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Judge Brennan Deemed Unfit by District Attorney

Coast Judge Will No Longer Hear Cases Involving Animal Cruelty And/Or Cases With A Sentencing Enhancement Alleged Relating To The Personal Use Of A Firearm

Mendocino County District Attorney David Eyster announced Monday that effective immediately he has directed all deputy prosecutors to file peremptory challenges to disqualify and prevent Superior Court Judge Clayton Brennan from hearing any pending criminal case or future cases that will be filed in which a defendant is charged with animal cruelty. 

Likewise, the DA has also directed his deputy prosecutors to file peremptory challenges to disqualify and prevent Judge Brennan from hearing any criminal case in which the DA has alleged that the defendant personally used a firearm in the commission of a felony.

California jurisprudence and statutory law allows District Attorneys to refuse to accept a judge on a particular case or certain types of cases if it is believed that the judge is “so biased against the People that he or she cannot be entrusted with the fair administration of justice,” Eyster said.

In issuing his directive, the DA continued, “The judge currently sitting in the Ten Mile Court in Fort Bragg has betrayed community standards and community trust. He has made it abundantly clear that he has no use for, does not value, and is biased against law enforcement and the community’s ongoing efforts to seek justice against those who victimize animals and use firearms to commit felonies.

“Accordingly, I deem him legally unfit to sit as a judge on the types of criminal cases described above,” said Eyster.

When asked if the peremptory challenges to Judge Brennan will occur only in cases involving animal cruelty or cases where it has been charged that the defendant has personally used a firearm, Eyster said the question of the scope and definition of cases for which Judge Brennan will be disqualified remains an open question being evaluated by the DA and his senior attorneys.

(Mendocino County District Attorney)


  1. Stephen Rosenthal January 4, 2021

    Mr. Eyster,

    Excellent news. Are you appealing the Smith verdict and, if so, what is the status? Thank you.

  2. Craig Stehr January 4, 2021

    Warmest spiritual greetings, Sitting at the dining room table at The Magic Ranch in Mendocino county California, the north Indian bansuri flute music on Google level 7, my turmeric kombucha drink in hand, the calendar new year begun, appropriate thoughts of the past since September 28, 1949 run through like a torrential river. All of the past aggravating, antisocial, seriously irrational situations experienced in the “American experiment in freedom and democracy” for the past 71 years went by like a freight train. It is incredible that I did not just up and kill someone. But then, cultivating a spiritual life from an early age gave me the necessary skills to respond otherwise.
    And so tonight, as the upcoming irrelevant U.S. presidential inauguration draws near, I rejoice in the fact that non-attachment and Self realization are mine! I rejoice that I may laugh back at a world gone nuts, at the planetary ecological disaster looming insofar as the melting out of the ice sheets is concerned, (which will no longer refract back into outer space the sun rays, and therefore the global warming effect will worsen), the implosion of the global economy, and last but not least, the spectre of nuclear war.
    In the midst of this ridiculous civilization, in these meaningless postmodern times, witnessing the last vestiges of organized religion, we value our individual legitimate spiritual way, which is the one and only way back to Godhead. Please join with me in cheering on the participants of radical environmental direct action, peace and justice activism, and selfless service. Om Shanthi

    Craig Louis Stehr
    January 3, 2021 Anno Domini

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