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Off the Record (August 26, 2020)

BIG TWITTER DAY for Trump last week, as he denounced New York City mayor Bill de Blasio as "a communist fool who has destroyed New York" and recommended an anti-covid concoction made from oleander juice marketed by Ben Carson. That was a morning's work. Later in the day the president told a Minneapolis audience that "the pandemic is God testing me." Trump's Korean soul bro, Kim Jong-un, announced that dogs and household pets are now illegal because they represent “bourgeois decadence,” besides which these household pets are needed to make up the country's protein shortages. 

THE SUPES couldn’t decide to extend eviction moratoria just now because they didn’t know specifically how much of your covid income reduction is “substantial” enough to qualify you for non-evictionable status. Other related ripple effect questions then arose: State bailouts and settlements for landlords? Mediation; mediation cost? Proof of income loss? Meet & Confer before eviction? State versus local rules and definitions? Partial payments? Other Counties? Difficulties in re-renting a property made vacant by a covid eviction? …

PG&E SEEMS TO BE better prepared this year over last year’s random rolling blackouts. Their spokesperson told the Supervisors on Tuesday PG&E has their grid broken down into smaller units so that the size of shutoffs and impacts are confined to red zones. They say they’ve pre-installed mobile generators in strategic areas of the County, particularly in Fort Bragg, to backfill juice when trunk lines are cut off. They say they’ve also upgraded their website, which crashed under heavy use last year. They say they’ll have more local resource centers, and they say they’ve firmed up a couple more hundred miles of distribution lines in Mendo with well over 1,000 to go. More crews will be on hand to speed up return of power after a shut-off, and they’ll have contact people just for Mendo who will make at least two formal status calls per day during power-off periods… 

PG&E has a long way to go to restore confidence in their management and systems. Their spokesguys at least admitted to the Supes that PG&E handling of the outages last fall was “completely unacceptable.” (Mark Scaramella)

MOST OMINOUS news of the week was that CalFire is "stretched very thin," especially its aerial capacity. Fires are raging to the south and east of us, but so far Mendo has remained non-combusted except for a fire in Covelo which has since been extinguished.

RANDOM THOUGHTS from a failing mind. Even way back in my first flush of active estrangement I'd be at some demo some place in the Bay Area, and up front there would be speakers, few of them rhetorically gifted, and I'd say to myself, "Credentials, please. Who are you to be advising me on ethical/moral issues?” Thinking back on the "leaders" of the 60s, well, to be harsh but truthful about my impressions, they were almost all opportunists, crackpots, criminals. Fast forward to 2020 Mendo, and I ask myself, "Who are these people to be demanding Fort Bragg change its name?" What are their goodness histories? Have they amassed enough righteousness to be lecturing the rest of us on how to behave? The ones I've seen on facebook… Well, hide the children.

BEST DESCRIPTION of last week’s Democratic convention: "3am infomercial." You watch these people and wonder, "Are the Democrats trying to lose to Trump again? I like Michelle Obama. She has always seemed like a nice person, a good person. But her presentation was peculiar in that she asked us Americanos to do all kinds of non-Trumpian things without once saying what her jive political party planned to do for US. (Or to US more likely.) Coming off the inspirational figure of John Kasich, we got Bill Clinton, you know, the guy from Jeff Epstein's island. The hits just keep on coming.

MOST PATHETIC Monday night was Bernie Sanders, the Democrat's pet "socialist" who the limo libs drag out to gull unsuspecting Democrats into thinking the party is "progressive." Bernie said fifty different ways that Trump is bad, which is the Demos main move, their only move, this election. Repeat that Trump is bad millions of times and hope nobody notices how bad the Democrats are. The only real progressive the party has, AOC, 90 seconds of camera time.

