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Off the Record (November 18, 2020)

PFIZER'S announcement last week that they'd come up with a covid-19 vaccine that was 90 percent effective in large-scale trials, has ignited the ignorati, especially the anti-vaxxers and conspiracy nuts who claim, among other things, that Bill Gates is trying to implant everyone in the world with microchips so he can eventually kill them. (For the man who has everything, why not mass murder?) 

MENDO, natch, as its hippie-mysto legacy, has large nests of anti-vaxxers everywhere in the county, although there don't seem to be all that many of the wackos who believe that Democrats are Satanist-inspired baby blood drinkers. Of course the hardcore psychos have their own channels of communication these days so us more or less normals are seldom in touch with any of them. I always laugh when I see the schools repeatedly announce, “By golly we're teaching critical thinking.” Really?

AND NO SOONER had Pfizer announced its breakthrough vaccine, Moderna said it had an even more effective vaccine that immunized at a rate of nearly 95%. Doc Fauci hailed the good news but said it would be late spring, early summer before the vaccines would be generally available.

ROBERT DENIRO was in the news Tuesday with remarks along the lines that the next version of Trump will be a lot smarter, a lot more generally acceptable to the unwary, aka your standard Trumper. I'm putting my money on Dan Crenshaw, a young Texas congressman and former Navy Seal. You might have seen him on tv, esp Fox. He's the guy with the eye patch. Very smart, articulate, personable. And wrong. On most issues. 

BUT CRENSHAW’S not wrong about everything like lots of Republicans are wrong about everything. Crenshaw seems teachable. And he's young. To his credit, and for example, he got himself in trouble with the lunatic fringe over a 7-year-old Texas male child whose nutball mother claimed the boy was, at age 3, “identifying” as a girl. The gender benders claim that doctors “assign” sex at birth, apparently an eeny meeny miney mo process in this view, penises and vaginas interchangeable. Anyway, this poor kid was the subject of a custodial battle between his father and his mother. Dad said the kid was a boy, Mom said he was a girl. Crenshaw sensibly declared for the father. Following a decision by the judge to grant custody to the mother over the father, Crenshaw called it “heartbreaking” and added, “a 7-year-old can't possibly make this decision or understand it. Parents should know better. I hope this father receives the public support he needs.” The DNC would undoubtedly side with the mother, which is why Crenshaw will be president by 2030, assuming things hang more or less together that long.


But, we received the following on Monday night a week ago, the coldest night yet this season. We forwarded Mr. Hogan's SOS to Supervisor Williams who wrote immediately back that he was "on it." And he was. In a very short time, just as the old guy was about to become a Laytonville popsicle, he was warm and comfortable in a motel room. Supervisor Williams got it done.

I guess that things are bad to worse at the Mendocino county social services and adult service and EDD and the sheriff's office and the Willits PD. The past week or 10 days I've been officially homeless and I'm 64 years old, serious medical conditions, and I'm sleeping outside on the ground with no way to get warm . My retirement and disability checks got returned to social security because I complained about a re-occurring charge from Google play. I didn't know that it was Youtube music and the bank manager in Willits decided to cancel my ATM card even though I begged her not to because I have direct deposit and she didn't like me begging her so she closed my account and by the time I got another direct deposit lined up through online banking it was passed the cutoff date so my check went to Mendocino County Savings Bank and they sent it back to the treasurer so it leaves me outside freezing with no money. Today I called Michelle at the Social Services and she referred me to another county run organization that referred me to Mendocino county adult service who then directed my call back to the lady’s (Michelle’s) answering machine and I explained to her that I'm in a dangerous situation and that I could freeze to death or get pneumonia or have congestive heart failure again and she just said that no funds are available.

