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August Complex Evacuation

Additional Evacuation Orders And Evacuation Warnings For The Eden Valley Area, Bennett Valley, And The West Face Of San Hedrin Mountains, Mendocino County

WHAT:  Mendocino County, additional Evacuation Orders and Evacuation Warnings

WHEN:  Effective Immediately


Areas of Mendocino County, Evacuation Order:

• ZONE- H- West of National Forest boundary, north of Thomas Creek and the Eel River, and east of Twin Bridges Creek, south of Bald Mountain

• ZONE- I- West of Elk Creek south of Deep Hole Creek, north of the National Forest Boundary

• ZONE- W- West of the Eel River, north of Deep Hole Creek, east of Eden Valley, including the entire valley floor, south of Eden Creek

Areas of Mendocino County, Evacuation Warning:

• South of the Middle Fork of the Eel River, west of Eden Creek, north of Salt Flat and east of Salt Creek, ZONE- AB

• East of Brushy Mountain, south of the fire road on Salt Flat, west of Eden Valley and north of Bald Mountain, ZONE- AC

• South and west of the Eel River, north of Foster Mountain Road, east of the ridge west of Willits Road, ZONE- AD

• North of Twin Bridges Creek, east of the Eel River, south of Brushy Creek and west of Brushy Mountain, ZONE- AE


• Private driveway near Williams Creek is closed to north bound traffic

• Bell Springs closed to north bound traffic at Lundblade Ranch Road

• Mina Road is closed to north bound traffic at the bridge over the North Fork of the Eel River

• Mendocino Pass Road closed to east bound traffic just east of the Williams Creek Bridge

• Hearst Willits Road at the bridge, closed to east bound traffic


To support fire control operations and fire activity, the Mendocino County Sheriff in conjunction with the Unified Command Team for the August Complex -West Zone, has ordered an additional Evacuation Order and Evacuation Warning.

View the most current evacuation map at:

For more information about wildfire preparedness visit:

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