CLOSER TO HOME, where the Democratic Party occupies all the public power slots, there is much unhappiness with county leadership. We've heard, and have asked County CEO Angelo for comment, if it’s true that she now requires supervisor McCowen, heretofore one of her most reliable rubber stamps, to ask her for permission to speak with various members of her team. But… but… but isn't McCowen a Supervisor, and doesn't Ms. Angelo work for him and his four colleagues? No response from Angelo, ever more the Queeg figure presiding over her hand-picked gynocracy as her theoretical bosses, the five supervisors, tiptoeing around her.

DR. DOOHAN, mercifully in her last days as County Health Officer, is an ongoing disaster. Of all persons to appoint to oversee medical strategies during a mass medical emergency why one based in San Diego, and one whose cockamamie advisories are so long and so convoluted they're unreadable and, consequently, unread? She’s been another extravagant waste of County money, and all the while innumerable local businesses have had to close unnecessarily because of Doohan's lunatic inflexibility. Why we never got a local medico will remain forever locked in the CEO's unaccountable office.

THE SUPERVISORS have blithely shoveled another $25,000 to outside lawyers who are allegedly beating back a complaint by Harinder Grewal that he was fired without cause. A second similarly arbitrary dismissal complaint by Barbara Howe is also wending its way through the courts. 

BLITHELY? Is that the word we want here? Yes, because the County pays 9 (count em) lawyers none of whom among these 9 are apparently capable of arguing the County's end of complaints against it. (I remember when the County employed one lawyer as County Counsel — Tim Stoen.)

THE RIPPED OFF taxpayers of Mendocino County are already in for $200,000 in the Harinder case, and the goddess only knows how much for Howe, the latter's firing another totally arbitrary dismissal by CEO Angelo, who clearly has anger management issues. Mendo will lose a big hunk of public dough to Ms. Howe, and whatever the merits of the Harinder case, County taxpayers are already on the hook for nearly a quarter mil in legal fees, much more if Harinder wins. Given the number of Friday massacres by Angelo, going back to Alan 'The Kid' Flora, who didn't sue, several other suddenly disappeared County staffers, like Flora, also didn't sue. But at will County employees are either at Angelo's feet or she's at their throats, and even the wuss-heavy Board of Supervisors walk on eggs around her.

COMPUTER WIZARDS from Kansas State University analyzed two million congressional speeches from Republican and Democrat politicians from 1873 to the end of 2010 - a total of 138 years of speeches, discovering that Congressional speeches made by US politicians have become simpler since the 1970s and only require the reading age of a 13-year-old to decode. 

THE WAY MRS. BIDEN holds on to hubby, reminds me of the Reagans when Ron had begun to lose his marbles, and Nancy was whispering directions in his ear which he duly relayed to the press. "We're doing all we can," was a standard line from Ronnie's ventriloquist. AOC packed a lot into her 90 seconds Tuesday night, much of it the kind of rhetoric that got Trump elected. It's as if us palefaces are hopelessly vicious, but what else can palefaces assume when a leading Democrat like AOC says "we" need to talk about a movement to erase “racial injustice, colonization, misogyny and homophobia.” Ragging on Americans for their alleged thought crimes is the kind of hectoring that drives people into the orange monster's lair.

THE DNC SHOW took up four nights saying the same thing: “It's all Trump’s fault, so you, you racist, homophobic dog pigs better vote for us because we're not Trump." This week we'll get four nights of maga-hats telling us that if Biden wins American cities will be destroyed, and your grandparents can forget about getting their sex changes. And to think this is the country that produced Abe Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt!

THE DEMOCRAT'S four-night infomercial veered from one nauseating act to another through maudlin montages set to treacly "music," and reaching their psychopathic low in a clip of a 13-year-old kid claiming that Biden had helped him cure his stutter. 

INTERESTING dispute raging between DA Eyster and Public Defender Jeffrey Aaron. “Raging” is the correct characterization because Aaron has taken his complaint about the DA into court twice, and lost, and is poised to go to court again. The beef? The DA maintains a facebook page that keeps the public informed as to the outcome of the cases his office prosecutes. Aaron objects to what he calls the DA's "spin" on some of these outcomes, and is also unhappy with the comments from the great unwashed, typically in support of the DA. The DA rightly (it seems to us) says the public not only has the right to know what the DA is doing, the public also has the right to comment on the DA's write-ups of his prosecutions, pro or con. 

