Here’s Why You’re Voting Yes on Measure A:

The following is information I gleaned from a mailer I received today. I was on the fence about this project but I am not any more. Regardless of what you heard about its financial troubles and how the project was not well thought out, it doesn't matter. It is built and it is beautiful and those of us who need to teach our kids to swim want to keep all the bells and whistles fully functional. Am I the only one who remembers the old pool? The Swim/Skate nights on the weekends? It was good, wholesome fun for us kids. I do not want to rob that option from my own son. Join me. And comment away on this forum. I am interested in everyone's feedback.

Measure A is a proposal from the City of Fort Bragg to establish long-term funding for the C.V. Starr Center. On MARCH 6, 2012, Fort Bragg residents will decide by mail-in ballot if the City may add a 1/2 cent raise to the sales tax solely for the purpose of running the Center.

The City of Fort Bragg will assume operational oversight and responsibility for the C.V. Starr's financial management, providing auditing, accountability and transparency.

The City will ensure Measure A's revenue is used solely to operate, maintain and fund facility improvements at the C.V. Starr Center.

The City will be involved in making key hiring, administrative and operational decisions.

The City will prepare an annual Operational Plan and Budget in coordination with MCRPD Staff for City Council approval.

The City of Fort Bragg will also contract with the MCRPD for the delivery of exceptional programs and day-to-day operation of the C.V. Starr Center.

What does adding a 1/2 cent to Fort Bragg's sales tax really mean? It means you will pay less sales tax than you did last year. The adjusted rate, including the new library tax, will be 8.357%. Last year Fort Bragg's sales tax was 8.75%. Sales tax is not collected on food, medicine, utilities or services. A 1/2 cent increase adds 50 cents to every $100.

We love the Water Exercise Classes!

We love playing with our Grandpa in the pool!

We love having a great, fun, safe place to bring our children!




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