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Bonanno Found, Deceased

On 01-01-21 Sheriff's Deputies, Mendocino County Search & Rescue volunteers, South Coast Volunteer Fire Department personnel and Redwood Coast Fire Department personnel continued the search for Kerry Ann Bonanno on her property.

Today's search consisted of approximately 34 people and 2 specially trained dogs.

During a search of a steep wooded ravine on the property, searchers located Bonanno who was deceased.

A coroner's investigation has been initiated to determine the cause, mode and manner of death which is expected to take several weeks to determine due to BA/Toxicology testing (normal protocol).

The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office would like to thank all the public safety agencies and community members who assisted during the search.



  1. George Dorner January 3, 2021

    Bless the volunteers.

    • Mark Wilkinson Laszlo January 3, 2021

      And the Sherrif’s Department!

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