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KATHY BAILEY says that the joint meeting she attended of the State Assembly Committees to re-visit Governor Brown’s and the Parks Department’s planned closure of 70 parks, eight of them in Mendocino County, went pretty well. Besides Bailey’s irrefutable arguments about the severe impact Hendy Woods closure would have on Anderson Valley's staggering economy, Assemblyman Wes Chesbro has said he will “seek to have the legislature revisit the issue at the start of their new session in January.”

CONGRESSIONAL HOPEFUL JARED HUFFMAN will appear at Hendy Woods this Saturday at 2:30pm and the Boonville Hotel at 4. Huffman, an Assemblyman from Marin County who has already raised tons of money from all the wrong people to fund his run for Congress, sits on the legislative committee overseeing state parks. Occupy Hendy Woods has gotten a lot of Bay Area media attention, hence Huffman's visit Saturday.

ROEDERER Estates and the Anderson Valley Community Action teamed up last Tuesday (November. 9th) to host a training on “Responsible Beverage Service". Many wineries sent representatives along with community clubs and agencies that serve alcohol at their fundraising events. The training was sponsored by the Center for Applied Research Solutions (CARS) and funded by the CA Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs. Bi-Lingual presenter George Vasquez did a great job of packing a ton of information into his four-hour program. Certificates of completion will be sent to those who passed the final exam.

BARBARA GOODELL WRITES: On Saturday, November 19th from 2:00-4:00 in the afternoon you can sample the six outstanding new salsas in the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Secrets of Salsa Cookbook. Imagine ten years! And now, against many economic odds, the salsa cookbook is continuing to keep the doors open for the English as a second language classes at our adult school. So come to Boonville Hotel's Shed — behind the house behind Paysanne, the Ice Cream Parlor in Boonville — to savor the new buttery Sinaloan Salsa for Salmon from Marisol Jimenez; the rich and full-flavored My Grandmother's salsa by Olga Medina; Anaheim Chili salsa with a taste of the ocean by Iriana Camacho; a very refreshing Strawberry Jicama salsa by Aurora Torres; an exquisite Garden Gazpacho by Pilar Echeverria; and a very versatile Baja Fish Taco salsa, a collective recipe. Meet the women who have contributed these salsas, get autographed copies of the new edition of the cookbook, and enjoy the live mariachi music and celebration! For more information please call 895-2953.”

DEPUTY SQUIRES said Monday that the surgery on his troublesome shoulder had gone well, and that he will soon be back on duty.

ACCORDING to a Sac State study which wafted down out of cyberspace and into our office the other day, “The average park visitor spends $57 locally and in the park.” Based on those statistics, the report says, Greenwood State Beach at Elk brought $2,553,543 into the Mendocino County economy in 2009/10. Hendy Woods at Philo, with its many overnight camping spots, probably generated that and more in total sales of this, that and the other thing in the Anderson Valley.

I DID A DOUBLE TAKE the other Boonville day at the young guy who's a dead ringer for Zippy the Pinhead — shaved skull, top knot, idiot grin — the works. Is he local, or just loco?

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