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Should This Man Be Extradited?

Chris Diaz, 22, appears at 1:30 this afternoon (Wednesday the 30th November) in Judge Moorman's courtroom where Texas is waiting for him in the form of an extradition warrant. If Judge Moorman approves it, Diaz will get a long bus ride back to the Lone Star State where it's legal to execute retarded people and shoot your wife if you find her in bed with another man, but it's illegal to possess a half ounce of cannabis extract. That kind of half ounce is sooooooo illegal in Texas that it can get you 5 to 99 years in prison, which is the sentence Diaz, father of two small children, is looking at.

Diaz is originally from Texas. As a minor child of 15, and on the recommendation and a prescription of Roby Mitchell M.D. (Dr. Fitt on facebook/Amarillo, Texas), he was instructed to use hemp oil to repair damage to his lungs. The doctor was right. Cannabis worked. Chris could breathe. The doctor also suggested to his young patient and his family that they move to a state where medical cannabis is legal, or at least semi-legal. The family took that advice and moved to Mendocino County in 2007.

The young man has had serious lung problems since infancy, and has since been diagnosed with lung disease, advanced chronic asthma, multiple chemical sensitivity disorder, spinal meningitis, collapsed lungs, allergies — the works. In 2007 after the move to California, and before he had gotten on a steady treatment plan, Diaz suffered the collapse of both his lungs and underwent emergency surgery at Howard Hospital in Willits. He was 10 days in ICU. Diaz's family says their son's near death experience "was a life changing event."

The family takes up the story from here. "Chris would make the decision to use only organic, all natural, the way God intended, remedies to treat his lifelong disability, and improve his health and the health of his children and family. By the end of 2007, still living at home under the supervision of his parents in Mendocino County, Chris had completely stopped taking all chemical and/or pharmaceutical medications. No more breathing machines, steroids, inhalers, nasal sprays...Since that time he has been a 100% Medical Cannabis Patient, who practices only an organic lifestyle and cannabis to treat his disease. He is a 100% Organic Vegetarian breathing clean air, everyday, in the 2000 year old Redwoods on the North Coast in the Village of Mendocino.

"In 2010, on a family emergency, he and his entire family traveled from California to Texas to visit his great grandmother who was in ill health and hospitalized. The family had plans of being gone for only ten days. Chris had only enough medication to last for a short visit. While traveling alone at night, he was admittedly profiled for being in a California car, by the mayor of Bangs, Texas. The mayor also happened to be a Texas State Trooper. Chris was arrested and held in confinement for 80 days. He was reported in the newspapers, by the Brown County Sheriff's Office, as being a flight risk, which in turn, discouraged any bail bond agency from working with the family.

"It was reported on television by the Texas Department of Public Safety that Chris was in possession of 'more marijuana than just he could use.' This amount has been recorded in court documents and in the newspapers as exactly 14 grams of Cannabis Concentrate. In custody, Chris was denied medical treatment, and his dietary restrictions were not honored or even recognized. "After 80 days, an $80,000 house and $5000.00 cash (many donations, thank you) his family secured his release. Chris returned to Brown County Court for many court appearances where it became clear to him and his court appointed attorney that he would not receive a fair trial. On October 25th, 2010 at his hearing, it was decided by him, his court-appointed attorney, and his family, that Chris would take on representation of himself, and return to California to seek additional legal advice and support from his peers and experts in the Medical Cannabis field.

"He returned to California after that to begin yet another journey to save his life, this time from the State of Texas. He was not "on the run."

" In December 2010, he was left to care for his two beautiful, 100% organic, vegan, local Mendo children, on his own. After 6 years of turbulent relations, the mother of his children made the decision to move, live, and attend job training in another state. At that time, Chris had just turned 21 and she was 26. On January 18th, 2011 he had a scheduled hearing in Brown County, Texas, that District Attorney Michael Murray, and Judge Stephen Ellis, would not re-schedule. Before that, the Judge had denied all motions entered by the defense, and would not allow a medical marijuana defense. Texas does not recognize medical marijuana. At that time DA Michael Murray had still not provided the legally required evidence to the defense, especially the allegation that Chris was a "drug dealer.

"The state of Texas has charged Chris with a 1st degree felony, the same charge for a murder with a prison sentence of 5-99 years. Yet this young father has hurt no one, he has caused no harm or injury. The State of Texas claims he has "harmed their dignity."

