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Letters (November 25, 2020)

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A Jog Down Memory Lane....

It's here!!!

Nostalgia quickly sets in as I read this book, a true work of art. I am not only saying this because my name is Eli Gibbons, son of esteemed writer Jim Gibbons and Author of “A Jog Down Memory Lane” and its predecessor. “Flashbacks.” Jim Gibbons' writing style draws you in and captivates you! This book will not only cater to the avid runner but to anyone looking for compelling stories about the amazing life of a West Coast Legend!

For those of you who do not know, my dad was a World Class Masters Runner and these stories are from articles he's written over the past 40+ years! Some of my dad's accolades include running over 528 road races, 13 marathons, winning three U.S. National Cross Country Championships, placing 2nd in the World Championships and tying the American Record in the 800m! He has raced all over the Country / World and this book compiles some truly amazing stories from over the years!

Even if you are not a runner, you will love this book! I know I am biased, but my father's writing style is captivating and I am sure this book will be a favorite of yours for years to come! 

Pick yourself up a copy on Amazon: “A JOG DOWN MEMORY LANE” by Jim Gibbons — you will be glad you did!

Eli Gibbons


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To the Editor:

Recently, my family and I were enjoying a quiet morning here in Ukiah. It was still early enough to have windows and doors open for some fresh air. We all noticed the shadow of a person on foot passing by our front window so I jumped up to see what was happening. As I walked out the door a sheriff’s deputy was coming down the street obviously looking for someone. The person on foot was out of sight already and the deputy turned the corner still looking. I found a guy hiding in the bushes on my side yard and chased him out. Probably not the best decision on my part. Within seconds, the deputy was back along with another deputy, two Ukiah PD cruisers and a CHP officer. Even an animal control officer showed up, all before the first officers on scene got the guy into cuffs. Thank you to all the law enforcement for helping to protect us. These times can make the job challenging, but they still serve with passion, focus and integrity. Now, back to that quiet morning…

Thomas Simms


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Hello AVA,

I’ve finally had my “Come to Jesus” moment where I had to concede that I’m no longer able to personally obtain my weekly fix of the print version of the AVA in a timely manner. I have been reading the AVA for as long as I can remember I’m not sure if this is correct but I read the Mendocino Grapevine — here’s the fuzzy part — until its demise and then it became the AVA?) Anyway back in the day I would pick up a copy from CJ when he would bring them over the hill. I always enjoyed my moments with him and hope he is still doing well in Oregon.

So with Covid and the physics of a resting object I am sending a check for a yearly print subscription. The check is in the mail.


Hugh McAvoy


* * *



So, Gov. Gavin Newsom attended a dinner party in Napa with about 12 people. He got caught going against everything he has been telling us to do (or not do) during the pandemic. Do you mean to tell me that he didn’t know how many people were going to be there and the political fallout he would have to deal with if he attended? With a slight smirk or grimace of pain on his face, he apologized for his actions. I’m sorry, but his apology smelled as bad as a case of rotting cheese. This is another case of “do what I tell you to do, not do what I do.” People should be getting fed up with his “I know what is good for you” attitude. Maybe it is time to start looking for his replacement.

Bob Bostich


* * *



Too tired too!

We have taken Fric and Frac to task, to the end. Thank God! Looks like we will have Fric in the White House on the throne for the next four years. God help us!

I got my crap packed and see my bus coming just down the road. This bus don't stop in Milpitas or…! See ya on the other side, perhaps.

Before I board let me tell you just a few things that I'm sick and tired of, i.e. your going to be stuck with:

Black lives matter continually. “Just how much is enough,” send me a card when it's over.

Teens peaceful protests seen by the mayor. “Broken windows, looting, burning, whatever we will burn.”

Lawbreakers breaking the law on camera then complaining about being detained.

TV News showing police aggression against the black folks with no TV show time for white perps. They do exist, don't they? Apparently cracker news is just not a big seller! Without equanimity? Look that one up.

TV/radio covid 19 counts, the cases versus deaths over and over!

TV news showing the Republicans and Democrats constant fighting and verbal bashing each other most of the time. Oh my! Those poor legislators must be working overtime and weekends to get all those pressing bills passed. They surely need more money and more time off. Yeah right! If it were not such a travesty it could be… Can't say it! Or maybe in Boontling, Burlap it! Perhaps a new TV show! Had enough? Me too!

See you.

Wait just a minute:

Gran said, Old Doc Winters stopped by the other evening and wanted to know how long I have had this bad cough. He wanted to know if I've ever been bedridden. With great trepidation he was told, “Two times and once in a buggy.” He blinked twice, wiped off his face with a small white hanky, grabbed up his small black bag and made it out the back door. He grabbed up a large bag of peanut butter cookies and said, “No bill!” I waved goodbye as he made a hasty retreat in his one-horse surry down the lane. More cookies Gran! The doc cleaned us out.”

