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Letters (December 2, 2020)

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Dear Editor 

RE your squib on Dan Crenshaw and "gender-benders"…

Some years ago I heard a radio show that was astounding! Interviews with two separate doctors (there may have been more, I can’t remember) who each said that a number of babies they had delivered were born hermaphrodites, and that without telling, let alone consulting the parents, they just decided which sex the baby would be, and immediately performed the necessary operations to make it so! They believed they were doing the right thing to save the parents anguish; it was not hard to do, as many babies are taken from the mother at birth and returned at a later time whenever the “danger” had passed…

In the same show, there were interviews w/ parents of children, and said children, who said something to the effect of: as soon as our kid could talk he/she was saying he/she was NOT the sex his/her genitals showed, and they were very upset about it. This adamant refusal to accept their gender by proof of their genitals did not go away as they got older, and eventually they either had a sex change operation or dressed and acted like they did. 

I thought this was astonishing, but they all seemed quite credible. Recently I tried to google something about this, but did’t find anything. (but then a few years ago you could google on YouTube “Nancy’s Cat,” and I would come up with my miraculous cat! I tried that again recently, and never found me. Too much other stuff w/ same title now.) 


Nancy McLeod


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To: Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Nature Conservancy, Mercy for Animals, American Bird Conservancy, National Audubon Society, World Wildlife Fund.

Re: Oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve

Greetings to you all:

I'm sure you know about President Tweet’s plan to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and sell leases for energy development. When I read this, my stomach dropped to the floor. We cannot let this happen. The Arctic National Wildlife Preserve is sacrosanct and it should stay that way forever.

I read that Mr. Bezos give several of you a sizable donation. I hope you'll use some of that to defend the Arctic and all the lives that depend on that, so far, pristine ecosystem. Fight this in the courts, stall, stall, until Mr. Biden takes office and negates this environmental disaster. And quite frankly, the blatant murder of millions of species. For that is what will happen if the refuge is trashed. And it would open up the “development” of all the other refuges in this country.

Please make this a priority. For those of you reading this in your local newspaper, please contact your representatives and beg them to get on board about this most crucial issue.

Thank you.

Louise Mariana


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A better roast for Thanksgiving dinner.

The 222 million turkeys killed in the U.S. this year are raised in crowded sheds filled with toxic fumes. Their beaks and toes are clipped to prevent stress-induced aggression. At the tender age of 16 weeks, workers cut their throats and dump them into boiling water to remove their feathers.

Consumers pay a heavy price too. Turkey flesh is laced with cholesterol and saturated fats that elevate risk of chronic killer diseases. Prolonged cooking is required to destroy deadly pathogens lurking inside.

Now, for the good news. With growing popularity of Tofurky and other plant-based holiday roasts, U.S. turkey production has dropped a whopping 25% from its 1995 high of 293 million.

This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for our good fortune, health and happiness with a cruelty-free plant-based holiday roast available in convenient sizes. An internet search on “vegetarian Thanksgiving” offers more options and recipes than we could possibly use.

Larry Rogawitz

Santa Rosa

* * *



My guess is that the Washington Democrats are going to piss the next two years away by fighting battles that they cannot win. My suggestion is to send a note to the one person who holds all of the power — "Dear Mitch, you are aware that 7.2 million people voted for Trump and their main concerns consist of climate change and infrastructure. This is to inform you that Democrats will cooperate fully with Republicans to address these two issues."

Meanwhile Democrats will spend the next two years finding a candidate under 50 who the people will like to vote for in each of the House and Senate seats up for election in 2022. The Young Democrats Clubs will not be organized enough to be of much assistance yet. But they will push for my solution to all census and election problems by mandating that all adults must register to vote and return the ballots that have been sent. I don't give a damn whether they vote or not. Alexander Hamilton will like the fact that all elections will be nationalized. So look for three bumps from his grave. To end the circus in Washington we need four men, each taking an arm and a leg, and carrying the president off to the funny farm.

Ralph Bostrom


PS. American Chronicles—

Chapter 1. "Democratic Party: your time is up." — Ralph Nader’s after election report. You are fortunate not to have listened. The election is over but the cord from the mic to the electrical outlet started to melt and soon caught fire. Many listeners reported problems with their hearing, headaches and incontinence. They were advised to check with their earologists. Probably his severest criticism of the Democratic Party since Salmon P. Chase in 1860.

Much of the blame goes to Chuck Schumer who rides herd on the US Senate candidates telling them not to go against their donors. Spending millions on useless television advertising. Of course Ralph Nader is still dreaming of Bernie Sanders. It goes without saying that Mr. Trump was traded in for Mr. Not Trump. Nothing more was accomplished. Go back and read my letter about the young Democrat clubs again which mandated registering to vote nationwide. The Australians like their system. Keep the apidistra flying. The reason Republicans oppose the Affordable Care Act is they don't want to pay for Negroes’ healthcare.