Although if I were a tweeker with children they would be able to give me a motel voucher. What the fuck is going on? I worked for 30 years, paid social security and income tax. Served in the military. But I can't get a motel voucher for a week to keep from freezing to death. You know I can walk into a bank with my face covering on and I look like every Trump supporter. And on election day I get an email from the concealed weapons carry association to register to win a sig-saur semi auto pistol . What timing for a gun give away. Go figure. Pissed off and Mad About it,

— Alan Hogan, Laytonville

FROM AL HIMSELF, this follow-up note: 

“About five of the people from the county called me, kissed ass, and now I'm in a hotel room. Thanks for the power of Journalism.”


In the earlier part of the 1900s Polio virus epidemics caused widespread apprehension, and thousands fled the city to nearby mountain resorts and rural areas; movie theaters were closed, meetings were canceled, public gatherings were almost nonexistent, and children were warned not to drink from water fountains, and told to avoid amusement parks, swimming pools, and beaches. From 1910 onward, a polio epidemic appeared each summer, the most serious occurring in the 1940s. A successful vaccine was finally developed in the mid 1950s, and ultimately the disease has been wiped out worldwide. Years later, Post Polio Syndrome was identified in older people who had survived polio when they were younger, and various symptoms began showing up indicating permanent damage had been done to the nervous system by the original infection--increased muscle weakness, pain, etc. Any of this sound familiar? 

Obviously polio virus epidemic and Corona virus are two different things--but they do have a common base--they are both pathogenic viruses. Polio got its start similarly to the start of Covid--probably moved around the world slower because people didn't move around as much, and it's been around for thousands of years. Measles virus tells a similar history. It almost rendered extinct the native Hawaiians when it first arrived in those islands via missionaries several centuries ago. The common cold belongs to the corona virus family--it's been around thousands of years, long enough for the human immune system to develop inherited immunity to it so now it's not considered as pathogenic as Covid. 

I posted this as an educational material. No particular point other than this isn't the first time the world has faced an invasion by a virus. If we can individually educate ourselves about it, hopefully we can make helpful decisions as individuals about this one.  (Little River Museum)

WHOA! Golden Gate Bridge fare might soon cost ten bucks, perhaps more as the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District is considering layoffs, furloughs and a bridge toll increase to make up for lost revenue due to a precipitous drop in travel and commuting amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Bridge District, which includes the Bay ferries, says it's lost on average about $2 million a week in bridge tolls and transit fares since early March. Bus ridership is down 75% and ferry ridership down 96%, while bridge traffic is at 70% of normal.

THE DISTRICT'S board of directors used to include Mendo Supervisor Jim Eddie of Potter Valley, since replaced by Jim Mastin of Ukiah in early 2019. Mastin and Co. will vote Friday on one of three options to make up the budget shortfall. The first option is to eliminate 205 bus drivers and ferry operator positions, offering four months of paid medical for employees and their families, along with four weeks of severance pay or a $600-per-week stipend for 10 weeks. The second is to temporarily increase the cost of tolls by $2 to prevent the layoffs, and the final solution is to increase the toll by only $1.25 and furlough employees one day a week. It currently costs $7.70 for a car with FasTrak to cross the bridge and $8.40 without it. A $2 increase would put the cost in the $10 range. Mastin subsequently wrote in to say the Bridge District felt compelled to opt for the layoff option.

(MARK SCARAMELLA adds: And if you know why Mendocino County gets its own seat on the Golden Gate Bridge District Board, please post it as a comment and get your own personal attaboy from the The Major.)

SUSPENSE GOT YOU? In May of 1923 the nation’s bankers were reluctant to finance the Golden Gate Bridge, so the state legislature passed the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District Act of California to plan, design and finance construction. By August of 1925, the people of Marin, Sonoma, Del Norte and parts of Napa and Mendocino counties had agreed to join the district and offer their homes and businesses as collateral for securing the funds. In return, the participating counties got seats on the Bridge District Board of Directors. By the time construction got going during The Depression, the creative financing became even more important because the depressed banks made it clear that the participating residents of the North Bay counties were liable for overruns and delays through the liens placed on their properties. But the Bridge was so popular that tolls quickly repaid the construction loans. Since then, tolls have continuously increased to cover lots of things not envisioned by the original financiers.  

