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Ukiah Valley Breaks 100

[July 13]

Coronavirus cases in Mendocino County now number 136, with Ukiah Valley, by itself, hitting triple figures.


  1. Lolo July 14, 2020

    More testing, more cases, real simple.

    • Bllllla July 19, 2020

      Dumpster logic to discredit the spread. Well played mate

  2. Angry July 15, 2020

    Yet the uusd school board has decided to open schools with in person teaching. Putting our communities children and teachers In harm’s way. Not only of getting sick, but possibly dying! and spreading it to other members of their families, also to the community. Wtf is wrong with them? Teachers are essential not sacrificial, not to mention the children. I know parents need babysitters but at the risk of your child’s life? What kind of a town do we live in, where this is okay?

  3. Boycott back to school. July 18, 2020

    Cant agree more. Physically going to school to get educated is unnecessary and waste. Remote learning and home schooling has been taking place for years so no excuse for this dumb move. The school board should be fired and the community should boycott the broken school system.

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