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THERE WAS A SCHOOL BOARD meeting last night but your beloved community newspaper, as per ancient custom, wasn't informed. We need 'em a week early Ms. Ivey.

GREG KROUSE alerts those of us desirous of high speed internet that we get put on an AT&T wish list to be sent to corporate offices where a decision on service to remote customers like us will be made in March. The e-mail address for your wish list submission is Type in the subject heading “dsl wish list.” Write in the body your home telephone number and/or business number. If you're not an AT&T customer, write in a contact number and your physical address. “If enough people do this,” Greg says, “there's a good possibility we can get them to tap the lines and give us access. We live real close to access points, and dsl is faster, more secure, probably more accurate, and probably cheaper.”

IT WAS SO cold at The Major's house Monday morning he said the water in his toilet bowl froze over. “I had to chip it clear with an ice pick so I could continue my morning ablutions, some of which, so to speak, had bounced.” It was 23 degrees at my place, and Mike Kalantarian at Navarro said it got down to 26 at the Deepend.

AND FROZEN PIPES everywhere in The Valley and, according to my old friend Sam Halstad, a plumber, everywhere in the county. Sam's own water was out, and he's on a municipal water system. I'm among the many waiting for mine to defrost and the water to begin flowing again, hoping the pipes don't crack, which is always a fairly major hassle.

SOME 250 satisfied diners enjoyed the Senior Center's crab feed Saturday night with the Catholic's annual crustacean feast coming right up.

A VOLUNTEER Santa at Sea Ranch was startled by the little girl who jumped up on his lap to ask Santa to bring her “a hog-stickin-knife” for Christmas. Santa replied, “Little girl, you must be from Annapolis.”

BRUCE McEWEN is agog at Jacqueline Carmody's vivid acrylics on display at Lauren's Restaurant and, when “three lovely ladies beckoned me to come inside and listen to us sing,” I marched right on in and was glad I did. They sang beautifully, especially when they did 'Nightingales Singing In the Branches of My Heart.' The human nightingales that night at Lauren's were The Motherland Family Band, and there was free champagne courtesy of Scharffenberger's Winery. A great event.”

DEPUTY AND MRS. WALKER have returned to The Valley from a two week vacation in the Far East where they enjoyed stays in Hong Kong and Mrs. Walker's native Philippines. Mrs. Walker, by the way, is a long distance runner, a runner of very long distances including a hundred miler she recently completed in less than 24 hours. When she says she's going to run to Ukiah she just might mean it.

THE MISS MENDOCINO County 2012 pageant — “an official preliminary to Miss California and Miss America” — will be held on Saturday, February 4 at the Ukiah High School Cafetorium at 7pm. Tickets are $15 at the door. All proceeds go to scholarships for winning contestants. Ordinarily, we don’t pay much attention to this Ukiah-centric event, but this year the six contestants include an Anderson Valley entrant: the vivacious and multi-talented AV High Senior Olivia Allen. She can sing, she can dance, she pulls straight A's! The multi-talented Miss Allen's performances at the Anderson Valley Variety Show and the Ukiah Players Theater hold the promise that she just might walk away with the Miss Mendo tiara. Miss Allen tells us that she will deliver her rendition of “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” from Phantom of the Opera. Knock 'em out, kidoo!

SMALL SCHOOL basketball season has begun. It looks like a three-way race between Mendocino, Point Arena and Laytonville. The smart money is on Laytonville.

JUST NORTH of Cloverdale, a large new billboard announces, “Entering Mendocino County. Wilderness, Waves, Wine.” You can probably think up more than a few variations on the theme.

CROOKED TELEMARKETERS (are there any other kind?) have been calling Mendocino County residents claiming to be employees of the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office. If you are contacted by telemarketers who say they are associated with the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office in any type of fundraising effort, they are not. “Please call immediately to report it to our office at (707) 463-4086.”

LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL signups are being held this week and next at the Elementary School cafeteria. All kids ages 5-12 are encouraged to play. Please appear on Tuesday the 17th, Thursday the 19th or Tuesday the 24th between 5-630pm to sign up. You'll need your child's birth certificate and 3 proofs of residence. Cost is $120 and there are scholarships available. Call Shauna @ 684-9126 for info.


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