Chapter 2: As I have learned how to make a weekly profit betting on horses (four or five bets weekly) I thought I would get a computer and a printer (have to print the daily racing form) so I could play the bang tails on the Internet.

I found that Staples in Ukiah sold the computer I wanted so I sent them the money. Ten days later (it takes 10 days to send a letter from Willits to Ukiah and receive an answer — the AVA has been a week to 10 days late since last March) I received a letter from Staples. They sent my money back! They stated that they didn't do business over the phone or by mail. I asked whether I could send my debit card number. No. 

Well, that's the way it is nowadays. People in Ukiah buy their groceries at Safeway when the very same groceries at Wal-Mart are 25% cheaper. I hope I am not sounding like Tommy Wayne Kramer. Stupid things happen in Ukiah. Buying the Best Western Inn for the homeless is on the list. The price of gas drops five cents a gallon in Willits and Upper Lake. Ten days later every gas station in Ukiah drops the price five cents a gallon. Willits is not exempt. 400 people in the Willits area were not counted in the census (the Department of Motor Vehicles says close to 1000). People who were not counted knew all about the census. They deliberately did not cooperate. They don't like the government telling them what to do. Typical Trump supporters. There was no local address or phone number for the census in Willits.

Thom Hartmann is sort of growing off the rails lately. Some wild ass pronouncements. Don't be taken in! 

PPS. When it is time to pick up the gun I will volunteer and I hope to be assigned to Boonville.

* * *



Trumpism? What is it good for? More than nothing.

It's important that Trump came and made his impact and it's important that he's gone due to our collective impact. 

We are better off for the experience which accelerated our collective savvy by decades--stripping off layers of illusions about values we share and about the powers-that-be, exposing the inauthentic relationship with a government we tolerate but don't believe in. 

Winner take all is not fair from the gitgo. The US is backward compared to Europe with its progressive proportional representation--a % of the vote can give minorities like vegetarians representation if they get a certain % of the popular vote. Shakes things up, voice to the voiceless, win-win.

We're not even close to jazzy ideas like proportional representation, due to burdens like the Electoral College vise strangling our process and progress. We need to end it to restore the ebb and flow of the marketplace of political ideas without the corrupting restrictions of the college.

We need the advantage of criticism and self criticism to advance the knowledge base and enhance those around us (tho they may disagree they're being enhanced). The Trumpian value is to suppress freedom of speech unless he agrees, so the alternative is to open the flood gates for the common good, now that our minds are open like parachutes.

Pebbles Trippet


* * *



We’re facing challenging times for restaurants with both weather and an increase in COVID-19 infections.

One of the reasons I love this community is our ability to step up and face challenges, whether they be fires, floods or community issues.

Right now, I want to suggest that everyone support restaurants through regular takeout. Leave a hefty tip, and buy alcohol if you can afford it.

The time is now, through winter and the holidays. Together we can make it through winter if we imagine owning a small business or restaurant and picture how you would wish the community would respond.

Sheralynn Freitas

Santa Rosa

* * *



This letter is intended to give people information on how to say NO! to the pot grow dispensary that has applied for permits at the corner of Alder and Franklin streets in Fort Bragg. To let your voice be heard you need to send an email to city clerk June Lemos’ email address which is with your concerns, make sure you have a viable complaint why you feel this project should not be approved. I believe the planning commission will be meeting on Dec. 9 to review this permit for approval or disapproval. All of these emails should be provided to the planning commission by the city clerk, so the more emails we have the stronger our objection will be as long as we have viable complaints. Please let your voices be heard so we don’t let these people keep changing the identity of our town.

Jay Koski

Fort Bragg

* * *



Will the truth prevail?

The following is not, repeat not, intended to bash or degrade the Catholic Church or its system or its low-level operatives. But again I have to ask Why? With no response that satisfies. Why is what we must start and finished with. You may consider some of the following disrespectful. Don't! The truth would satisfy most of us.

You may be fall into bed with our historic president with a game saver of "fake news." If you are of such a mindset stop reading. You are most assuredly are a downstreamer with no hope of return.

On tv evening news investigations have documented and found that our pope was fully aware of Catholic priests and their ungodly acts of child molestation. Being a long-time personal friend of this high ranking Catholic, the Pope turned a blind eye on this abomination. Rather than renounce or defrock this sexual predator the pope elevated him to monsignor in the Catholic Church. What? Why? A few Catholics I know sure would like to understand this ungodly act in this particular case. Does the Pope not have or has he never heard of the moral compass? Does he not read his Bible?

If this type of activity is okay (to date) without retribution as seen by the Pope and his religious concealers, where is Catholicism destined? It would be seen by outsiders that this ridiculous order is headed towards the Rubicon with no realization what the flocklings think.

