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Chris Diaz, The Documentary

I had the opportunity to do a cam-recorded almost hour-long interview with Christopher Diaz at the Mendocino County jail.

It's broken up into four parts on a YouTube channel I just established that can be reached at:

The first 15 minutes of the rondo on the courthouse steps after the extradition hearings November 30 is also at that site.

AVA editor Bruce Anderson begins with a narrative of the hearing and the circumstances that have stirred community support. Includes a fervent address by Dr. William Courtney, a clinical cannabis specialist disallowed from addressing the court. An amazing meeting of minds between disparate folks.

Chris Diaz Mendo Jail Part 1: An exclusive jailhouse interview conducted December 9, 2011. The plight of 22-year old Christopher Diaz fighting extradition to Texas for traveling through the state of Texas with his medical marijuana for personal use on the way to his great grandmother's funeral. Chris faces 5-99 year if extradited to Texas.

Chris Diaz, Mendo Jail, Part 2, The Extradition Hearing.

Christopher Diaz Mendo Jail Part 3. Christopher Diaz, fighting extradition, explains the Constitutional argument for “Full Faith & Credit.” He speaks the angst of facing a 5-99 years sentence in Texas for possessing the dose of cannabis recommended by his physician in California and the toll of isolation in a solitary cell. Chris describes his arrest in Mendocino, and the support of the Sovereignty Movement while in jail in Texas.

Christopher Diaz Mendo Jail/Dr. William Courtney, Part 4. Christopher Diaz's grandmother concludes the letter sent to the Attorney General of Texas from her post in Germany. Dr. William Courtney MD, cannabis specialist speaks from his office.

As a newcomer, I was required by Google to cut the documentary length jailhouse interview and the courthouse steps rondo into segments of less than 15 minutes.

The full videos were adopted by MCTV and added to their youtube channel: MendoCoastTV.

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