"On January, 18th, 2011, after the refusal by the Texas DA and Judge to re-schedule the court hearing, and Chris's non-appearance, a bond forfeiture was entered and an arrest warrant issued. The Texas newspapers reported that Chris was on the run. A statement issued by Brown County Sheriff Bobby Grubbs vowed, "We'll find him again" and "He'll be back in custody." But Chris was never on the run, and has worked countless hours on how to defend himself and protect his family from these lies and allegations. He has continued living, working, and raising his family in Mendocino while arguing long distance with Texas authorities.

"The continued refusal of co-operation from Brown County, Texas, and an active "fugitive from justice" charge, the stress and anxiety of all this caused Chris serious respiratory failure in February of this year. The sudden failure of his lungs sent him to the emergency room for the first time in over 3 years where he had to be hooked up to a breathing machine.

"On October 30th, 2011, on the tip of local informant Alan Keifer, it was reported to the Mendocino County Sheriff's Department that Chris was at Harvest Market in the Village of Mendocino. Two Mendocino County Sheriff deputies came to Harvest Market, put handcuffs on him, and violently threw him in their car — all in front of his two young children. Chris now sits in the Mendocino County Jail where he is currently being denied medical treatment and his specific dietary requirements are ignored. Chris is awaiting an extradition hearing that is taking place today on November 30th at 1:30 in Judge Moorman's court in Ukiah, to be possibly taken to his death in Texas. He has a local public defender that he finally received after 10 days without representation. Chris is worried that his public defender has not explained what the extradition process is, or how to defend himself against it. He has been told by the public defender, "They know who you are, and they will prove it, and you will be sent back to Texas, and you will have to defend yourself there."

"Please help us to not allow this to happen; please come to court today, November 30th at 1:30 in Ukiah to show your support that this man should not be sent to Texas.

"Due to these extraordinary circumstances the family has been put into serious financial hardship, and any support you offer is helpful. Thank You. Donations can be made by Paypal with recipient email address:

You may get more information by calling 707-513-3775 or visit online at Thank you for all your support and blessings. Together we can make a difference. Extra special thanks to everyone at Leonard Moore Cooperative for your support, kindness, and ability to see the truth. Thank you for being concerned for the well being of patients above all else. You all have shown what it is to be a building block of true community. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The Parents of Chris Diaz, Mendocino."




  1. Honesty December 1, 2011

    The children’s mother was NOT 26 in December 2010, she just turned 25 in October of 2011. They were not together for 6 ‘turbulant’ years but rather 3 years in which she was brainwashed and persuaded to abandon her own family. The stress of these decisions ultimately caused the death of her father 6 days after the death of her mother. She did not chose to ” move, live, and attend job training in another state”! You were all in Texas together when Chris and his parents left to go back to California. I could understand these falacies if this article were written by a reporter who could confuse the facts, but when i read that Chris’ parents wrote this? It discredited everything else written in the article. I was just about to feel sorry for him, but this article is full of lies. Good Luck to you all. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy, but you lost my support with your lack of facts.