OUR READING of Aaron's complaint concluded that he Aaron has picked a couple of righteous nits, but nits nevertheless. One, a case reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor without that fact being noted in the DA's original presser. We understand that the defendant would like to see that fact noted, pronto, but overall Aaron's complaints, put up against the public's right to know — are trivial, and could be righted by Aaron himself by issuing his own press releases or writing in his complaints to the DA's comment line. There are non-court options here, one would think.

WE PARTICULARLY enjoyed the Public Defender's citation of the Vickie Ball matter — Ms. Bell's charge reduction from felony to misdemeanor was in fact noted by the DA. Aaron objected that the DA's presser placed Ms. Ball as a resident of Crescent City when she was a resident of Klamath, which is almost a distinction without a difference, like saying a person lives in Dos Rios, not Covelo. 

MS. BALL, you see, got into an argument with a guy over his playing a video game, then, and in the DA's words, "plunged" scissors into his chest after he’d fired a staple gun at her. Not exactly the crime of the century, and fairly typical of the cases being heard in the local courts,  but scissors in the chest could certainly be considered felonious conduct however the scissors wound up in the chest. But Aaron complains about the DA's word choice. "Plunged" was excessive, he says. How about "placed"? Still too ultra-vi? "Relocated?" 

OF COURSE the outcomes of trials should be written up as accurately as possible, but Aaron doesn't make the case that the DA is deliberately misleading the public. The few cases he cites he could have corrected the record himself without making a court case about them.

FROM DAVID GURNEY: "For anyone who knew him, Robert Cooper better known as 'Banjo Bob' passed away at Sherwood Oaks Health Center earlier this week. He had heart disease and died from complications from Covid related illness."

SPEAKING of the nearly three months of alleged outrage at racial injustice as expressed in Portland every night, I'll bet at least some of the people committing the major assault and arson felonies are committing them on some rightwing payroll. The violence always, and always has, played into the hands of the fascisti, as Portland works majorly every night to Trump's advantage. 

TWO KARENS are out to dinner. The waiter stops at their table to ask, "Is anything ok?"

IN THE ROMANTIC yesterdays of civil insurrection the people advocating felonious behavior were invariably cops, and in the case of Earth First! a few years after the sixties, FBI agents went to work to sabotage Earth First! which, in my opinion, they did right here in Mendocino County during the Bari interlude. 

IT WOULD NOT SURPRISE ME if some day that the installation of the inert and environmentally irrelevant Mendocino Environment Center at 106 West Standley Street, conveniently located across the street from the County Courthouse, was revealed as a federal listening post like those the feds established in black neighborhoods during the sixties to monitor and subvert legitimate political opposition. 

NEXT TIME you see Supervisor McCowen, owner of the ramshackle premises at 106, ask him who paid rent to him all those years. He'll say, "Nobody. I donated the building to the cause." And then you ask, "Who were those guys who pulled out the phones the day Judi Bari was bombed?" And he'll say, "Phones? What phones?" Then ask him, "How come Mike Sweeney, Bari's husband, maintained his recycling office in your building?" And McCowen will say, "Because Judi Bari vouched for him and he was, after all, a recycler and recycling is good." Then ask the Supervisor, "How is it that you followed me around four counties denouncing me as a liar for saying that I was sure Bari was bombed by Sweeney but somehow and magically Sweeney eluded Suspect Number One status? And McCowen will say, "Well, you'll have to ask the FBI." 