Love you, Gran.

God bless America, Fric, Doc Winters, Jerry Philbrick.

Over and out,

Down streamer, 


* * *


Letter to the Editor,

$10.9 million for a Hobo Hotel in Ukiah? Get mad? No. Ask questions? Yes. Your tax dollars at work? Not really. Stuffing corrupt pockets all the way down the line. 31 “non-profit” agencies feeding on the homeless. Wow, what an industry? Just one of many phony government industries that use our money to confiscate and redistribute, minus a very fat commission for the political class.

It was state money that had to be spent soon or it would go away. But the state has no money. They don't print money, they get it from you. Taxes, fees, fines. We and our representatives are building a hobo hotel. I hope you like it. It's really nothing that new. We already have lots of public housing in Ukiah and clearly and across the nation. Karl Marx wrote that there shall be no private property. That's just what we have: only government property. We are the renters of our own supposed property legally called tenants. Are you a joint tenant? A single tenant? Or a tenant in common? Keyword: Tenant. Try not paying your rent and see what happens. You will be evicted from “your property” and possibly become a client for the new hobo hotel.

Soon there will be 25 more hobo hotels.

Tom Madden


PS. Have you ever seen the sign that says, “Please don't feed the animals”? I haven't seen one in a long time but it makes perfect sense. Thank you for your informative free speech paper.

* * *


To the Editor:

I’m writing to express my support for the new homeless housing site being created at the former Best Western Inn. I’m so glad to see that our county government and local non profits, under the able leadership of Megan Van Sant, are working collaboratively to provide an innovative solution that has great promise.

More and more of our community members are at risk of losing housing, a problem exacerbated by a dearth of affordable housing, job loss related to the pandemic and the generational poverty that many of our families experience. Homelessness affects all of us who live here. Let’s all step up and do whatever we can to support this project.

Margo Frank


* * *


To the AVA,

My name is Thomas Dean Jones. I am the defendant in the murder of Jamie Wilcox, my shirttail stepson who was given a resident tenancy on the family property along with two other sons after my mother passed away after promising to help my disabled sister stay on the property.

My extensive criminal history began with a string of nine armed robberies in one month back in 1979. Only goes to show how the mind of the economic predatory human operates when they capitalize on every weakness they can find or create in other humans for all of the money we get to live on while walking on the psychological path of the predatory animal nature in our minds.

The Jamies both got shot for attacking my sister and their other brothers after dishonoring their own lives and only after a long train of petty abuses to me turned into an attack on my sister’s inherited property for their love of money over honor.

Only Jamie Wilcox had to die to protect the property due to the convolution of law in this land. Jamie Garden got shot because it was his hormonal raging which was behind all of the abuses of the family. Sophistication is always put on everything I do because tests put my thinking in the top 1% of the people in this nation. And while I did not do the right thing, I did the necessary thing as the responsible adult after I placed faith in the integrity of my stepson Jamie Wilcox after he got off parole as a registered sex offender in Umatilla County, Oregon, where we lived until my wife Barbara Wilcox died in 2011 and I moved back to Ukiah to help care for my mother while she died.


While justifying homicide is not the right way to do things, my homicide is no better or worse than the state refusing to obey Article 5 due process of law in justifying murder by cop to get the unauthorized authorities it now wields over people either. And it is not just black lives that matter. We all live under the tyrannical government which takes everything it deems necessary at the point of a gun.

From the beginning I have tried to plead no contest with these outlaws in power and following the way of the predatory beast. But they will not allow it, trying to say they can prove I am not guilty of the charges. So the public defender can fight to make the people pay for my crimes. Again, they are capitalizing on every weakness they can find or create in other humans while confounding the laws of our land with their beastly human nature. I have lived on the charity of my family without money for seven years now.

Thomas Dean Jones

Mendocino County Jail, Ukiah

PS. Facebook pages United States People's Sphere of Action and Thomas Jones, Western Oregon. Or TJStarFire and online.

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  1. Bill Kimberlin November 27, 2020

    Tom Madden,
    I guess you have to be from Comptche to have your knowledge of Marx and what he actually said so screwed up. He was referring to the seizure of common lands in Scotland using legal documents to defend the robbery and removing people to turn the highlands into sheep ranges. In America, European settlers knocked in wooden stakes to make claims on native lands. Working people being pushed from their land by governments was what he was talking about, not doing away with private property but returning property stolen through legal tricks from common folk. Do your research, get to a library for God’s sake.

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