THE TRUMP interlude seems to have unnerved lots of us, but closer to home it's home invasion season that does much of the unnerving, particularly in the hills. Small groups of pot robbers roam the back roads this time of year looking for pharmas to plunder, apparently unaware that over the years rural pharms have formed neighborhood protection associations and, individually, have armed up. Used to be that Bay Area thugs assumed the “hippies” were easy marks. No more.

THE PREVALENT RURAL attitude is expressed in this on-line comment: "If you think you can ever depend on the police to protect you… think again! Citizens give up their liberties when they depend on other people to protect them. Protect yourselves, learn martial arts and self-defense. Carry an object that can always be used in your self-defense like a folding corona pruning saw… it doesn't look like a weapon, but if you need to defend yourself it works 100%. A cop is always 10 minutes away, and in Southern Humboldt or Northern Mendo usually at least a half hour or more away; stop depending on police protection. Get a concealed carry permit and go target practice shooting. You never know when a psychopath could be lurking around your neck of the woods."

THE NEW YORKER has fired one of its best writers, Jeffrey Toobin. Toobin was suspended in mid-October after he exposed himself on a staff Zoom call, either unaware he was being observed or he has become a mid-life perv. The firing seems unwarranted given Toobin's years with the mag and given he probably didn't know he was live at five. In a weasel-lipped announcement, Stan Duncan, chief personnel officer for parent company Condé Nast, announced that Toobin "as a result [of the investigation], he is no longer affiliated with our company." 

Toobin simply said, "I was fired today by @NewYorker after 27 years as a Staff Writer. I will always love the magazine, will miss my colleagues, and will look forward to reading their work."

ALTHEA PATTON WRITES: “I don’t buy the argument that because Jeffrey Toobin was a good writer who had worked for the New Yorker for many years that his firing from his job is unwarranted. From the perspective of being a working woman, I cannot imagine behaving the way he did in a work zoom conference. It is inconceivable. Who does this? Privileged men do. I say, give his job to another deserving, talented writer that doesn’t jack off in front of his / her work colleagues. Jizz!. Oops, I mean Jeeez!”

ED REPLY: Hah! Good one, Althea, but surely Toobin didn’t do it on purpose unless, as they say, he was “testing the limits.” But if he was, he’s crazy, and there’s no indication he’s nuts. On the other hand (sic), erotic triggers are known to vary considerably, but still… I knew a guy who became instantly tumescent at the mere sight of K-Mart smocks, those kinda lime-green jobs… Everyone seems more than ordinarily crazy these anxious days. I still don't think Toobin deserves to be destroyed over his lamentable and certainly unintentional lapse. 

AS OF THE END of last week, the most daily COVID-19 deaths in six months, as infections and hospitalizations continue to spike to record highs across the country. There were 1,893 deaths on Wednesday, which is the highest number of fatalities since May 8th during the initial peak of the outbreak. New infections across the country hit a record high of 144,133 cases on Wednesday, and the average of new cases is now more than 120,000 per day. The number of hospitalizations across the US also continues to spike to single-day highs with more than 65,000 patients currently being treated. 

BIDEN'S medical guy says it might be necessary to shut down the whole country for six weeks, but Dr. Fauci doubts it will be necessary because the incidence of covid varies from place to place, not every place all at once. A Gallup Poll released today reveals that more than half the people polled vowed not to cooperate with another lockdown.

JUST IN FROM ESTHER, Esther Mobley, Chron wine writer: 

Estimates of the monetary losses due to the 2020 wildfires in Wine Country are beginning to materialize, and they look significant. The Glass Fire may have cost Napa’s wine industry as much as $1 billion, with $50 million in wage losses for vineyard workers, writes Barry Eberling in the Napa Valley Register. The mega Constellation-Gallo merger may finally be reaching a conclusion, 18 months after the $1.7 billion deal was first announced. This week, the two companies signed a new agreement with federal regulators that reduces the deal to about $1.03 billion, according to North Bay Business Journal.