THAT HOMICIDE last week in Covelo was that of a young Mexican man, unknown to the shooter. The victim was simply waiting to report his truck stolen when here comes Jameson Jackson roaring past in the man’s truck, and Jameson, who was not driving, leans out the passenger side window and cranks off a shot in the general direction of the young Mexican man and a second young Mexican man, both trying to hide behind a tree not large enough to shield them from the high-powered round shot from Jackson's high caliber handgun. That shot wings one young Mexican man, kills the other straight to the head, a fluke shot from Mr. Jackson, but a death shot to the kid it killed. Jackson, as a Willits teenager, stood idly by as his murderous teen crime pal named Coleman shot Joan LaFeat at that little Brooktrails convenience store as she begged for her life. Jackson's crime pal is still in adult prison, but Judge Cindee Mayfield, ignoring a probation report that recommended Jackson also be put away permanently, ignored the report that pegged Jackson as a dangerous psycho even as a kid, and she sentenced him as a juvenile. 

Jackson got out and here he is again being sought on a variety of charges including cruelty to a child when he steals a truck and cranks off a random shot at two guys presenting no threat to him, one of whom dies. Jackson didn't necessarily mean to kill anybody, just as a kid he didn't rob the little store at Brooktrails with the intent to kill Joan LaFeat, but both times he's around a gun someone dies.

JEFF BLANKFORT: “Well, the virtual convention of the Democrat Party is over and that's the good news. Many of those who are reluctantly voting for Joe Biden as the anti-Trump, I suspect, were taken aback by the shameful display of praise for the American military throughout the evening with not a single question raised or implied about the role it has served since 9/11 nor an iota of concern for those who were and continue to be its victims. Nor, of course, was there any mention of the bloated military budget.

It was left to Sen, Tammy Duckworth, an Asian-American, who lost both of her legs in Afghanistan to raise the Russian specter, complaining that Trump had nothing to counter the Russians for having paid the Taliban to kill US soldiers, an allegation that has yet to be backed by a single piece of evidence and consequently is no longer news. So many scenes were shown of Biden with his late son, Beau, who had served in Iraq, in his army uniform, who subsequently died from a brain tumor, viewers unaware of the story could have been forgiven for thinking some of the scenes were of a younger Joe in uniform since father and so looked very much alike. I suspect that was the intent of the show's producers. In any case, whatever viewers might have thought, it was an overdose. I can't imagine any registered Democrat with a sense of decency could feel anything but dirty after the evenings' jingoistic presentation and that it was wrapped around Americans of every color and age and sexual orientation, made it all the more disgusting."

A READER COMPLAINS: "…I am surprised that you continue to countenance the extreme ignorance of writers and thinkers who are unable to separate out their clinging to a set of ideas, beliefs and entitled preferences which cloud seeing reality and prevent the common good. The common good in this country is at stake here. Truth is at stake here. Goodness and collective protection is at stake here. I wish you would stake your claim on that side during this historic time in our history and constantly reinforce it in your paper with the many brilliant thinkers and writers who have delved deep into this phenomena that has hijacked our government and culture and is turning it toward totalitarianism. I’ve never seen the likes of such corruption in plain sight. Nixon looked pretty bad…. But this one? We’re about to lose big time if he gets his way. Don't you care who's president?"

I COUNTENANCE a variety of opinion because I think countenancing countenance, particularly in this time when so much is uncountenanced, is worth countenancing. Yes, I care who's president but I, and millions of other registered Democrats, don't have a candidate who represents anything but more of the same — unaddressed rolling catastrophes from global warming to mass unemployment and pure hopelessness for millions. Why should I or anyone else vote for a conservative pseudo-liberal like Biden who has signed off on every disaster since his revelatory performance during the Clarence Thomas hearing whom, of course, Biden voted to confirm. Fresh off a disgusting four days of choreographed manipulation during which not a single specific plan to make things better was expressed, not one, the DNC didn't give me a single reason to vote for Biden. Yes, Trump is taking the country to what's shaping up as a kind of low intensity civil war, but he's president because the Democrats are as wed to the same evil forces that drive the Republicans, and the Democrats have again nominated the only person in their party who could possibly lose to him. 

