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Rodin Suspends Campaign

Mari Rodin announced Saturday that she is suspending her campaign for 2nd District supervisor against Maureen “Mo” Mulheren  to be treated for cancer. “Due to recent a cancer diagnosis, I am away from the campaign, focusing on my treatment and recovery,” Rodin said. “A deep, heartfelt thank you to the many volunteers and supporters who are continuing on with campaign activities. I am truly honored by your support and confidence in me.”


  1. Dina Ortiz October 18, 2020

    I am very sorry to learn that you have been diagnosed with cancer. I will be praying for positive outcomes For you

  2. Johnny & Gloria October 19, 2020

    Hi Mari. Johnny & Gloria here. So sorry to hear this. I also had cancer and rose above it, just as you will. You are in our thoughts for healing and getting past this current challenge.


  3. Professor Cosmos October 21, 2020

    “Suspend campaign” is a phrase commonly used to mean “dropping out”. She produced a backyard video saying that she has NOT suspended her campaign and is still a candidate.

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