibility. Two plus two equals five? Sure, why not, if my livelihood and well-being depend on it, I am convinced of the unalterable truth of it. 

With this as the precedent, with the intellectual and behavioral template being set as we speak, they’ll insist they were always for the very things they previously said they were against. Down the memory hole it goes, reality shape-shifting on the pages of the august New York Times, the paper of record. 

There’s no way they can pull it off you say? I say they can and they will. 

[2] I’m in a low income neighborhood. It went seriously to shit in the last downturn. It got back to (what passes as) normal (slowly) but I know what’s coming again.

Pplz get aggro we be servin’ up some lead.

Multiple attempts by meth-head creeps trying to bust in your door while you’re home and they hear you and they DO NOT CARE, surely work to force you to re-think your “Liberal” ideology and your views on the 2nd Amendment.

Drunk, high, cold, hungry, sick-of-it people are not a joke. People who let their own kids and pets go hungry and filthy while they tweak care even less about you. Normal people are not raised to view the world with a realistic idea of what many others are capable of. I had to re-learn over a period of years (due to China-outsourced downward mobility and social decline, thank you Bill Clinton) and it wasn’t enjoyable. Okay, it really blew. But I’d sure hate even more to be taking a crash course now. My life expectations have been beat to shit. For this I now rejoice.

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