MY FIRST VOTE as a more or less cognizant citizen went to Kennedy. In fact I worked for his election out of his San Luis Obispo headquarters, calling up registered Democrats to get out the vote, and even driving a few who needed rides to the polls. From there on, with the exception of McGovern in '72 I've gone third party. (My Boonville house was a McGovern headquarters for that one, as Mendo went 80 percent for Nixon.) I'll go third party again this time around. 

VOTE FOR BIDEN because he isn't Trump? No, and if people will review George W. Bush's record (and Clinton's) they will find that those two did more lasting damage to the country than Trump has. So far. Biden will beat the orange monster, I'm sure, and us third party pwoggies, in California anyway, won't be a factor because California is in the bag for Biden anyway. If I voted in Michigan or one of the other swing states I'd probably hold my nose — nay, I'd hold my nose and put a bag over my head — and vote for Biden on the off chance the "great people around him" might make life a little more bearable for the millions of Americans whose lives have been upended because of the plague-induced economic disasters that have befallen them and, by extension, the whole country. But I don't see anything good ahead, and if these two clown shows masquerading as political parties are our option, Boonville is going to be a good place to be in the days ahead.

PURSUING TODAY'S theme of jolly negativity, according to a Brookings Institution study — the inevitable Brookings study, Brookings seems to be everywhere on every subject — "almost three million more firearms have been sold since March than would have ordinarily been sold." That stat is a measure of the national political optimism, and was revealed, to me anyway, in an article called, "Nothing to Lose but Your Masks" by Luke Mogelson in the current New Yorker. Mogelson's revelatory story, to me anyway, takes us on a frontline tour of what in ordinary times would be considered the lunatic fringe, the lunatic rightwing fringe in this case, there being no leftwing in this country to the left of Bernie except for a few provocateurs acting like fascists who call themselves anti-fa or anti-fascist. But the right's lunatic fringe is now so large, if Mogelson is correct, it is too large to be accurately described as fringe. There are millions of them and their fuhrer is Trump, for whom we should be grateful because if he was smarter he'd be a lot more dangerous than he is.

I'D HEARD of some of these armed nut groups, but I hadn't realized there were so many of them swirling around Trump — the Michigan Home Guard; the Michigan Freedom Fund, funded by the Koch Brothers (who also own all of Fort Bragg's oceanfront); the American Patriot Council; the Boogaloo Boiz; the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association; and a bunch more apart from traditional fascist groups like the Klan, neo-Nazis, and Christian Identity militias who don't seem to have fully grasped the Prince of Peace's message. And there are black militias picking up membership who, out of their historical experience, are at least reality-based. 

THE RIGHTWING GROUPS believe the libs are an organized conspiracy against them, that the libs are cho-mo's and devil worshippers who, with Bill Gates and George Soros driving the bus, concocted covid as a grand hoax to seize permanent power. In other words, there's no reasoning with them and, at some point, us lib labs will have to crush their dumb asses. Will it come to that? The special ed boiz seem to have a head start, at least in arms accumulation, but it's going to get rough out there, for shore.

EXCUSE ME, but what happened to the second round of bailout money? Last I heard the leadership was negotiating, stuck between $1 and $3 trillion, then they all went home on vacation. Meanwhile, a million people a week are losing their jobs, millions more face the loss of their homes, covid is carrying off a thousand of US a day, and these people go on vacation? (Our supervisors also work a tough crisis schedule of two meetings a month from their homes, drawing a cool $84 grand a year plus perks for steering the Goothe d Ship Mendo.)

AND NOW a blast from the past: “Laytonville Rancher Dolph Camilli on the Wheaties Box”

JIM SHIELDS of the Laytonville-based Mendocino County Observer, filled in the Camilli blanks: Funny you should ask, Dolph and my Dad were work Buds. I've been up since Sunday morning breaking in the new media we loaded into the filtration vessel after installing the new laterals, so I'll keep this short. Dolph's ranch is now known as the Ben Mast Ranch, located a couple miles west of Laytonville along Branscomb Road. It was a working cattle ranch when he owned it.  Camilli's family and mine lived in San Mateo and he worked with my Dad who was athletic director in the early 1950s at the Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard. As I recall from what my Dad told me, Dolph at that time was a scout but they all had second jobs back then, that's how he ended up working with my Dad, who was an outstanding athlete and played minor league ball for a season or two back in the 30s in the old ‘Three–I League,’ which I think was a Class C or D league. Anyway, my Dad told me a lot of stories about Dolph, as I was too young to remember much about him, some of the stuff was pretty sad.”