In Greece, a winemaker is soaking grapes in salt water before fermentation, part of an effort to recreate ancient styles of wine, Ute Eberle reports in Hakai magazine.


On Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at approximately 12:05 A.M. a Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputy was on routine patrol in the 4000 block of North State Street in Ukiah, California.

The Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for an observed vehicle code violation.

As the Deputy stopped the vehicle, he noticed both the driver and the rear passenger were frantically moving around inside the vehicle.

The Deputy approached the vehicle and contacted the driver, who was identified as Johnny Azbill, 39, of Covelo, and the rear passenger who was identified as Jennyfer Hallmark-Duman, 32, of Ukiah.

Azbill, Hallmark-Duman

The Deputy developed probable cause that Azbill was a known gang member.

Based on this information, as well as the furtive movements by both occupants, the Deputy asked Azbill to step out of the vehicle. Azbill consented to a pat search of his person for any weapons.

The Deputy felt what he recognized to be a methamphetamine smoking pipe in Azbill's pants pocket. Azbill was detained in handcuffs at this time.

The Deputy then requested Hallmark-Duman to exit the vehicle in order to perform a search of the vehicle.

Hallmark-Duman exited the vehicle as requested, then became argumentative and would not allow the Deputy to pat search her person for weapons. When asked if she had any weapons on her, Hallmark-Duman removed a pair of handcuffs from her pocket.

The Deputy asked Hallmark-Duman to lift up her jacket in order to confirm that she did not have any weapons on her.

As Hallmark-Duman lifted her jacket to expose her waistline, a second Sheriff's Deputy who had arrived on scene to assist, noticed a bulge in her rear waistline. The Deputy lifted Hallmark-Duman's jacket, and observed the grip of a handgun tucked into her waistband.

Hallmark-Duman was detained in handcuffs, and the Deputy removed a loaded Glock style 9mm handgun with an inserted extended magazine containing live 9mm rounds.

During a further search, Deputies located a semi-automatic "AR" style rifle with a loaded magazine in the trunk of the vehicle.

The rifle had an approximate 10" long barrel. The rifle had numerous features which met the criteria of an "assault weapon" and "short barreled rifle" per California Law.

Neither of the firearms were serialized and are commonly referred to as "Ghost Guns" as they are unable to be traced.

Azbill was found to be a convicted Felon and is prohibited from owning or possession any firearm or ammunition.

Other items located within the vehicle included night vision goggles, additional ammunition, a gas mask, a ski mask, and several bags of processed marijuana.

Azbill was placed under arrest for Possession of an Assault Weapon. Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Felon in Possession of Ammunition. Possession of a Short Barreled Rifle. Possession of a Controlled Substance While Armed with a Loaded Firearm, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. 

A Mendocino County Superior Court Judge authorized a bail increase for Azbill.

Azbill was subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $150,000.00 bail.

Hallmark-Duman was placed under arrest for Carrying a Loaded Handgun-Not being the Registered Owner, and Carrying a Concealed Weapon in a Vehicle.

Hallmark-Duman was booked into the Mendocino County Jail. In accordance with the COVID-19 emergency order issued by the State of California Judicial Council, bail was set at zero dollars for Hallmark-Duman and she was released after the jail booking process.

