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Letters (April 1, 2020)

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To the Editor:

You have your own commercial health insurance coverage. You pay your premium, and your deductible, and your co-pay. Your money is used to pay people who tell you what you can’t have. I have a friend who has health insurance, and desperately needs to see a particular cardiologist, but she can’t be seen because they don’t take her insurance. I really need a pneumonia vaccine that my Medi-gap insurance refuses to cover and I can’t afford it, in this lung-affecting pandemic.

If you have insurance through your work, which so many union members are so zealously guarding, what happens if you lose your job? A job is no longer a guaranteed lifetime career. You’re out of luck. And make sure you don’t have any pre-existing conditions!

Now imagine this: you have a dangerous emergency and call 911. The Fire Dept. or the Police Dept. will not respond because you have not paid your premium! What, you expect to have a timely, effective response because you pay taxes? Are you kidding? That’s Socialism! The police, fire dept., FDA, OSHA, public health departments, street cleaning and street lights, traffic signals, all are paid for by your taxes. That’s Socialism! And yet there is such dismay at the thought of what it might cost in taxes to provide comprehensive medical care for all our citizens.

When discussing the probable cost of a national program of health care for all, someone should find out the true total amount of money collected by every company that sells any kind of health insurance, including premiums, deductibles and co-payments. So far, I have never seen or heard any such numbers. What are we really talking about here? Do we even know?

Every other advanced nation in this world except the United States provides good quality health care for all its citizens and everyone else. My daughter lives in Canada and loves their health care. When she was a tourist in Italy and broke her ankle, she received complete high quality care and it didn’t cost her a cent!

In the United States, we pay more for our health care and medications than anywhere else in the world, and have the worst results. Are we willing to commit to the greatest expense for the worst results just to prove our rugged individualism?

Carol K. Gottfried


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I believe it is a mistake to not publish the details of suicides as the more people are aware of the causes, the more they can be helpful to others.

The reason does not have to be specific. But it helps the community at large to deal with it if they know Alice/Bob ended their life due to terminal illness, money problems, loss of a loved one, loneliness, etc.

It also gives them an inclination to help similar people they know.

Since 1999, when they passed the .08 law, and shut down all our social places, the suicide rate in rural America has sky rocketed. (Google it) People cannot tolerate solitary confinement. We are social creatures.

It got so bad in Ireland, where they passed a .06 law, they began issuing drunk driving permits to rural dwellers. (Google it)

Of course, the Irish are known for their common sense and compassion. (Google it )

Captain Cass Farrington

Fort Bragg

Robin Epley Replies:

Hi Cass -- I believe it is a mistake to report on suicides overmuch. Please read these guidelines from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

We will not be publishing more than is absolutely necessary about any suicide, and even then only when the police issue a public report.

Thank you for reading,

Robin Epley, Editor, Fort Bragg Advocate

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In all the years of voting in politics I have never been affiliated with any party. I vote for who, what and whatever I think is best for California and the USA. I try to keep an open mind about everything but when Pelosi announced on Thursday evening that they were going ahead with impeachment proceedings against President Trump the following Friday, I was a Republican.

I have never seen a more inbreed pack of wolves like the Democratic Party try to dismember an animal. Yes, I said animal, because President Trump is an animal. I cannot think of anyone who can take the BS he's been put through and survive.

I'm sick of listening to the Dems piss and moan about everything. They are worthless! They have had it way too easy for way too long and when it came time to work and take care of the American people they fell flat on their ass. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, the devils Shiff, Swalwell, Harris and the little dictator Newsom (and many others) need to go!

Just because you are in a party, and who the hell came up with party? because it sure as hell isn't one, doesn't mean you have to vote that way. There are a lot of people changing.

Mr. Quid Pro Quo Biden and his money-laundering family isn't worth a crap. Hell it might come down to the citizens of Ukraine being part owners of the San Francisco Giants thanks to the Bidens. (A joke? Maybe, maybe not.) Biden as president would only meaning Pelosi and the inbreed wolf pack would be running our country, not dumb-ass Biden. He is just their little puppet.

Come on editor. Bernie? Really? Backed by AOC. What does that tell you? Socialism doesn't work! We should give 50% or so of Californians credit for reading for a change and not passing Proposition 13. It's about time you closed your wallets to this tax sucking state.

Open your eyes and look at what President Trump has done for this country even if you do not like him as a person. Now the coronavirus. Time to listen with 20/20 hindsight how the inbreed wolf pack would have handled this. Give us a break with all of your crap. Tired of hearing it.

Keep America great. Vote President Trump.

Dennis Winchester

formerly of Boonville, Philo, and Ukiah

Now in Mount Aukum, California

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Letter to the Editor

Congrats to Jerry Philbrick for digesting his general dyspepsia down to his shortest, least repetitive, least waste of space letter ever. Good for you, bud, keep on editing! Also noted is his request to a Mr. Deshield to get to work on the road.

Assuming this gentleman is a county guy, you’re asking him to use socialist tax dollars extorted by the Ukiah liberals to drop what they are doing and repair this low traffic byway pronto. Whatever happened to the spirit of independence that built this country? Where is the gumption, the drive, the get up and go that made America globally admired? Where is the determined, rock ribbed republican ethic of self reliance? Why, Jer old boy, are you waiting for communists to fix the road? Stand up proudly!

Assert your self respect! Fix the road yourself! You can do it, I say with all authority, because I have done it! Yes, it’s true, Philbrick, you can actually Take Responsibility Without Asking Anyone For Permission!

Here’s the thing, pal. See those monster pot holes? Well, get off your whiny complaining ass, stop expecting government to do everything, and Get To Work! Got a loader in your barn? Doesn’t look like it’s been used much lately, right? Crank it up and drive it down the road until you find a minor rock slide, scoop up the rock and dump it in the hole! Isn’t that better than painting circles?

Then, see all that encroaching brush? Get your rusty tractor out, bolt a cutter to the PTO, and whack it yourself! Doesn’t that make you feel great? Attaboy, you took care of business without any need of the goddam government! Isn’t that what you want?

But here’s the best part, old timer. You remember the old times! People will drive by and say to you, Jerry, what the hell are you doing? Isn’t the county supposed to do that? And, your chest swelling with pride, you reply, Goddam county commies can’t do a damn thing right so I’m doing it myself! 

And they will say, Philbrick! You’re right! You’re what neighborliness is all about! Thanks, Jerry! Thanks a million! I wish there were more like you!

But wait, there’s more! Next thing you’ll find is that others will be inspired by you! They will also take it upon themselves to fill potholes and cut brush and fix up other stuff they find annoying. And when all is said and done and all your neighbors are leaning on their tractors and loaders and drinking well earned afternoon beers, they will unanimously praise you, they will all say Good for you Jerry Philbrick, you’re a real man and a Great American! You’ll pop the buttons off your shirt with well earned All American Pride!

So with all respect I suggest to you that you quit sniveling and get to work. If I did it, you sure as hell can too.

Jay Williamson

Santa Rosa

* * *



I would like Donald Trump to know that I do not want him wasting time or resources to give me $1,200. I am comfortably retired and want the money spent on virus testing kits, protective wear for our medical workers and first responders, ventilators, emergency medical stations for coronavirus testing and treatment.

If this inane idea moves forward, I promise to give my $1,200 to a single parent who needs the cash because she couldn’t work.

What a disastrous time to have such poor leadership for our country. May we as citizens do what we can to keep each other safe as we listen to reasonable state and county leaders. Be kind and be careful.

Bobbie Johanson


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