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Mendocino County Today: January 27, 2012

JAMAL ANDREWS, 30, was found shot to death late Tuesday night in front of his Road B Redwood Valley home. Billy Norbury, 33, has been arrested for shooting Andrews, who was hit twice, fatally in the head, and once in the shoulder. Sheriff's Department investigators estimate that the murder weapon, a rifle, was discharged several times from a distance of 50 feet. Norbury was taken into custody at his home a short distance away. Andrews was a well-known reggae musician with a large following. Norbury is from a well-known family that owns and operates Norbury Construction. Both men are the fathers of young children. The internet is humming with wild accusations of racism because Andrews is black, Norbury white, but the reason for the shooting has not been revealed. Norbury has a minor criminal record and was on probation when he was arrested as the sole suspect in the murder of Andrews. Andrews' band is called the High Grade All Stars whose best known recordings are "Smoke Weed Every Day" and "Trimmers' Blues." The band has appeared at Reggae Rising, the annual reggae concert in Southern Humboldt County.

THAT DISPUTE last Friday between famous winemaker Paul Dolan and his Texas partners at the Mendocino Wine Company, formerly Parducci, required the soothing mediation of Sheriff's deputies. The Texans, Tim and Thomas Thornhill, are in ongoing disputes with Dolan stemming from the break-up of their partnership. As Dolan left the company's Parducci Road, Ukiah, premises Friday afternoon with some his office equipment, an argument broke out between him and the Thornhills. Dolan said the stuff was his, the Thornhills said it was theirs. The dispute became heated and deputies were called to the scene by alarmed office workers who feared the men might come to blows. The deputies soon had things calmed down. They  determined that the beef  was a civil dispute, not one for the police. Dolan made his bones at Fetzer Vineyards, Hopland, where he founded America's largest organic wine operation.

MENDO V. MENDO. Mendo Air Quality has fined Mendocino County $123,000 with the EPA lurking in the on-deck circle. Air Quality says the County's "failure to conduct an asbestos survey prior to renovation of a commercial building" and its "failure to properly notify the Air Quality Management District" before the County began work on its former Mental Health building at 860 N. Bush Street in November made the fine necessary. Of course the matter couldn't simply be addressed and remedied in-house, the Air Quality guy, Chris Brown, had to make a literal federal case out of it.

SUPES Smith and Hamburg say

‘We’re special — don’t cut OUR pay!’

Special? Like how?

Like right now?

‘Oh no! Like every day!’


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