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Letters (March 18, 2020)

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I think it’s not my place to advise anyone what they should do with their vote. But I do think it is instructive that "they" are trying to leave us with a choice between a vicious neoliberal war hawk and a fascist. Welcome to your democracy.

Chris Skyhawk


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Bernie Sanders represents many things to many people. To me, he represents a thoughtful and considerate man and here's why:

While living in Vermont in the early 80s I had the opportunity to meet Burlington Mayor Sanders under somewhat challenging circumstances. The first took place on a bitter cold day during the December holidays. I had parked in downtown Burlington across from City Hall to finish some last-minute gift shopping with my three young kids. When we returned to our parking space, the car -- a rusty Subaru -- was gone. It was then that Bernie approached with a "Can I help you?" When I told him that I thought our car had been stolen he looked at the street sign that clearly stated "12 minute parking" and asked, "did you read the sign?" I hadn't. Bernie told us to "Wait here," left us for a couple of minutes and returned to let us know that the car had been towed and he’d call a cab to take us to the car impound yard.

A few months later, after having dinner with friends in downtown Burlington, we got back to my car amid a full-blown snowstorm to discover the battery was dead. While we pondered what to do, a car slowly cruised by, made a U-turn, and pulled up to the front of the car. Mayor Bernie emerged with the words, "Looks like you fellas need a jump." Cables were connected, the car started and off we went.

Bernie is a true man of the people — then and now.

Mike Simpson, retired superintendent/principal


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Orwellian: A totalitarian socialist society state.

Bidenian: Crooked as a Biden in the Ukraine.

I cannot explain why Hunter Biden had a job in Ukraine that paid $1.08 million per year. Except that it was tied to a $30 billion aid package to Ukraine. He did not have to show up for work or even be in the country to supposedly earn this kickback. The deposed leader of Ukraine at the time escaped with at least $50 billion of the country’s money. (How much US tax dollars?) and is protected by international law.

Trying to get to the bottom of this President Trump almost got himself impeached. What did Obama know about this fake job to Biden and how would he explain this if he were subpoenaed? How many of these aid packages go out from the US to the world and what do the kickbacks look like? Not fake jobs like this but cash in envelopes or numbered offshore accounts. 

So sure, Hillary would win and a little fake job you know for “playboy dignity” would never be scrutinized and here we are.

Bidenian — crooked as a Biden in Ukraine, a new dictionary word like Orwellian.

Tom Madden 

E. Comptche

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To the Editor:

I have hit a tipping point. I will no longer willingly give money to the illegal, traitorous, illegitimate federal government. So next month I’ll file my federal tax return along with a statement of tax resistance. The government is using the money for evil purposes — stealing babies, killing people, destroying the environment, or simply handing vast wads of cash over to people who already have too much. Meanwhile the government is not helping the people who need help and isn’t protecting the citizenry from gun violence or pandemics.

I’ve already given the government $21,000 in withholding this year, so not paying the additional $3,000 which is due is not such a big brave step, but it’s the best way I can think of to voice my outrage at having my country stolen by criminals. And the moment a legally-elected government is seated, I will gladly, gladly, gladly pay all back taxes and penalties.

Deborah White


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Has anyone thought that the deputy sheriff who got in a little trouble last week might have had some problems which were hard to overcome? People overdose every day in the United States. Do you hear about them? No. You only hear about it when they are in law enforcement or if they are someone the liberal media wants to jump on. Sheriff Kendall will have to straighten this out. The media won't leave him alone, they will jump on him every chance they get. Sad. Sheriffs do lots of good things in the United States. There are about five million officers in the United States. Give the guy a chance. A sheriff has to do his job with integrity and know the letter of the law and be able to defend himself and shoot straight and know when and if to shoot and where, and administer first aid, and still be a human being, not a robot. When a guy makes a mistake, which everybody does, he should get some rehabilitation at the County’s expense and then he should get his job back.

The Liberal Democrats are destroying the Constitution and screwing up the whole American thing that Trump and the rest of us stand for. Lots of people lost their lives trying to keep this country free for more than 200 years or so. But the liberals don't give a good god damn. All they care about is their own agenda to change this into a socialist country which will never happen, not as long as a few of us Republicans are left alive. The Liberal Democrats tromp on and slide over the Constitution and our liberty like wet cow shit! 

God bless Donald Trump for many more years.

Jerry Philbrick


PS. I suggested to Howard Deshield recently to do some work on the Comptche-Ukiah Road and the Flynn Creek road. Some rough spots really need to be taken care of, the brush from the Comptche post office to Highway 1 especially. When it rains branches drop down about 4 feet onto your windshield. There are bumps on the Comptche-Ukiah Road that will break your springs if you hit them. I know where they are so I miss them. I will paint marks on them. I'm not afraid to do that. Maybe save a few old people from having a wreck.

PPS. When the American people face adversity, they do not run from it. They turn around and face it. And they overcome it like they have for the last 250 years. This coronavirus thing is here but we will defeat it. Just watch. But that does not go for the Liberals, there's nothing about them that is any good. They are trying to do a lot of harm to the United States and it won't work.

One Comment

  1. Mark W. Laszlo April 8, 2020

    Jerry Philbrick, nobody ever harmed the USA as
    much as Donald Trump!

    It’s been awhile. Smoking gun proof.

    Doesn’t know Constitution, knows Hitler’s speeches.

    Read Takeaway #4 Smoking gun proof.

    Augean stable genius! Fact checked, counted, documented by professionals.

    Symptoms of disease of his secret teacher & other follower, Idi Amin.

    All that’s not propaganda. It’s from professionals who
    back up what they say with proof.

    God Bless Bernie Sanders!

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