Please visit the following link to hear Sheriff Matthew C. Kendall provide a Public Safety Message on the current COVID-19 emergency order related to zero bail:

RECOMMENDED READING: Red Pill by Hari Kunzru. In my humble outback opinion, Kunzru is a virtual seer, and this novel seems like the reality coming right up. This reality is defined this way by Kunzru when he was asked for his version of an imminent, worst-case scenario:

“The US becomes an autocracy, and devolves into a weak and fractious patchwork of jurisdictions run by more or less rapacious oligarchs who conduct a losing war with China, first cold then hot. Human rights become a quaint idea. The environment collapses, and the resulting massive migrations of people lead to vicious authoritarian regimes taking hold in richer countries. Genocidal wars are fought over water. The Tibetan plateau is a global flashpoint. New pathogens emerge out of the melting permafrost, killing millions. Life becomes hellish for all but the very wealthy. For the masses, the future looks like an insect world of starvation or highly-surveilled shock work; for the few, a melancholy decadence conducted behind high walls. I always thought the shit would go down when I was young and strong. These days I'm just hoping I won't spend my old age picking through the ruins of my city looking for expired canned food.”

JENNY OFFILL COMMENTED: "As someone who has lingered too long in the doomier corners of the Internet, I felt a strange sense of relief seeing this dizzying array of potential catastrophes carefully described and cataloged. I was tempted to keep a copy in my wallet to be whipped out the next time I heard someone say, ‘Everything will be OK; all we have to do is get people to the polls’.”

AS THE CATASTROPHE picks up the momentum as outlined above, a reader writes: “There is something unusual going on in the White House. Trump is not being his usual erratic public self. He knows he will be leaving, and is preparing for that. He has been quiet for over a week, except for tweets, then comes out with a thoroughly prepared presentation on the virus. He fires his defense secretary. He won’t let Biden see classified information. It makes one think, there is something going on.”

WHAT'S going on is the acceleration of The Great Slide that Trump has speeded up, somehow convincing half our fine, fat population — the poor and struggling half mostly — that he's on their side. He doesn't have the military backup to put the pedal all the way to the fascist metal, but he's kicked off a low-intensity civil war that's only going to get worse as millions more of US fall into Depression-quality poverty. There's no indication that Biden and the Democrats have either the will or the ability or even the awareness to institute the required neo-Rooseveltian programs necessary to prevent serious social disarray. All Trump offers is a lot of bluster about how bad the Democrats are, a given and obvious to anyone who cares to look, and his only achievements are packing the courts with fascist-minded judges and lowering taxes on the obscenely rich. 

SPEAKING OF DISARRAY, the television news visuals of the sporadic street fighting in Sacramento on Sunday between so-called Antifa and the Trumpers revealed Antifa as the basic candy asses they are. Antifa was padded up, helmeted and masked more thoroughly than any college football player, while the Trumpers turned out in all their bare-faced, unpadded, unmasked glory. One of the Trumpers was featured arguing with an Antifa warrior, screaming at this Black Knight figure, “Look at you! Look at us! You're hiding, we're not.” There followed a clip of anon Antifa figures, six on one, pummeling a downed Trumper. Fighting fascism with fascism isn't working and won't work with most people.

JEROME POWELL is Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, a collection of very large privately owned banks on whose behalf America is organized. Jerome and Friends have been printing up a lot of money lately, so much that we now have, for sure, more of a faith-based currency than ever, a faith I will share until the very hour the Redwood Drive-In no longer accepts it for one of their delicious tacos.

ANYWAY, here's Powell on the present economic situation: “For example, it's likely that lower-paid workers, as well as those in jobs requiring face-to-face interactions, such as retail or restaurant workers, will shoulder most of the burden of this shift to unemployment.. These groups, heavily skewed towards women and minorities, have already been among those most affected by pandemic layoffs. The post-pandemic economy is also at risk of being less productive: women have been forced to quit their jobs due to child care responsibilities during the crisis, and children aren't getting the education they deserve. Generally speaking, inequality holds the economy back. Even after the unemployment rate goes down and there's a vaccine, there's going to be a probably substantial group of workers who are going to need support as they're finding their way in the post-pandemic economy, because it's going to be different in some fundamental ways.”