    • Honestly, Honesty December 3, 2011

      You don’t know your facts. Chris was 15 when XXXXX came into his life. Chris just turned 22. You do the math. You obviously don’t know Chris or XXXXX at all. XXXXX’s mother was dying of terminal cancer when they met and died within 2 years. Her father died of a broken heart shortly after her mother died. (nice try, blaming Chris for her fathers death.) XXXXX never had a good relationship with her mother or father. How could you possibly say that XXXXX was brainwashed??? Really??? Wow!!! Chris was only a child when an OLDER WOMAN, from a family of alcoholics and drug users, came into his life and seduced him and got pregnant. Chris never finished HIS formal education (high school) and instead became a fulltime father a age 16. XXXXX was a legal adult, Chris was not, he was a minor child taken advantage of by a manipulative woman who was losing her mother, her mother’s house and her mother’s car.
      XXXXX was not “brainwashed” into abandoning her parents. Her mother and father died. One of her older brothers is serving a life sentence in Texas right now for statutory rape of a 15 year old girl. XXXXX’s other brother is addicted to Meth as is her only sister. XXXXX has also struggled with meth use herself and has an alcohol addiction. When Chris became a father, HIS family took in XXXXX as one of their own family and have always provided for the care and well being of her and Chris’ children. Chris has worked very hard to provide an organic lifestyle for his children, and himself. Chris also works very hard at educating himself on the dangers to his children from television,micro/radio waves and cell phone technology. ( let’s remember Chris just turned 22) Last I read, television and mainstream media/consumerism is the prevalent brainwashing mechinism, Not a 15 year old asthmatic who rides a bicycle, is still in middle school and lives at home with his parents. And yes, XXXXX did have a high school diploma and several years of college when she met Chris, and also had many previous sexual relationships. Chris had only had one girlfriend prior to meeting XXXXX. Chris has a very loving Christian family who has supported him throughout his life and will continue to support him and his children. And yes, XXXXX did choose to move, live and attend job training in another state. Check her records. She traveled with Chris and their entire family from their home in California to Texas to visit his great grandmother. When Chris was admittedly profiled on his way to Austin to pick her and his children up from his Dad’s, XXXXX decided at that time to not get involved for fear of herself being prosecuted in Texas for felony statutory rape. XXXXX instead continued to stay at Chris’ dads house (with their children) in Austin for several weeks and then went to Amarillo to Chris’ grandmothers house. XXXXX (and their children) continued to stay at his grandmothers house while Chris was in custody. The daily care of their children was taken on by Chris’ grandmother and grandfather. Chris grandmother relayed to the family that she believed XXXXX had a drinking problem and was very immature. Chris grandmother had also relayed that XXXXX had stop breastfeeding the baby and began to give him bottles of apple juice as a replacement and was concerned about the baby not being fed properly. XXXXX would leave the children with the grandmother at night while she was out drinking with her friends. Chris does not drink alcohol, and the continued alcohol abuse by his “partner” is one of the many heartaches that he has had to endure at such a young age. XXXXX did abandon Chris and their children in December 2010, when she decided not to return with him and her two young children (age 3 and 10 mo.) to their home in California, instead choosing to stay in Texas with her friends to attend job training. XXXXX abandoned her and her childrens home, and all of her belongings in Ca, to “couch surf” with her freinds in Texas. She claims that what she was doing was to help her family, although the father of her two children is facing a life sentence for possessing 1/2 ounce of medicinal cannabis, she has never stepped up to speak out against the atrosity, or offered ANY HELP TO HIM AT ALL. What she has done is continually complain about herself and her “percieved” misfortunes. Chris has repeatedly said from custody that his children and their well being are the most important thing to him and the only thing he is worried about. Chris was admittedly profiled in Texas for having CA lic. plates on his car, and taken into custody while on a family emergency to Texas. He was held in confinement for over 80 days. HE DID NOT LIVE IN TEXAS AT THE TIME. His home, car, clothes, childrens home, clothes, toys all still in his home on their small organic farm in California. He DID NOT MOVE from Texas in Dec 2010, he and his children returned home. He was taken off the road in the middle of the night in June 2010, by Texas dps and held in Texas, he did not LIVE there, nor did his children who are California natives. Now imagine that you were traveling outside your home state and were taken off the road in the middle of the night and held away from your family and kept from your home for over 80 days. What is happening to Chris and his children is inhumane. Not to mention what he and his children have had to endure with XXXXX.
      Honesty says: , the mother was in the middle of school! Again not true Honesty. And already paid for her training? And unable to go with them? Honestly, doenst make any sense now does it. What about XXXXX home in CA and her childrens home??? What about her childrens well being??? How could someone in their right mind choose to not go home with their kids to thier home and help their fahter fight for his life??? But instead take out a loan to pay for job training and then say she is unable to be with her children beacuse she has already paid for school. Seems like Honesty is trying to concoct a story as to why XXXXX would do the things to her family that she has. Yet the truth WILL prevail. XXXXX has continued to rely on the financial support of Chris family during this entire ordeal, AND Chris’ family has continued to reach out to XXXXX to help her battle her alcohol, drug abuse and to help her improve the relationship with her children as well as Chris.
      Honestly Honest, sounds like you need to lay off the drugs and alcohol and probably turn off your TV, it seems to be clouding your judgement.. Check your Facts. XXXXX was either 26 last Dec. or 25 this Dec. either way she still committed felony statutory rape which resulted in a pregnancy and she knew exactly what she was doing. Careful, or she may end up manipulating YOU as well. FREE CHRIS Love and Blessings to his entire family. Peace

      • Heather D December 21, 2011

        It sucks. Texas is a dangerous place if your not a republican fundamentalist christian. and unfortunately, they will probably kill him. people with health problems in TX jail are mistreated left n right. If you get medication at all, it”s whenever the lazy bitch on duty feels like doing her job. which is not everyday. They keep old ladies from their BP medication, and if you pass out, they surround and stare at you (either thinking your faking, or hoping you”ll die). They don”t believe in aborthion there, but check n see how many mothers there kill their toddler children. Their all CRAZY.