MUCH OF THAT SADNESS derived from the death of Francisco Camilli, Dolph’s brother, a professional boxer who fought under the Scottish name Frankie Campbell to help sell tickets to the “Wasps” in the Bay Area. Francisco was killed by Max Baer in a 1930 heavyweight fight in San Francisco. “Something feels as though it broke in my head,” Campbell-Camilli told one of his handlers between the second and third round. During the autopsy it was discovered that Baer’s punch had separated Campbell’s brain from its connective tissue inside the skull. Decades later Max Baer Jr., Max’s son, remembered, “My father cried about what happened to Frankie Campbell. He had nightmares. In reality, my father was one of the kindest, gentlest men you would ever want to meet. He treated boxing the way today’s professional wrestlers do wrestling: part sport, mostly showmanship. He never deliberately hurt anyone.” When Frankie Campbell’s kids were ready for college, Max quietly paid their tuition. He also boxed in many benefit bouts for Campbell’s family over the years. Just to make sure they were taken care of. Years later when Baer retired and moved to Sacramento, he told sportswriter Harry B. Smith of the San Francisco Chronicle: “ I’ve made a lot of mistakes but that is one I wish I could take back. I’ll regret it as long as I live.”

Baer punching, Campbell on the ropes


[1] Very near where I live are four small homes used as short term rentals in regular times. I think now some are being used longer term due to Covid. Recently I have noticed an elderly woman, somewhat frail looking on one of the big porch in the evenings, and now I see a man who appears likely to be her son joining her. I think the car with California plates is his, and they sit together on the porch. These four houses often have americans staying in them in the summer months for music festivals, etc. Always license plates from Washington State. I feel certain the woman has been brought here to protect her from exposure to Covid given her age. The border closed in March, but remained open to americans needing to get home to Alaska. They are not supposed to stop anywhere but go straight to Alaska. I don’t care if they’re breaking the rules. We’ll protect her at any cost. Circle the wagons.

[2] Then there’s the woman from Scotland who saw Jesus’ face on a potato. Yes, a potato. I may not ever eat one again. 

I just have to ask: Why would Jesus wait 2,000 years for his second coming by putting his face on a potato?

To me, it looks like the whole world is mad and has gone down the shitter. Scotland, it turns out is not immune to madness, either. Sorry, GA.

I can only conclude God has a robust sense of humor (or is shaking his head about his decision to let some people live after the flood.).

[3] If the Democrats were in Canada they would be considered to be a right-wing party. Calling them “extreme left” or “Marxist” is pretty funny to anyone looking at the US from elsewhere. Canada’s publicly-funded healthcare for every Canadian is considered to be “socialism” or “communism” by Americans, but two-thirds of Americans who file for bankruptcy say it was because of medical bills. In a civilized country all citizens should have healthcare, but for millions of Americans that’s just a dream. And Americans consider their country to be “exceptional”. That’s pretty funny too.

[4] A few general comments regarding mostly inflation:

The house I live in is 108 years old. Its construction was completed in 1912. We bought the house in June 1978 so we’ve been here 42 years. The house has a slate roof which has required repair many times and slate repairs ain’t cheap. Rather than fix it this time we decided to have a total roof replacement using top notch materials including ’50 year’ shingles. I’ll be lucky to enjoy this new roof for 5 years since I’m almost 80 and nobody in my bloodline has made it past 84. 

My wife may enjoy the new roof for 20 years but when ever the house is sold the roof, new rain gutters, etc will be a selling feature. The cost of this new roof equals 43% of what we paid for the entire house and property back in ’78. Gulp!

