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Compiled from Twitter

Bernie was winning
And then Obama jumped in —
Sound of corruption

Racial jungle bad
But segregation is good
I have a black friend

It's a pandemic
But you should go cast your votes
So we can change them

"Berners, I hear you,
From now until November.
What's the next cue card?"

He's articulate
Bright, clean and nice looking
Not like other blacks

Silence, Progressives!
While my intern massages
My golden leg hairs

My memory's weak
But I'd still like to be your

Barry knifed Bernie
So he could play cabin boy
On billionaire yachts

I saw a virus
The pain cannot be unseen
Its name was Cornpop

We came together
To kill your policy needs
You owe us your vote

The climate bomb ticks
Bernie caves to his good friend
Where did four years go?

The invisible hand
More blatant than usual
Bets on a dead horse

Russians can't get me
I can smell their hair from here
Wait, what...? where am I?

One Comment

  1. Pat Kittle April 15, 2020

    JOE BIDEN receives a MOMENTO from the JEWISH LOBBY

    Old Joe’s most humiliating (& revealing) experience
    was immediately consigned to the Memory Hole:

    “I HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER YOU BUT BROKEN GLASS,” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed US Vice President Biden during an after-dinner ceremony in Jerusalem on March 9, 2010.

    Netanyahu had prepared a symbolic gift for visiting Vice President JoeBiden: a framed document announcing that several trees were planted in Jerusalem in memory of Biden’s mother, a loyal supporter of Israel.

    But with Biden’s mission to persuade the Israeli government to begin shrinking Greater Israel back to its pre-1967 borders, Netanyahu leaned on the present (NOT “accidentally” as reported by the Jew-owned press) and shattered the glass frame.

    Then came Netanyahu’s cyptic warning and by way of indirection, a threat to Obama: “I have one thing to offer you right now, and it’s broken glass.” [View Full Photo Here.]

    It got worse. At a later tour of Israel’s Holocaust memorial museum, Yad Vashem, the lights in the Hall of Remembrance “unexpectedly” went out as a prayer for the dead was chanted.

    Catching Biden’s security detail by surprise as they anxiously stood for over 60 seconds in utter darkness, only the “eternal fire” that honored the Jewish dead spread its ominous light upon the Biden contingent.

    By the time the lights flickered back on, Biden’s Middle East fortunes were sealed with an Israeli announcement that it would build 1,600 new homes for Jewish settlers, ignoring US and Palestinian objections. On Biden’s departure for Jordan, Ha’aretz reported that Israel plans to build 50,000 new homes in East Jerusalem over the next three years.

    The “broken glass” and the “moments of darkness” that Biden experienced were not chance events. Nothing happens at official Israeli gatherings that is not carefully planned and orchestrated in advance. And in spite of Biden’s groveling before Netanyahu and Peres, with vows of Israel being the “centerpiece of US policy,” the Vice President’s cowering was met with glassy eyes by the leaders of the “master race.”

    Symbolic acts, such as the breaking of a glass by a Jewish groom before making vows of faithfulness to his bride at every Jewish wedding, are part of Jewish tradition. When the Jewish groom crushes the glass beneath his rightfoot, he silently pledges to avenge the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem and wage war on all those who would perpetuate that destruction….

    — ( )

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