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Draft SIP Revision

Health Officer Releases Draft Shelter-In-Place Order

As the State learns about Governor Gavin Newsom’s four-stage framework to reopen California, Mendocino County Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan has continued working on a new Shelter-In-Place revision to enter into Stage 2 this Friday. California is currently in Stage 1 which includes building capacity for:

• Testing 

• Case investigation and contact tracing 

• Personal Protective Equipment

• Healthcare surge capacity 

Dr. Doohan is planning to release a revised Shelter-In-Place Order on Friday, May 8 following the release of the State’s Stage 2 framework. This new Order in draft form, and the Health Officer’s Stage 2 Transition Plan, is available online here:

In preparation for Stage 2, please read the draft Order and Transition Plan and provide feedback by emailing 

Feedback from the community and businesses will continue to be valuable as we move forward together across Mendocino County in this four-staged reopening process. The below chart outlines what types of businesses the Governor is allowing for reopening during various stages which can be found here:

May 5, at the Board of Supervisors Meeting, Health Officer Dr. Doohan will be discussing the draft limited reopening Shelter in Place order planned to be released on Friday May 8. The meeting will be streamed live the on the Mendocino County YouTube Channel and Facebook page

For more information on the Board meeting and how to participate please visit:

For more on COVID-19:

Call Center: (707) 234-6052 or email

The call center is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

(County Presser, 8:30pm Monday, May 4, 2020)

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