Two days ago the roofing outfit delivered into my driveway all the required materials plus a dumpster. The next day, yesterday, a crew showed up at 7AM. They were all Hispanic but their crew chief spoke both English and Spanish perfectly. They worked until 7:45PM. Almost 13 hours. How do they do it? And they are back at 7AM again today to continue the job.

[5] How voting for a third party is like not wearing a mask:

There's so much stupid, so much entitlement, so much cultivated ignorance embedded in here (on the Coast Listserve), I can't help myself. I try to avoid participating in Coast Listserve discussions, but this one pushes me over the edge.

1. We live in California. The Electoral College is still in place. Biden will get California's electoral votes. Voting for a minor party in California does not help Trump. 

2. Biden has not earned my vote. He is loathsome in every way. He is opposed to everything I support, and he supports everything I oppose. Even when he pretends to support something good, we all know he'll back off as soon as his corporate puppeteers make a tiny peep of unhappiness. 

3. Minor parties have no chance because people like you listen to the pundits who say that minor parties have no chance. Turn off MSNBC and vote your conscience. 

4. Who gives a flying rat's ass what some comedian says about how we should vote? 

5. Joe "Nothing Will Fundamentally Change" Biden's main campaign platform plank is to restore the very same status quo which spawned Trump. The next Trump may have all of this Trump's evil without his incompetence. 

[6] Are you actually trying to say that Biden is decent man? How about the the fact that he set his family up for billions of corrupt $ income (including coke addict son, Hunter and his brother), helped give millions of tax payer money to Iran illegally, stole another man’s wife, started massive law enforcement efforts targeting poor POCs, was involved in the spying on American citizens (see Durham’s recent report), endorsed racist policies throughout his career, lied about his credentials in multiple settings, plagiarized as often as possible, and engages in pedophilic advances toward female children. Maybe you are crazy or maybe you are just brainwashed. But Damn, decent man, NOT.

Wake up or go take your psych meds. Or both!

[7] “Modern Architecture is a soul killing invention of the devil”

Modern architecture is a reflection of the way we produce and communicate.

Soulless, mechanical mostly with limited skill sets, strapped in a production system solely aiming to produce for the profits of the few, atomized individualism that actually denies the existence of “society”.

What does one expect from artistic expressions in such a social environment? From an approach to an integrated architecture providing spaces that are a pleasure to live in, to meet and communicate instead of encountering automatons hacking away at their various “I-phone” iterations?

Luckily in Europe there are still such places….

[8] What’s even more odd is how many people are little toady lickspittles that also propagate the latest talking point data. We now have a nation of Karens scared to death of everything. Three different outings yesterday for a trip up into the hinterlands of San Diego wife got a subway sub and some weirdo was in their screaming about cookies and a water cup calling all the women sweetie and cussing at the young counter ladies. To the point she called me as I walked in I assessed not one “man” in the place and thought this could get ugly fast. Funny I walked in he took one look at me and scurried off. The manager of the Subway comped our sub. Since we had the dog in the car she then went into the local Smart and Final store for some drinks and watched some lady flipping out on people about coming within six feet of her screaming and yelling. Finally having had enough of people she decided at the gas station to just stay in the car while I went in to pay for some gas and one of the customers decided to whip it out and urinate on the gas pump next to his car. Mind you the guys wife was in the car next to him. We finally wound up in the mountains about twenty miles away from the nearest paved road and had the heavens open up and pour down at least 1″ inch rain causing the temps to plummet from 90 degrees to 71 in about ten minutes then back up to 88 when the rain stopped. Not a soul in site anywhere nor any cell signal having lunch on top of a mountain. Every lizard around was out sunning themselves after getting rained on and the local hawks were picking them off as fast as they could. The dog was bouncing around chasing lizards until she was exhausted. The only sounds to be heard was the thunder off in the distance, quails and my dog panting. Sometimes we need to take stock of our surroundings and change them for our own sanity.

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