    • Rhonda December 4, 2011

      We are deeply apologetic that there was an error printed listing your age as 26 last year, and we sincerely hope this has not caused you mental stress.
      There was also the mistake made of printing Allen’s name, and we sincerely apologize to him and his family for any stress this may have caused them. This has been a very trying time for us all, and we pray for peace to blanket all of us and bring comfort. A correction was sent to the editor Bruce Anderson as well as a formal apology.
      Thank you for your love and understanding.
      Your Mother-in-Law

      • ???????? WHY December 6, 2011

        Look Girl.
        Think about ?????
        You’ve been the Pawn, so to speak.
        Don’t trust that. You got hung out to dry…..
        Back peddling is what that is.

        That was pure HATE Pointed & printed about you & Your family….
        FOR NO REASON..
        That was meant to brake you down.
        Hear me say:
        “No one has control unless you give it to them.”
        Hang in there, do the right thing, stay in school…..
        & remember your children need You.
        You are their Mother.

        The Camp fears you gaining yourself dignity & Your children…

  2. Honesty December 1, 2011

    When Chris’ family made the decision to move in December 2010 FROM Texas with the kids, the mother was in the middle of school! She had already paid for herr training and was unable to go with them. There was no abandoning of her children. Maybe you should lay off the weed a little bit…seems to be clouding your memory.

    • Wow December 3, 2011

      Sounds pretty turbulant to me. He was only 15 and she was in college.
      Shame on her.

  3. curoius?? December 2, 2011

    does anyone know if chris got extradited?

    • Bruce Anderson December 2, 2011

      He got extradited, although as of Friday he may still be held in the Mendocino County Jail waiting for the extradition van that drives around the state picking up the doomed for re-deposit in jails all over the United States. It could take him a month to get back to Texas.

  4. WE THE PEOLE.. December 4, 2011

    WE THE PEOPLE have something to say……… I am someone whom has watched this situation unfold from the beginning. I have followed the lies and falsities that have been systematically put together by these anti American’s . Here is a young man who refused to give his name and doesn’t even have active social security number driving a car that was not registered, like himself. Doing this in a state where the trafficking of illegal substances is frowned upon when you have an unregistered vehicle, no ID ,no social,and won’t give your name with over an ounce of hashish in your possession it’s wise to be as cooperative with the authorities as possible. A wise person would not bad mouth and try to degrade a whole county in a state where good ole boys run the courthouse. I Love Texas and I think it’s just fabulous that his butt is being extradited back to the state where he and his ignorant supporters started their campaign on basically crapping on the US of A. These people don’t pay taxes, live in the woods growing pot, cheating the system, inside and out..finding ways to steal identities extort money ,bail jump,don’t vote, this is OUR system in which most of us tax paying hard working citizens fight for daily. That pisses me and my supporters off. Here is someone that gave his word he wasn’t going to flee the state….so WE THE PEOPLE decided approve a bond for him …oh not to mention he had to have his Grandfather put his house up to get the bond in the first place…another act of extortion if you ask me….not counting the 5 plus thousand they extorted from the kids father..but didn’t care. He was planning on leaving the state from the beginning. and his supporters helped him flea..If they don’t realize they did aid and abed a fugitive and WE THE PEOPLE want to see justice then let their ignorance keep over flowing because I do love this great country of ours and I will be a voice in this case because WE THE PEOPLE need to fight for what is right and just simply for the integrity of our country,
    This young man should be made an example of just for the simple fact they bad mouth this country and don’t pay taxes and use false names and extort monies from innocent hard working tax paying people that have homes and a voice in the community. Can’t forget kidnapping …in the long list of charges that will unfold in the days to come to this Anti American group that finds themselves in the hills of Mendocino …You are not untouchable and not very hard to find WE THE PEOPLE have already proved that with the extradition of your little poster child. That’s right keep showing your colors in our courtrooms and keep bad mouthing our country and you will find yourselves on the next poster . As my old Grandfather used to tell me Keep your friends close and your enemies closer …Ms. Martin give up your little fantasy world that is only digging you and your brainwashed followers a nice deep hole in which you all can rot in …..and when you finally crawl your way back to the surface WE THE PEOPLE will still be standing in absolute control of what happens in our country and our communities. GOD BLESS THE USA.

    • Leah's Mom December 5, 2011

      In my experience those who “doth protest too much, methinks” are usually guilty of the things of which they accuse others. The ‘spew’ from WE THE PEOPLE really concerns me, because it is obvious this is from one who believes his way or the highway: “I’m right and you’re full of shit.” (Back in the 70s there was a book” Games People Play. You might consider looking yourself up, and then using that knowledge and insight as a way to grow.) Do not speak for me, I am part of the People! Freedom of speech is one of our rights, but we need to respect others and not defame them. Your anger only hurts you, it does not hurt those you attack.. It only shows your ignorance and spiritual vacuity. Spend your energy on something positive, not on hatred and defamation. That would go a whole lot farther in making this world a better place to live. And BTW, I don’t smoke weed, I’m a law abiding, tax-paying Texan, but because of spew like this entry, I can’t but wonder what happened to my beloved country!

