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Ode To The Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree store is heaven on earth,
A strip mall version of a miracle birth.
Candy and incense and napkins and jam,
Put your wrinkled buck down, thank you much, ma'am!

It's bang on eight in Healdsburg proper,
The gates swing open to happy shoppers.
Merry Christmas reads festive bauble adorned,
On silent white knights atop Rudolph's horns.

Most judicious court, absent all pretense,
For bargain-hunting souls who came from whence.
Everything's a mere dollar, top shelf to far aisle.
If you're blessed with a fiver, prepare to stay awhile!

Kosher French salt and red chili flakes too,
And cobalt lacquer to make toenails blue.
Apple skin snacks and Mexican jug bleach,
Q-tips and scrubbers for spots hard to reach!

Dish soap, lip balm, penne for the boil,
Plastic roses, and clingfilm to stop the spoil.
Tannenbaum candles and campfire kits,
Lemony sprays to make odors submit!

Chicken broth soup and mouthwashes minty,
Smooth-glide floss to keep dentifrice glinty.
Spoons and spatulas and shy chocolate mice,
Pizza sauce in a box with Florentine rice.

Gummi-bear icons of monsters from Mars,
Greek olive oil in faux alabaster jars.
Plus shrink-wrapped meat the color of guns,
Sippy-cup glasses, frosted honey buns.

Nine-volt batteries, wine coolers for thirst,
Disposable knives, German mustards for wurst.
Tuna in cans, or dried figs, take your pick,
Pork rinds and Fanta to make one quite sick!

Confetti, spaghetti, candles in pink,
Ajax cleaner for a spotless kitchen sink!
Salves, creams and ointments, diapers for young-uns,
Beef bouillon and chili with powdered onion!

So when I finally leave this realm,
to the sweet bells chiming of Saint Anselm,
Take a dollar and hurry post haste
To my lingering ghost, near the travel toothpaste!

One Comment

  1. Cat Spydell December 29, 2020

    You had me at “dentifrice glinty” … nailed it. And accurate, Dollar Stores rock.

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