I am not alone in thinking that the Catholic dynasty is slipping deeper and deeper into a state of decay.

Perhaps you can live with a face saving of complacency and will continue to pray, pay and obey. Oh yes! I say with sincerity, Never let go. There are only two things that they cannot take away from all of us and that is hope and death. Although we may be light years away from getting anything substantive out of the Vatican, hope springs eternal with death not too far behind.

Gran says: “Perhaps the Pope never had any peanut butter cookies when he was a child. Maybe he would be more remorseful for all those children who were molested under his watch. No cookies for those misguided predators. Shame! Shame!”

Go to bed Gran. Say a prayer for those who have violated God's will including the Pope.

Gran said, "I will. Maybe we should send them cookies, the Pope too? One will know!”

Say goodnight, Gran. I’ll pull the cookies. Goodnight! Love you Gran.

God bless America, the prexy, Grand and Jerry Philbrick.

Old and Angry


* * *



One of the lessons I’ve learned in life is that the right way is usually the hard way. It’s often much easier to do what we want to do than what we ought to do, and people looking for the easy way out will rationalize it, even if that means denying the truth. This is especially true if people in authority model the same behavior. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. I have friends who have given me every reason imaginable not to follow the advice given by health officials, none of them based on fact. I have heard others not directly affected by the virus say not to worry, that things will be fine as soon as the vaccine is distributed.

The projected spread of this disease and resulting deaths this winter tell me that things will not be fine unless each of us does our part now. These past eight months have been difficult for everyone, and the vaccines may be the light at the end of the tunnel. But in the meantime, we can save hundreds of thousands of lives by merely wearing masks and distancing ourselves from people not in our immediate families. As the well-known ad says, “Just do it.”

Tim Hudson

Rohnert Park

* * *



As we enter into the holiday season I hope all of us in Mendocino County can take the time and think about the numerous reasons we have to be grateful. 

I know for many it will be family and friends, while others it will be for their faith and community connections as well as safety in our homes which many people simply don’t get to experience. 

The closeness and commitments to our neighbors throughout the county has always been one of our strongest assets. This bond we share is one of the reasons I have chosen to live my life here in Mendocino County and to raise my family here. 

As I think of the upcoming holiday season, I would like to thank everyone who continues to support their community and their neighbors. 

I would also like to give a huge thank you to all who support public safety. We are truly blessed to have the support of all our communities. 

I would ask we all continue to do our part to keep each other safe during the holiday season.

During the COVID pandemic please be sure to mask up and follow the orders of our health officer. 

I believe the pandemic is similar to climbing a huge mountain we have never seen before. Luckily, we have the assistance of a guide, this guide is our health officer.

If we all continue to follow the guidance we are given, we will make it to our destination. We have made many sacrifices throughout the year, from masking to evacuations due to wildfire. 

Let’s remember these sacrifices will someday be remembered as simply doing the right thing.

I am asking all residents to remember the unwritten rules we follow as human beings. These unwritten rules guide us in caring for our families, neighbors and fellow human beings. 

Good conscience in our daily lives will continue to serve us. I have seen in several areas of our nation where people have forgotten their responsibility to their fellow person. I am happy that is a rare event here in Mendocino County.

Please remember we have several first responders who are continuing to serve us through the holiday season. 

When we see a nurse, Doctor, EMT, fireman or peace officer, let’s remember to thank them for their service. These folks will be working the holidays.

Remember your loved ones and call them if you can. Currently we have several people who are beginning to experience loneliness. Now is the perfect time to reconnect with friends and relatives in a safe manner. 

Many times a call from an old friend can brighten someone’s day in a way we simply don’t anticipate. I understand most of us will be celebrating the holidays in manners different than we are accustomed to. So let’s work together to keep each other safe while doing so.

For persons traveling, please remember the weather is unpredictable, so drive safely. If you need to travel away from home please let the Sheriff’s Office, or any jurisdiction you reside in know you will be away. 

Deputies often complete extra patrols of neighborhoods and residences. If possible reach out to the Sheriff’s area commander so we can keep an eye on your place while you are away.

Due to the increases in theft from mail boxes and thefts of packages we will again be conducting surveillance campaigns to curb these thefts. 

We have been very successful in this endeavor in previous years. This is also due to the partnership we have with our residents. We will continue to work together on this.

In closing we know that we have had a long year of emergencies within our county. However we are continuing to stand strong. 

This is due to the spirit and resilience of our communities, I am often reminded character is the virtue learned during hard times. 

I would like to thank all of our communities and public safety partners who have worked with us to continue serving Mendocino County with such character. 

Let’s all have a happy and safe holiday season in Mendocino County. 


Sheriff Matt Kendall

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