EYES ONLY, MENDO LOCALS. A guy called last week to say the photo we ran of the late Dory Dan was not Dory Dan. “Dory Dan always wore glasses,” the caller insisted, “always! I fished with him and knew him. And that was not him.” 

WITH THE REAL Dory Dan no longer able to stand up for ID verification, surely someone out there will stand in for him. Is this him? If it's not him, who the heck is it?

STANLEY KELLY SAYS, “Yes; that’s Dory Dan. I never saw him wear glasses.”

THE UKIAH BUILDING at N.Dora and Pine is a building for our times, and if a single modest structure can radiate tension, this one does. It consists of two stories and two separate rentals and what seems to be one common entry. From the top floor flies a large Trump flag and other Trump regalia. Downstairs a large banner reads, “End White Supremacy.” The top floor is occupied by a white man, the ground floor several white women.

LEE EDMUNDSON WRITES: “Calling petty names a la The Donald is beneath you. I’ve known and occasionally worked with Joe Louis Wildman for many years now — every election cycle it seems and, sure, he is a mellow fellow — but he and everyone methinks, deserves to be addressed by their proper name. The Trumpster was a master at inventing denigrating monikers — Sleepy Joe, Crooked Hillary, Little Marco, you catch my drift here — but serious writers should stay above that cheap shot demeaning of people. Yes? Even you.” 

IN RESPONSE to the gentlest trigger ever, my friend Lee E. objects to re-dubbing Joe Wildman as Joe Tame Man, comparing the re-dub to the equivalently mild redubs dealt by Orange Man, as if Tame Man, Little Marco, Crooked Hillary and Sleepy Joe are so deeply wounding their designees are traumatized. I know we live in hyper-sensitive times, but jeez. 

WILDMAN himself made his name an issue back in the 90s when he was running for 5th District Supervisor as Joe Louis Hoffman on the typically Mendo middle-of-the-road extremist platform, announcing, in the piously-PC prose that seems to resonate with the dimmer cadres of Mendolib, that he was taking his wife’s surname of Wild(er) and attaching his gender identifier to it. Ta da! Wildman was born! 

THE PROB I have with the dude, and you too, in fact, has nothing to do with your mellow quotient but your reactionary politics which, of course, mirror the DNC's or Republican-Lite represented by Slo Joe Biden, a man who has either initiated or signed off on every single piece of damaging legislation or unfounded war over his entire dreary 47 years in office, during which, of course, he became a millionaire many times over.

YES Tame Man, like a lot of local Democrats, is a “mellow fellow,” i.e., as politically tame as the DNC shot callers for whom he’s one more useful idiot. He’s mellow until he isn’t, which is when he's criticized. 

WHEN the AVA called him on his cynical excursion as a “Green” to rope in a few disaffected left Democrats for Mendo's Democrat Club, Tame Man quickly cut off communications. (Not that we're complaining.) Tame Man's function is to kill any political energy to the left of Biden-Pelosi-Schumer-Huffman-McGuire-Wood-Shoemaker-Hamburg-Kendall Smith, and so on and on and on to ensure that nothing even remotely progressive can ever happen north of the Golden Gate Bridge. (Slo Joe Biden and the DNC, as we meet here today, are cordoning off Bernie and AOC.)


[1] After Louis the 16th was crowned in 1775, the royal carriage made a tour around Paris with appointed stops, speeches, greetings, well-wishes, you know, that whole kabuki dance.

Of course, speeches ran over the time allotted. So as it got late, the royal couple had to trim the schedule. At one orphanage a teen-aged boy (brightest of the bunch) waited to give them the speech he had written. He knelt in the mud as the royal carriage approached. It barely slowed down, the royals waved, and drove on. Orphans were a low priority stop. That humiliated boy was Robespierre, and you know the rest of the story.

