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Mendocino County Today: March 9, 2012

THE AVA RECENTLY requested that the DA's office give us access to the files on the Fort Bragg Fires of 1987. DA spokesman Mike Geniella replied that they are not where they should be, stored in the DA's office. But some of us will recall that the feds turned over all their work on the case to then-DA Susan Massini who let the statute run so no charges were ever brought. If Massini took those files when she left office because they contained information embarrassing to her, she is guilty of a crime. If she took them just to take them, she's still guilty of a crime and should be indicted. We think there was more than enough evidence to charge the persons responsible for torching the old Fort Bragg Library, the Piedmont Hotel and the Ten Mile Justice Court all in one brazen night, but Massini, for whatever reason, never brought the charges. We're determined to find out exactly why the evidence is gone. We've also approached the FBI and the ATF for their records on the case. As a first step, we will be making a formal request for the missing records from DA David Eyster. Stay tuned.

LOTS OF LOCAL FISHERMEN oppose “offshore marine parks” or, as they are also called, “marine protected areas,” but a just released environmental impact report says the fisheries, allowed to rest, will return to full productivity if the set asides become actual. A public hearing for the EIR, commissioned by the Fish and Game Commission, will be held Tuesday, March 20, from 6:30 to 8pm at Fort Bragg Town Hall. The monster document is on-line at Fish and Game’s website and at the Fort Bragg library for up-close viewing. Other public comment meetings for the EIR will take place in Crescent City: Wednesday, March 21 from 6:30 to 8pm at the Del Norte County Board Chamber Building, 981 H Street, Crescent City; and on Wednesday, April 11 at the Red Lion Hotel, Eureka.

IN A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on Wednesday, biologists said that there are more salmon out there right now than there have been since 2005. The fisheries experts announced their findings at a Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting. The improved run is attributed to the two-year ban on fishing that ended last year, improved ocean conditions, the big rains of 2011, and limits on water diversions.

THAT LONG ANTICIPATED SUIT against the Elk Volunteer Fire Department is expected to be filed soon for some $40 mil. The suit will allege that the fire at the posh home near Elk was not fully extinguished by the volunteers, that it re-ignited and burned most of the house down. Also named will be a hapless plumber from Point Arena and a Fort Bragg electrician. The fire was at first rumored to have started in a “grow room,” but it seems somebody on the property was incubating hundreds of turkey and chicken eggs wired by the ghost of Rube Goldberg. The volunteers, of course, did the best they could. Only the plaintiffs want it to succeed.

WHERE’D the fire files go, Sue?

Is this another case that you blew?

Who killed Kenny Rick?

Did his toe do the trick?

It’s time to start turning the screw.

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