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The Laytonville-Pot Home Invasion

This past weekend there was a home invasion in the northern Laytonville area that stretched over several days starting on last Thursday, Sept. 17. The MCSO press release that’s been published does a good job of laying out the basics of the crime.

The mastermind, I guess you could call him, was Louis Bagliere, 73, now of San Jose but formerly a resident of Laytonville. Evidently Baglierereturned to the area to rob some people who he had rented his former property for the purpose of growing weed.

How do you rent property that you don’t own? I don’t know but evidently that’s what Bagliere did.

According to a number of people I know, Bagliere sold his property — which by the way and ironically was the site of the Jeffrey Settler pot grow murder four years ago — a couple of years after that homicide was committed. Reportedly, it was sold to a San Jose real estate investor. It’s a 160-acre parcel located five miles north of Laytonville and five or six miles west of Highway 101.

Bagliere, who has been a mid-level career criminal his whole life, reportedly has been arrested and/or charged, and/or served time for mostly drug-related offenses in California, Texas and Utah. He’s been looked at by California authorities for a couple of murders but was never arrested or charged for them, and is known to have associations with Bay Area street gangs, and had some type of “business” relationship (most likely meth) with the Hell’s Angels. 

Anyway, apparently he “rented” his old property to these folks who were growing weed. Most likely, they had some kind of deal with Bagliere over the grow.

The Sheriff’s report has all the details of what ensued when Bagliere and his Bay Area crew of heavily armed crooks/gang members showed up Thursday at his old homestead. They relieved the “renters” of 20 pounds of weed and said they’d be back Saturday presumably for more weed and/or money.

Bagliere’s crew returned to the property on Saturday confronting the renters comprised of three men, a woman, and young child. They demanded money from the renters, firing off three or four shots to show their demand was serious. 

But it was bad news for Bagliere and his gangsters in that they were all caught and arrested, including the one bad guy who managed to evade the cops for a day, but he was nabbed by an alert resident who placed him under citizen’s arrest, trussed him up with zip ties, and delivered the violent dolt to Sheriff’s deputies who arrived on the scene. That citizen deserves a commendation from the County.

By the way, the one inexplicable thing that occurred was the authorities released Bagliere due to “pre-existing medical conditions.” How can somebody who was medically fit enough to plot this caper, arm himself with an assault rifle, and ride around in a van on rough country roads for part of a weekend, be released for any reason at all, medical or otherwise? If he’s physically fit enough to carry out several days of violent mayhem, he’s well enough to have his ass locked up with the rest of homies.

Also, the cops released a young woman who obviously was part of Bagliere’s crew acting as their “lookout”, according to a several people I know. 

At the very beginning of this Saturday felonious matinée, she was observed by a neighbor sitting in a car for a long time in front of a gate (on which the lock had been cut) on the road leading to where Bagliere’s “renters” lived, a very remote area needless to say.

So this person walked down the road to ask the woman what was up, could they be of any assistance? The young lady’s response to the inquiry? “Why you asking, what’s the matter, don’t you like niggers?”

And so it goes in the timeless world of crooks and crime. 


  1. Nogoverment October 1, 2020

    The police are very ILL. Every asshole here in Mendo gets a free pass now to do whatever they want. Every damn meth head and perp now only is interviewedbafter their crimes Because of Covid crap and the free perp passers handed out there’s a new generation of garbage humans given a free pass to commit their crimes. That’s also why the blm, Inc group (organized crime) is allowed to do any damn thing they want it also is sickening watching our towns get daily destroyed. You can’t get respect from the world when you act like animals, losing all credibility.

    • Mark Wilkinson Laszlo October 4, 2020

      IT the police around here are better than in most of America now. The point of Black Lives Matter is that blacks who do nothing wrong or commit minor offences should not be abused, jailed and murdered for being black. Don’t go by color. There are civilized people and savages of every color, but adult meth heads who do not reform should be shot. “Covid crap” has infected America’s Hitler. He’s in Walter Reed Hospital, after making his supporters the main vectors and spreading it personally, after he knew he had it. His wife and some staff now have it. He’ll kill millions of Americans for Russia. I hope he recovers to face justice for treason.

  2. Pat Kittle October 5, 2020


    As you know, your precious little Terrorist Theocracy of Israel did 9-11, NOT Russia:
    — [ ]

    Israel lobby billionaire war criminals who own Biden & Trump keep stirring the pot, gotta keep the goyim fighting for the Israeli Empire.

    Merely presenting such FACTS get many of us censored. Can you get me censored?

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