    • December 6, 2011

      These uber-patriot right wing pricks all have this in common: a lust to punish. Note the term, “in absolute control.” It’s so riddled with neo-fascist clichés, the post is almost lampoon-worthy but there is nothing funny there.

  5. Peaceful Observer December 4, 2011

    Your Hatred Shows

  6. Castiel December 4, 2011

    Sham on you for taking on the name “WE THE PEOPLE.” You don’t speak for me and you surely don’t represent the thoughts and feelings of the people. Who do you think you are anyway…God?

    You’re hatred does show and there is nothing Christian like about that.

    “God bless the USA,” out of your mouth that’s blasphemy. You think God would have anything to do with something like this? But I’m sure you think you know how God feels about medical marijuana.

    The USA has bigger problems then medical marijuana. How about the housing market, unemployment, the deterioration of our education system, the list goes on and on.

    I am a citizen of the USA, I pay my taxes, and I also don’t judge how other people choose to live their life. I leave that up to God.

  7. Finally.. December 6, 2011

    We the people, I totally agree and thanks for writing the truth

  8. Harvey Reading December 11, 2011

    Texas: a prime argument for doing away with states’ rights.

  9. Tonto December 29, 2011

    Wow, it seems that this whole ordeal has created a firestorm of opinions and assumptions by people who are probably misinformed at best or ignorant at worst. We the people included but not to be singled out as very few of the latest comments seem to have any first-hand knowledge of the situation. Kudos to Honesty; Peaceful Observer; ?????Why and Leah’s mom’s as they at least seem to have some perspective that is less than hateful. If the Feds would stay out of state’s business people like Chris could stay in their own little Mendo world and live happily ever after if they chose. I still cannot believe how incredulous people become when they have committed a crime according to the jurisdiction they are traveling into and through and are so unwilling to accept accountability for their actions. Really? Was the alleged criminal act of distribution of a controlled substance lost on this individual? In most if not all counties of Texas possession of a controlled substance is against the law. Should it be? Not my position to judge but in my state it is my position to judge and I would definitely not agree with the position taken by the citizens of Brownwood county regarding such a minimal amount of cannabis and the potential punishment that could result. Had the ridiculous laws not been initiated by the Feds back in the 30’s regarding opiates(herion); stimulants(cocaine) and cannibis(THC); which were put on the books to target three minority groups that were threatening to the good ol boy network, each state would have the rights, as they should, to regulate, tax and better control these drugs in their own jurisdictions. Do your research and you will see what I mean regarding these federal laws that targeted Asians, African-Americans and Hispanics back in the 1930s. Seems like discrimination to me. Had states rights not been and continue to be trampled on by the Feds those who advocate medicinal usage of these substances could still be free to do so in counties like Mendocino in California. Wake up America, we are becoming a police state and we’re all responsible for it as we continue to allow the Federal govt to circumvent states rights each and every day. Our state representatives and governors need to grow a pair, read the Constitution and stand up for the citizens in their respective states. Crime, this case included, is not at all about justice but about revenue generation as crime is now a for-profit industry. Our government is essentially bankrupt and federal, state, county and cities are inventing new laws each and every day to generate revenue. We as a society give up little pieces of our freedom, i.e. seatbelt laws, and don’t think anything about it as they (govt)slowly and systematically take away more and more of our freedoms, i.e. Patriot Act. I digress. I could comment directly regarding some of the points made regarding this case as I do have first-hand knowledge and know some of the people involved, but I will not as it isn’t my place to pass judgement. However, I will say that personal accountability is and should be what all human beings strife towards. If one doesn’t want to abide by laws that are inhumane and strict beyond their personal preferences, do your homework and don’t travel to or through those jurisdictions. Seems simple. If you want to be a “stoner” or partake of your “medicine”, btw I do feel their are plenty of medicinal purposes for all of the aforementioned naturally occurring substances, you should know where to live to do so and don’t take your “medicine” to or through jurisdictions where you’ll find yourself prosecuted or persecuted, depending on your perspective. This could happen to anyone and as I have said before, educate oneself regarding laws in areas one plans on travelling through and hopefully you won’t be the next victim of the for-profit industry that is called crime and punishment. Just ask your Native American what the Feds have done for them lately and you might agree that we need more state’s rights, not less.

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