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Rally-In-Place for Impeachment & Democracy

Today Monday, Jan 11, 2021 7 to 8 pm

Email to register. Bring (to your at-home Zoom): some basic sign-making supplies, a camera if you can, and have a phone handy

The Jan.6 Capitol coup attempt confirms that Trump poses a real and present danger. He must be removed immediately. Want to encourage our members of Congress to do the right thing? Stay safe and rally-in-place. We'll gather on Zoom and make our voices heard. We'll encourage our member(s)* of Congress to impeach Donald Trump and prohibit Trump from holding federal office again.

The U.S. House of Representatives is likely to introduce articles of impeachment in the coming days. To ensure they do, representatives need encouragement (or pushing) to impeach. We also need to ask Senators to resist Mitch McConnell's delaying: a dangerous man is in the Oval Office and must be dealt with NOW, not after Mitch has finished his vacation.

Once Trump's gone, our members of Congress need to fight for an ambitious slate of democracy reforms. At the rally-in-place, you'll get information to help you make a difference.

This is an Indivisible Mendocino event. *locals as well as out-of-county & out-of-state friends are welcome


  1. Mark Laszlo January 11, 2021

    Don’t forget to pay Alfred Kubanis respects, if he still has the Trump/
    Pence 2020 poster in his window!


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