[2] Maybe – just sayin’ – it would be better for Trump to get outta Dodge and for he and Trumpists to take a time out and think things through. The main problem with Trump’s accession is that he had little base of support outside of American underclasses and the middle class. This means not enough people supporting him in the Deep State, in academe, in the media, and especially not in the Republican Party he’d overthrown to get the nomination. 

And he had nowhere near enough support in the business community and Wall Street both of which fund Democrats and traditional Republicans, who in turn extract money from taxpayers to hire protection for those same business and financial interests, whether this protection is in the form laws or of cops and spies and soldiers, or whether it’s regulatory bodies that put their fingers on the scale to ensure that business comes out on top. 

This protection can take many forms, but the point is that it’s a symbiosis of elite interests that use one another to maintain an economic and political system for their own advantage.

Trump had a brief agenda which can be summarized as America First, but whose broad strokes can be discerned as avoidance of debilitating wars, tightening national borders, re-establishing or re-shoring American manufacturing and the mass, bread-winner employment that went with it, all of which directly improve the lot of America’s underclasses ie the Deplorables. 

Given the benefit to Deplorables, these action items were seen as a direct threat to entrenched elite interests. And it was obvious pretty quick that Trump had not nearly enough back-up that could have fended off fraudulent attempts to overturn his valid 2016 election win. 

So, the problem that faces people that support Trump’s aims is to establish a political movement that encompasses not just grass-roots foot-soldiers but that also has adherents in Deep State officialdom, people that could lend their influence the next time a Trumpist comes to power, if there is a next time. 

It’s a big, multi-year task ahead, one that needs people in universities, the judiciary, the military, in the foreign affairs “blob”, in intel and police agencies, in short, a broadly based community of patriots who will oppose globalists, internationalists, neo-liberals, in short, all those that sell out America and Americans for the narrow advantage of a few. 

Where to start, where to start …

[3] I voted by Absentee Ballot, but not in Pennsylvania. The materials included with the absentee ballot were very explicit that the vote wouldn’t count if the ovals were not completely filled in, and it was not placed inside the signed security envelop which is then placed in the outer mail in envelope. Basic stuff…

But what they don’t tell you is that your Absentee Ballot still may not count if the morons and nincompoops processing your ballot do not follow proper procedures designed to provide a modicum of election integrity. And these Boobs are likely to be low IQ, minimum wage workers who may not be able to follow basic instructions and/ or may be flipped out on drugs, high fructose corn syrup, pizza, fast food, the American education system, Social media, or whatever. And that may be best case scenario. 

[4] What did we expect? Politics in the West has turned into another form of reality tv and all of our leaders, whether we are talking about Trump or Trudeau, are manufactured to entertain the public and distract us from the “corporate coup d’état” that has permeated every facet of human life on this planet and will end up leading to the extinction of all life on Earth. The masters of the universe who control our politics don’t give a damn if Joe Biden or Donald Trump occupy the Oval Orifice because they know that neither pose a threat to their dominance over us. The same can be said of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Make America Great Again or Proud Boys.. All of them are puppets whose strings are pulled by media conglomerates and none of them pose a threat to the established order.

[5] There are empty suits and then there’s Obama. See, he’s out there saying that Trump’s claims of voting irregularities put American democracy on a “dangerous path”.

Seriously? You have to be deliberately blind, or a Democrat, or a Democrat supporter, to not see what’s plain and clear, that the baseless claims over the past four years of Republican collusion with Russians, of baseless claims of clear evidence of such collusion, of baseless claims that indictments of Trump and his crew were imminent, are what set American democracy on a dangerous path, such claims being utterly fraudulent.

And democracy is on a dangerous path when you have a partisan judiciary determined to obstruct policy agendas using spurious justifications of unconstitutionality, or whatever other nonsense the judge can pull out of his ass. That said, partisanship in the judiciary isn’t just on the Democrat side, but when judges overstep their bounds and stray into what isn’t supposed to be their function – policy-making – that you set the table for real conflict.

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