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Where’s My Meds, Mitch?

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Greetings from San Quentin where I am serving four months for parole violation. I am humbly and respectfully asking for a free subscription to your newspaper which I have been a fan of and read for 20 years. Thank you kindly.

A brief comment on Michael Johnson's encounter with the on-site manager at the Hospitality House in Fort Bragg concerning donated blankets and so forth. I resided at the Hospitality House for ten days in August. Upon entry I was forced to surrender my medication to the house manager, “Mitch,” for placement in his office where I was allowed access at 4pm each day. On the tenth day of my stay I requested my daily medication and was informed by Mitch that my meds were accidentally given to someone who had checked out of the shelter. I attempted to refill the prescriptions and was unable to do so due to my insurance not fully covering the cost. These medications are extremely important in managing severe depression and anxiety due to the death of my wife of 20 years.

Long story short, I am serving four months in hell for a parole violation stemming from a suicide attempt which I believe I would never have occurred if my medication had not been lost by the shelter's on-site manager, Mitch. While I certainly accept responsibility for my actions, I also to a certain degree hold Mitch responsible for my attempted suicide and subsequent incarceration. Had he managed my medication in a responsible and competent manner perhaps the situation could have been avoided.

So I applaud Michael Johnson for conducting an investigation into the conduct of the manager at the Hospitality House.

In closing I would like to thank you for the subscription to your newspaper and encourage anyone with a kind heart to write to me. My situation is extremely depressing in that I will be here for the entire length of the upcoming holidays and I'm alone in this world! So I also ask that you please print my mailing address.

Thank you for the kindness.

All my love,

Alan Crow G-31111

San Quentin State Prison/5B-48-L

San Quentin, CA 94974

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